Drawers for the bed

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The beds equipped with drawers, exposed or concealed appropriately, are a practical and functional solution to resolve the domestic chaos of modern housing

Drawers for the bed
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

Space-saving underbed drawers

Space, at home, does not seem to be ever enough. The small houses in the city center are certainly not made to meet the space needs of a growing family. The shapeless and unmanageable stockpile of linens, clothes, toys, books and else, seems to arise spontaneously and to be the direct and inevitable consequence of a hectic lifestyle, full of activities and social relationships.

letto con cassetti The solution lies in finding the right combination of furniture and accessories that help you regain that level of order that, without touching manic obsessions, is functional to the conduct of a easier and more relaxing domestic life.

So let's look at a category of products that, in such cases, can really help us out and of which so far we have perhaps overlooked the utility.
We are talking of the underbed drawers, space-saving solution specially designed to make the centimeter all available space to cram and organize our belongings, especially the bulkier clothing and household linen, or that set of accessories that if not correctly crammed placed help to congest the different rooms of the house.

Anti-dust drawers

Letto con cassettone Dielle, XBed
We begin with a combined proposal that comes from the experience of the Trevisan company Dielle, specializing since 1971 in the production of child's bedroom, closets and living rooms.

In its beds XBed there is an integrated system of hidden drawers easy to open and close and able to hold up to 150 liters of material.

The anti-dust bags are included, they open with a zip and they are machine washable for maximum hygiene, they are the most comfortable and safe shelter, safe from moths and other pests, for blankets, comforters and sheets that we have in addition, in the event of an unexpected guest.

At the same time the containers, of which you can not perceive the space, because they are created inside the shape of the bed, can be useful for storing some book or collection of soft toys from which, in memory of childhood, we do not want to get rid of.

Underbed drawers

Stacks and Stacks, cassetti sotto letto An amusing example of saving solution, perhaps not the most functional but certainly original in its genre, is the bed with drawers proposed by the American Stacks and Stacks, an expert in online sales of household products since 1984. Their bed container is capable of filling the space below the mattress certainly not with a couple of simple containers, but with twelve drawers of various sizes.

Each is designed to accommodate a variety of objects which we have to do with before falling asleep and when waking in the morning: the book that we have just started reading, the remote control, the paper towels to accompany watching a romantic movie, glasses, some garment of linen and so on.
With this solution, of course everything will have its place!

letto con cassettoni

Domino is elegant and spacious, the bed by Clever, with drawers positioned on three sides of the structure. This Trevisan company, specialized in the furnishing of children's rooms, from 2014 has developed a line, Start In-Motin, where space-saving and multi-functionality are the masters. It is part of this line the bed Domino, the ideal solution for more storage spaces in the room in addition to the classic wardrobe.

As for the bed by Stacks and Stacks, also in this case the underbed space has several drawers, but fewer in number. These differ in size and in each of them you can store different objects, from bed linen to clothes.
The fronts of the drawers are available in two types: smooth with knobs or ghost type with finger notch handle. The headboard and bed frame are upholstered in fabric available in different colors to be combined with the nuances of the lacquered frame. The net is included in the price.

Low cost drawers

Letto con cassettone Ikea, Odda Who is looking for a bed closer to one's real needs and judge all these drawers nothing more than a useless and impractical jigsaw puzzle, can find at Ikea a model convenient and suitable to small pockets.

I am talking about Odda, white bed symbol of the Scandinavian linearity heralded with no half measures and at the same time perfect wrap for a pair of comfortable and deep front drawers, in a classic two-tone black & white.

With just over 150 euro, Odda will be at home, ready to be mounted in a few easy steps. At this point, putting some order by exploiting the economic storage solution is a simple game and at a very low cost, ideal for a young man in his first home.

Drawers for the children's room

Isle of dogs D.E.S.I.G.N, cassettone sotto letto For those who already have family and do not know where to put all that a child needs, you can take a look at the products by isle of dogs D.E.S.I.G.N. and be enchanted by the whiteness of solid wood painted in white together with the timeless elegance of the special design.

Founded by a pair of scholars and artists, the German company offers in its catalog a drawer under the bed sturdy and roomy, to combine with a bed for children that is the envy of a picture book, and that, no doubt, is to be completed with theme linen.

With furniture and accessories so simple and pure, convince your child to help you store the toys will certainly be easier; as well as much more rewarding for your eyesight. And yet the price is not as convincing: well 399 euro, shipping costs to be added!

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