Design wall bookshelves

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Wall bookcases with stylish lines. Proposals of furniture for house or studio dedicated to the lovers of design and creativity. Here are the most original bookshelves.

Design wall bookshelves
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Creativity on the wall: guidelines of the new design bookshelves

The bookshelf has always been an important and indispensable piece of furniture in a house or in a professional studio. Of course, with the passage of time and in view of the requirements dictated by the space of the new houses, even the wall bookcase has changed its shape.

Libreria Very often, in fact, modern apartments are designed to make the most of the space, certainly smaller and lower in height than buildings made in the last century, even when renewed.

For those who do not particularly like massive wooden bookcases, closed by glass doors, the solution that seems to have much success is represented by the choice of buying one version, often subtle, to lean on the wall, so as to satisfy simultaneously order and aesthetics.

Bookshelf: shelves and supports open-space

Everything is under your eyes. This is the desire of many passionate readers who, not willing to give up the purchase and exhibition of paper volumes, dream of being able to constantly have on hand all the beloved books, why not, maybe classified by themes, authors or color cover.

Increasingly, the glass cabinet, perhaps considered too bulky for most modern houses, has been replaced by the advent of the era of bookshelves that combine functionality and design. Proposals of these years point out airy and light lines that are positioned equally on the walls of houses and offices, decorating living rooms, hallways passersby, study area and offices.

These meet the favor of the most ordered as of those who like to opt for an original touch and personal and unmistakable style. The new collections, in fact, have minimal geometric shapes, but also the exact opposite, as a succession of sinuous curves.

Libreria Bonsai The bookshelf Bonsai, proposed by Decortie for Homemania, fills every kind of environment, giving movement and tracing the silhouette of an oriental tree extending its branches, branching out into the free space.

Essential and original, with shelves of variable length but a constant and small width, is suitable to be placed in different rooms, accommodating either books, dvds, cds and decorative objects. When placed next to a colored wall, gives a three-dimensionality of great effect.

Libreria Game Pure white and elegant is the bookshelf GAME, designed by Adriano Balutto Associates, it alternates cubes and shelves held together by a perfect parallelism.

The line, whose elements seem to appear on both sides and from the top just like in a video game, offers a nice effect to the viewer.

It also lends itself to be housed in an environment with modern furniture, but also placed a contrast in a room filled with a more classic taste, why not, with pieces of furniture in style.

The model change completely with the proposal by Roberto Corazza, the bookcase Lady, a creation designed for people who love to dare and to impress guests with a touch of taste extremely feminine.

Libreria Lady This schematic high heel shoe, all to be filled with books, maybe on the history of fashion and costume, is capable of giving a vibrant creative environment, in its dual function.

It can be assembled either leaning against a wall, and it can be used to separate a single environment, such as an open-space, dividing the area almost like an installation.
To be considered also its positioning in a shop or a showroom.

How to assemble a wall bookcase

The new generation bookshelves are many and ever-changing. These are just some of the proposals in the market.

Their added value lies in the variety of shapes, almost infinite, that are able to satisfy different types of customers: from the most attentive to the materials, the originality of the traits and composition of the shelves, to those who despite having a smaller spending capacity are not willing to give up an exclusive piece.

Nowadays these items are very easy to find. There are numerous versions of bookshelves available not only in the most classic stores, but also on e-commerce sites specialized in design or items of furniture for the house. For example, we need only to mention,,,, etc., in addition to the flagship sites of the various producers. When you are not delivered and assembled at home from the dealer, you have to gear up for assembling in autonomy.

It is therefore necessary to have screwdrivers, allen screw, hammer, as well as drill bits and dowels. With this kit for the do-it-yourself you will ensure optimal results, a snug fit to the wall and, last but not least, security and stability.

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