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How to integrate into a single system the furniture of the living room with the wood paneling of a wall without too much unsightly cables and connections exposed.

Equipped boiserie
Arch. Silvio Indaco
Arch. Silvio Indaco

Furnish is a complex process in evaluations and simple, sometimes, in the results, but often the terms can be reversed with disappointing results and poorly managed. You can easily switch from too little, that is, from a condition of absence or incompleteness of the spaces to be furnished to the too and just in the sense of excess, of the redundancy, the visual and sensory overload, for excessive use of elements or for the choice of too many disparate pieces.

If the furnishing of service areas, bathrooms and kitchen, which has forced the need to address functional nature in the first place, and so, although in a more free and personal, it happens to the bedroom, that's the living room, prince of living space, as well as being cozy must also be functional, represent those who live daily and be hospitable to those who come to visit.

Boiserie equipped The minimum equipment of a stay are composed of at least a sofa, more or less large depending on the space available, a dining table-dinner, dimensioned for members of the family but with the possibility of easily be expanded in the event of the presence of guests, and then a series of furniture that allow maintaining some additions and / or to showcase items and personal things: shelves, photographs, books, items purchased or given as gifts, collections of various kinds. Do not forget the essential technological equipment, ie at least one television, today there are more and more large, which usually plugs into a gaming console, not to mention a stereo, for many music lovers.

Wood-paneled walls and equipped

Choose furnishings that are cool, useful and functional, and that also makes it possible to install all these appliances without being complicate the lives of the many types of cables and power, even in the age of wireless, requires a good deal of attention to detail and attention, or total indifference to these issues. For those who love the simplicity and order and still want the best electronics stingy in a liveable environment, a good idea may be to think of a wall panel equipped.

The concept of a hybrid is equipped wainscoting, because, in essence, combines the idea of the formal classical wainscoting, the wood covering an entire wall, with the possibility of providing such a coating system's capacity to accommodate cabinets, shelves and accessories different. And 'one way to combine two instances practices with a unique choice, at least in cases in which you choose to perform a coating to the entire height of a wall, in which situation may be useless paint the wall itself, limiting to only simple plastering.

From the functional point of view, the practicality of a system equipped to paneling is clear from the beginning, because they have a coating detached from the bottom wall allows to use the gap for passing the various types of cables required to with MODULNOVA: Boiserie Attrezata HOME ligaments of electrical and electronic equipment without taking them on sight, preserving the order of the composition as well as providing greater convenience during daily surface cleaning.

Outside the channels or craft tailored solutions, not for everyone, in business there are several very interesting solutions that combine practicality, quality design and materials and elasticity of assembling components. In the interesting catalog home Modulnova , a company based in Prata di Pordenone (PN), include some interesting solutions: one of them is More, a modular system for the living room that makes use of stacked containers and stackable, wall units and vanity units with opening push-open doors and folding characterized by processing.

The finishing possibilities are endless, in order to meet the most varied demands: the lacquered finishes are offered in 49 different colors with superficial embossed, satin, gloss or matt, while for lovers of classic wood-effect finishes are available in 4 different 'essence of oak coal, natural leather and ash.

Elasticity of composition and aggregation of components, design and quality of materials characterize the solutions for the living of Novamobili , a company of Pieve di Soligo (TV), which with time Day offers an open living area furniture, of which the boiserie NOVAMOBILI: Sistema TEMPO GIORNO equipped is only one of the possible solutions, and declinable in many different variations depending on the criterion of assembly of the elements chosen from: Basic panels from wood paneling, of a thickness of 3.9 cm, in 7 lengths, from a minimum of 60 up to 180 cm, with heights ranging from 32 to 96 cm.

These panels are available in melamine finishes, Matt Lacquered, Polished and Lacquered Veined, can be coupled to different types of elements: containers, the basic type or wall and available in the same finishes of the panels, and accessories such as CD holder DVD, LCD TV stand, Hi-Fi, cabinets and consoles, allowing greater freedom of customization space and furniture.

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