Double bed

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The basic criteria to buy a good bed are based not only on stylistic elements but also on the intrinsic characteristics of the product.

Double bed
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

Where to place the double bed

By definition, the double bed is located in the most intimate and personal space of the house: the bedroom.

camera da letto It still represents the environment less visited by those who do not belong to the strict household, but not for this, the least lived among domestic spaces.

Especially in recent decades, living in small apartments, the bedroom has become a place where we do not only rest but we also spend some time to read, study, watch TV, listen to music.

As a part of the domestic spaces, the master bed was confirmed in time then the place to relax for excellence.

For this reason it is important to have clear ideas at the moment choosing the furnishings in general and in particular the double bed.

Choosing the double bed

The latest trends propose to choose the furniture in your bedroom according to your own creativity and in absolute freedom, exactly to feel comfortable in the environment that most belong to us.

Obviously the quality of the products remains one of the determining factors in the purchase.

letto matrimoniale tradizionale A young couple is spoilt for choice when it come to chose the furniture for the new room.

Romantic or metropolitan, modern or classic, wood, leather or wrought iron, the bed is available in a thousand versions and there is something for all tastes and needs.

A helpful hint can be to choose a bed that hides at the bottom a large compartment, to be used for storing linens.

Even the size of the bed is no longer a standard, from 160 cm up to 2 meters in width: definitely for those who love comfort and have a large bedroom.

The bedside twins tables have been replaced by modular and stackable solutions.

Same thing goes for the wardrobe, the latest trends are in favor of walk-in closets, which are also modular.

Letto matrimoniale contemporaneo It may be for the sinuous shapes, the modern colors, the most extravagant bed heads: the new double beds does pack a definite punch. It quickly becomes the protagonists of the relaxation room.

The basic criteria for buying a good bed are based not only on stylistic elements, such as design, but also on the intrinsic characteristics of the product, such as comfort. A good bed is, in practice, a structure that combines design and quality.

The differences, therefore, between a structure and the other, are dictated primarily by the materials of the structure and its coatings.

In general, the materials that make up a main structure of a bed can be wood or metal (from brass to wrought iron), upholstered in fabric or leather.

For the structure, the majority of companies use the wood in its various types, from solid to chipboard.
Currently, wood products are the best product with the best price/quality ratio.

The wood derivatives are obtained from the reaction of the wood vegetable essence with chemicals.
The natural wood is impregnated with chemicals in appropriate quantities, such as phenol and formaldehyde, which reacts with the plant cells forming a material more durable and resistant than natural wood.
The wood products are subject, among other treatments, also the insecticides ones against borers.

In addition to the materials of the structure, there are those of the coatings, which can be in fabric or leather.

As the beds covers must be completely removable, it is important first of all that any type of fabric has been treated by the manufacturer, so that after washing does not shrink or discolor.

For leather, the most valuable leather type is the full grain, ie the outer layer of the leather.

The hides, before tanning, has a thickness of about 1 cm.
This is cut transversely, and the outer part is the most valuable, because it keeps the characteristics of elasticity, softness and brightness of the leather.
For example, Nubuck is the full grain leather of the calf.

The eco-leather is a fabric that tends to artificially reproduce the characteristics of natural leather. Compared to the skin, it has the advantage of being washable as a normal fabric and it is usually cheaper.

Regarding the design, the need to rationalise as much as possible and take advantage of the space available, were born smart pieces of furniture that make the most of the surfaces and volumes that compose them.

For example, many of the models on the market have a convenient container box placed beneath the mattress.

These containers can have a capacity of about 400 liters, having a surface equal to that of the mattress.
Thanks to a rather simple system, actuated by a hydraulic piston, is opened and closed with ease, without particular efforts.

Some models of double bed

Some suggestions:

From the encounter between the group Gabel and Plinio il Giovane, both convinced advocates of eco-friendly products, comes Org, a completely natural sleep system, ergonomic shapes, organic fabrics and structural elements made entirely of wood.

Letti matrimoniali: modello Org di Gabel e Plinio il Giovane Presented at the 2009 Milan Fuorisalone, the bed was thought to be entirely environmentally friendly, a real system that includes, in addition to the real bed, mattress and an assorted collection of bed linen, duvet covers, bedspreads, blankets and plaid throws.

Not only the structure but each component of the bed Org is made with the utmost respect for the environment.
For example, screws, bolts and nuts, usually made of metal, are made of wood.

Cattelan Italia offers a classic bed with upholstered bed head and upholstered: it is called Alexander, and it is covered in leather or eco-leather, white or beige.

Letti matrimoniali: modello Alexander di Cattelani Italia It goes well with a classic decor but it can also be the centerpiece of a ultra modern room with pieces of furniture in plexiglass.

It is also available in a practical version with a network that gets up and hides underneath a storage container to solve the small problems of space.

Measure cm 185x250x100h.

Letti matrimoniali: modello Kido di Lema Mobili Kido is the model of ultra-modern design double bed proposed by Lema furniture.
Its sinuous line remind an unfolding ribbon and it can adapt to any style of decor.
Beautiful in white although the colorful leather version is most striking and immediately becomes the protagonist of the room.

Slightly upholstered and cozy-looking, Kido is available in fabric or leather to choose from at will.

Measure cm 184x242x87h.

Letti matrimoniali: modello Minimal di Zalf Linear and super practic is the bed Minimal by Zalf.

Simple lines, but well equipped, is perfect for the first house.

The support side shelves are perfect to keep on hand all that is needed. A bench, to be freely equipped with compartments and drawers, runs behind and next to the bed head.

It consists of panels in melamine, with the bed head upholstered with removable fabric.

It is also equipped with wheels for easy an movement and for cleaning.

Measure cm 175x213x89h.

Letti matrimoniali: modello Kristal Dark di Falegnami It's called the Cristal Dark, elegant and simple model proposed by Falegnami.

Essential lines, it has a very original headboard in tempered bronzed glass.

It also look very nice in the center of the room, both with contemporary pieces of furnitures and with pieces with retro flavor.

The structure is in dark oak and comes complete with storage space underneath the mattress.
Measure cm 168x208x96h.

Letti matrimoniali: modello Epiro di Axil Epirus by Axil is a stylish bed, ideal for those who like to read before going to sleep even if it does not leave much room for bedside tables.

The image is light, thanks to the slender support beams.

With leather upholstery completely removable, it has two side shelves built into the structure and adjustable headboard.

It is available in different widths: cm 130x220x91h.

Letti matrimoniali: modello Atlantic di Chateau D'Aux Elegant and of design, is the model Atlantic by Chateau D'ax.

Achievable in leather or microfiber.

The support structure is in derivatives of class E1 wood, entirely covered with polyurethane foam.

Cushions upholstered headboard in dacron resin.

It is also available with comodo, the storage container which, in addition to being a large wardrobe, can be lifted up to easily make the bed.

The mattress measures 165 cm x 200/210.

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