Design table lamps

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The designer lamps, with their innovative shapes, bright colors and different materials used, give originality and style to any type of environment.

Design table lamps
Tiziana Loprete
Tiziana Loprete

Beautiful, original and captivating shapes, made of different and innovative materials. These are the main characteristics of the design table lamps which, in addition to performing a purely practical function, also have a high aesthetic value and are able to make unique and stylish every corner of the house.

Features of table lamps

All table lamps, both for work or design, are constituted by some fixed parts: the base, the structure, the lampshade (or diffuser) and the lamp. The quality of the various elements is often conditioned and can change according to the type and function of the lamp. The lampshade, for example, which is often interchangeable, in a classical lamp or design is intended to create or modify the atmosphere. For this purpose, it is often made of fabric, so as to filter and soften the light, or made with transparent materials and equipped with a particular luster, such as glass, plexiglass and polycarbonate, mouldable in new shapes and captivating.
Lampada rossa
The shades of the shade, always strictly coupled to the context of furniture, may be different, bright or elegant, and generate a nicely colored light source. In a study lamp, however, the shade, to concentrate and direct the light at a certain point, it is often made of very durable and rigid materials, such as aluminum and brass, and assumes basic and linear shapes.

The structure is generally very flexible and extendable in the case of studio lamps, always the best to manage and direct the light source, while in design lamps, with innovative and original shapes, will help to create interesting balance of lines and volumes.

The base, however, can occur in classical form and abut directly on the table surface, or be provided with a terminal that as a sort of clip manually adjustable, allows to attach the lamp to the edge of the desk.

As regards the bulbs to be used, normally are preferable ones most suited to our eyes for intensity, typically from 40-60 watts of power and equipped with a natural hue, as close as possible to sunlight.

For this purpose, light bulbs are most certainly those employed in fluorescence, highly efficient and long lasting. If you want to get a light brightly decorative but not annoying, are recommended LED lamps that are available in a variety of colors, consume little and do not generate heat, and to guarantee a long life. The ignition, finally, in all the types of lamps, can be managed through the classic switch bottons, or adjusted thanks to the dimmer perimeter, which allow to change the intensity of light at will, according to different needs.

Design lamps

The original forms, innovative materials, often different in different parts of the structure and the bright colors and wrapping are undoubtedly the hallmarks of designer lamps. An example of elegance and balance of form and volume is Yoko, the table lamp proposed by Foscarini for Euroluce 2013, and designed by Scandinavian designers Anderssen & Voll. Inspired by the slight tension of a soap bubble, Yoko proposes a new reading of the classical lamp, through two volumes delicate and transparent, placed one above the other, living in a perfect balance.
Yoko by Foscarini
The perfection of Yoko comes from a great attention to the curvature of the lines and careful research carried out through extensive testing on the edge of a millimeter. The material used for the creation of Yoko is essentially the polymethylmethacrylate, worked according to the technique of blown molding.

The result is two volumes from perfect linearity that formal dialogue between them, give rise to a play of transparency and an elegant soft light that can give style and lightness in all environments. Inspired by the shapes and the essence of the typical eastern Chinese lanterns, instead Balloon, the table lamp by Atypical, created by designer Giorgia Zanellato.
Balloon by Atipico
The variety of materials, catchy lines and variety of colors, all very bright, are the protagonists of this collection, which features models in three different sizes and shapes.

The structure of the lamp is made of lacquered metal rod while the shade is made of cotton or linen fabric. The colors also vary in the different elements instead of the lamp, including the cable, and the shades available ranging from golden yellow to mint, to anthracite and orange.

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