Desks for the office

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The desk is the location that contains all the tools necessary to carry out the work; let us see some products and their features.

Desks for the office
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Desks and functionality

The choice of a desk for your office should be guided by taste but especially by the observation of the features and functionality thereof.

Scrivania da ufficio di Plek Actiu A desk to be comfortable:

-must have the right size, commensurate with the number of workstations: for a single location must be at least 45-50 cm deep and 90 cm long;

- must be ergonomic: to fit perfectly to your body, together with the choice of a comfortable seat, it must have the possibility of height adjustment;

- must be suitable to accommodate all devices needed for the job: personal computer, tablet, phone, small printers; to ensure the housing of these means without the presence of numerous cables, it can be equipped with cable glands compartment where to let them pass through;

- can be equipped with drawers, storage units, bookcases in which to fix the stationery, books and magazines, or other useful tools for the job.

In short, a desk must be beautiful to look at but, more important, it must be suitable for the job that is to be conducted.

Let's see an overview of products on the market that meet these needs and furnish the office in an elegant and original way.

Some models of desks for the office

Whether working in the office or from home, the desk always represents the container of objects and ideas necessary for the job.

Ideal Form Team is one of the specialized companies In furnishing the office that offers a variety of products that will satisfy the needs and tastes of customers.

Scrivania da ufficio Sextant IFT

The one shown in the picture is the desk of the line Sextant, which is characterized by elegance and refinement in the use of materials: the top is made of particle board of hot plated with striped walnut essence; the supports of the desk are made of curved plywood and hot plated. It is upholstered in leather with a thickness of 2 mm, but is also available with lacquered melamine sheet.

The support beams of the desk, the adjustable feet and the support of the skirts, as well as containers used for electrification, are made of steel painted with metallic powder; The desk is also provided with cable hole in aluminum.

In addition to the desk, to decorate the whole office with the same style, you can also choose the drawers, containers and bookcase.

Scrivana ufficio Batik Cattelan Italy

For those who love the simplicity and want to choose a desk that can be versatile and therefore used for other purposes, Batik by Cattelan Italy is the perfect solution: it is a desk with steel legs painted embossed white or graphite with inserts in walnut .
The floor is made of wood painted white or graphite with multipurpose container in walnut: it can be used as a compartment for the stationery or, if the top is used as a vanity table, as a container for creams and beauty products, as it also has a mirror.
It is, therefore, an absolutely a versatile piece of furniture to use.

Another feature often required to furnishing elements, together with the versatility, is the rapidity in the assembly and disassembly of the same, in order to transport them easily, from one place to another.

Nomadism for work is a growing phenomenon that requires constant movement from one place to another is therefore of great comfort to have removable furniture, folding in a move that we can take with us.

An example is the line Plek by Actiu, a Spanish company that relies on the designer Marcelo Alegre creation of folding chairs and desks of attractive design and convenient operation: it is not classic furniture folding, but products with clean lines, clean and extremely functional.

Tavolo pieghevole per ufficio di Plek Actiu

The frame and the desk legs are composed of an aluminum structure and by a sliding bar with locking points to guarantee a high stability. The bending properties of the desk and matching chairs allows the stacking and their easy transport: in this regard, they have a specific trolley for transportation. They can be used in offices, but also in bars, restaurants or to the living room of your house.

The top is available in glass, melamine or laminated with different types of surface finish and dimensions; the chairs are produced in eight colors.

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