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It happens very often that designers and fashion houses work together for a single project or in a more or less continuous way with companies in the sector.

Designers and Furniture
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

When the stylist meets the world of furniture

Stilisti e Arredamento: PM House
Born with success a few years ago, primarily as a fashionable contamination, the idea of involving famous stylists from the variegated universe of international fashion and Made in Italy, in the design of furniture and accessories, is becoming more distinctive product lines.

It happens more and more often, in fact, that fashion designers and fashion houses work together on a single project or in a more or less continuous way with companies in the sector, in full synergy, so not only limited to sign single objects or entire collections, but by participating in the design and giving their creative contribution to enhance the brand.

Furniture total look: the designer and the furniture Dandy Style

So, from clothing to home furnishings: starts hence, the collaboration between Alessandro Martorana and Dolfi.
The protagonist color is purple in all its shades and hues, for a total look that chooses the style a bit a dandy little Royal Family (cited) for a very special collection, AM Casa, recently presented at the Salone del Mobile of Milan.

In this furniture with a British Dandy Style look all shades of purple are blended with a wise and bold sober taste ranging from beige to gray.
On the other hand, the purple has always been associated with royalty, to the world of magic and meditation, and magic is the atmosphere that evokes AM House.

It starts from the most intense violet shades to finish in less aggressive like mauve, lilacand indigo for a Martorana Style in full continuity of style that combines couture and design.

Stilisti e Arredamento: PM House
All this stems from mutual respect and affinity of tastes between a tailor and his client, or Martorana and Philip Dolfi, which gives rise to a unique collaboration with this project result, AM Casa, in fact, a complete collection of furnishings created by the designer Andrea Bonini for the line FD Collection by Dolfi, and clothes by the designer from Turin.

The design of this collection is clearly inspired by the classic forms of the traditional style of Italian furniture, reinterpreted in a contemporary, materials and finishes of the highest workmanship. The minimalism of recent times and the use of white seem to be overcome in favor of a luxurious look with rich shades of color, where the details become characteristic, thanks to the skillful craftsmanship of artisans with a long experience.

Stilisti e Arredamento: PM House
Thus, let's give space to the New Baroque, the ideas Nouveau and Art Nouveau, of course reinterpreted, with the result that he recreated in furnishing the British Dandy Style that the designer likes and resume in his collections of haute couture.

Even the names given to the pieces of furniture are typically British: it is called George the sofa with refined and sophisticated lines, made with high quality materials and fully customizable, to impute to the customer, while James is a bed with an important headboard and integrated bedside tables.

All the sleeping area AM House exudes a gentle and romantic aura, sensual and elegant. The upholstered bed is very large and important, the wood paneling that frames it is made of polished purple wood, the upholstered chairs recall the capitonne style, the colors ranging from eggplant to indigo, mixed with the gold of the supports of the lampshade.

Stilisti e Arredamento: PM House
In the living area and the dining room the chromatic games are all based on the color of gray and muted shades of ivory, metal shiny gold and taupe, all with splashes of purple, from pillows to curtains to the coverings of the lamps that recall the dominant theme of this total look.

When fashion and furnishings are part of a unique brand

It also happens that one of the most famous brand of Made in Italy in the fashion industry decides to also deal directly with the house and everything revolves around this theme.

Stilisti e Arredamento: Versace Home We speak then of furniture and accessories, lighting and bathroom furniture, objects meant as an aesthetic completion or as a functional accessory to the living or sleeping area, and therefore also the set of sheets for the bed or the tablecloths and full service of dishes and glasses. In short, how to dress and how to dress up your house in a unique and recognizable style.

It happens, for example, in the case of Versace Home, a brand by Gianni Versace SpA, which creates and produces luxury products for the home-style Versace. Recognizable style, for example, in the model of sofa Via Gesù, upholstered in leather or nubuck, enhanced by a Medusa in gold metal and lacquered base.

Stilisti e Arredamento: Versace Home, Via Gesù
Or on the couch Signature 2014, covered in full grain leather with the seat cushion in jacquard fabric and the golden Signature medallion on the arm, or in the table Greca, which shows the design admittedly one of the most famous graphic signs by Versace.

Stilisti e Arredamento: Versace Home, Greca
The production is complete and it covers from furnitures to the collections of porcelain, not only, but Versace Home also deals directly with interior design, signing complete designs for luxury resorts and private homes.

On the other hand everything is born from the great love of the arts in general, which has always characterized the life of Gianni Versace, the founder of the brand in 1978.

That is why, in 1992, he feels the need to create a specific brand, Versace Home, in fact, first making textile collections for the house, then continuing with a few lines of porcelain, in collaboration with Rosenthal, to continue in 1994 with the production of a full range of furniture and accessories all having the characteristic of interpreting the classic graphic motifs of the house, such as Medusa and the Greek fret motif, always glamorous style, but in a modern key.

Stilisti e arredamento: Versace Home e Gardenia Orchidea
It dates back to 1997, the meeting between the precious Versace style and quality manufacturing of Gardenia Orchidea which gives rise to collections of ceramics to dress completely the bathroom: from ceramics for floors and walls, taps, lighting, and accessories.

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