Ethnic furniture

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To buy original ethnic furniture you do not need to travel the world, today it is not even necessary to move from home, because you can buy them online.

Ethnic furniture
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Ethnic furniture

Ethnic decor is having considerable success in recent years, probably due to the success of a desire to bring at home the exotic flavor of distant lands and natural environments.

Mobili etnici: credenza indiana There are several ways to decorate with ethnic furniture: you can choose an ethnic style for the whole house or just insert one or more pieces in the decor, as this style goes very well with modern furniture.

In addition, this type of furniture allows you to enrich your home over time: it is possible to start with the main pieces of furniture and add gradually over the years, all the accessories that you prefer.

The materials ethnic furnishings are realized with, are of natural origin and ranging from wood used for the parts that need to be more robust, to interwoven fibers, bamboo or reed, for example, to leather, rice paper and other materials which are mainly used for home furnishings.

In short, the choices are varied, but the important thing is to move towards pieces that are authentic and not just pale imitations of industrial origin.
The origins of this furniture can be many, from Africa, Asia and South America, and every kind of style has its own peculiarity and characteristic.

Chinese ethnic furniture

Mobili etnici: buffet laccato rosso The Chinese ethnic furniture express all the charm and culture of their country of origin. With the scent of their sturdy and old wood, with the warm colors of the crossing shades ranging from dark red to brown and with small and beautiful inlays, it reveals the soul of people with an ancient history.

Etnic Art mainly imports Chinese antique furniture, carefully selected by experts in the field, made with quality materials and restored by master craftsmen from China.

Among the finest prices in the catalog are the Mongolian or Tibetan cupboards with their hand-painted decorations with traditional techniques, able to engage with their charm all your senses.

Indian ethnic furniture

Mobili etnici: comò con ceramica etnica indiana India is a country of particular cultural influences. The furniture and furnishings from this land are such as to successfully overcome the test of time.

They are made of different types of wood, such as teak and mango, but particularly characteristic is the sheesham, namely rosewood, sturdy and solid. It is a wood, and the particular fragrant brown color, which, despite its strength, is suitable for use as inlays and fine decorations while remaining unassailable.

Therefore, the Indian furniture is distinguished by the geometric inlays, floral decorations and decorations made in iron, brass or ceramic elements that make them so eclectic and inserted in each context.
Particularly attractive are the tables, windows and cabinets made in Indian style.

Indonesian ethnic furniture

Indonesia is a land of fascinating history and thousands of years. The furniture from that place are a true example of art. They are usually made in sturdy wood but they are aesthetically refined with white cedar, teak, acacia and mahogany inlays and finished with elegant decorations.

MObile etnico: mobile tv in legno di cedro Made entirely by hand by craftsmen from this land, they enhance any environment in which they fit thanks to the heat given off by the wood they are made of, characterized by the colors brown or golden depending on the essence and the finish of choice.

The robust construction makes them particularly suitable to be used as consoles, bookcases or a cabinet for the tv.
The pieces of furniture in Indonesian style make the house an eclectic environment where different styles can live harmoniousley together, thanks to the perfect coexistence of organic and geometric elements.

Ethnic furniture in recycled wood

Mobili etnici: buffet in legno riciclato The passion for natural materials and respect for the environment led Etnic Art to dedicate a section of its catalog of ethnic furniture to those made in recycled wood.
After all, wood, unlike synthetic materials, is a material that lends itself to be transformed to live a second life.

For this purpose we used wood from boats, windows, old houses or trees that had reached the end of their life cycle. So, thanks to the skill of skilled craftsmen, the material is processed to become original furniture and at the same time rich with experiences.

Imperfections such as marks of nails or knots in the wood, far from being flaws, instead become elements that make up the richness of this furniture, designed in view of the ethics of recovery and recycling.

Shabby chic furniture

Mobili etnici: mobili shabby chic The recycled wood can also be used to achieve shabby chic furniture, more and more requested by the public, because they combine the glamor of vintage and white, with a romantic and classic spirit.

The translation of the term shabby chic means sloppy chic because it means even in their elegance, these furniture are sought after because of their apparent imperfection.

The white, pink and blue of the sky used in shabby cupboards are the most suitable shades to express the romantic spirit of this style.

Ethnic furniture on line

To buy original ethnic furniture you do not need to travel around the world, as there are stores that sell furniture of certified origin in all major cities.

Today it is not even necessary to move from home, because you can buy them online, such as on the website, where you can find a price that's not only ethnic furniture, but also Provencal furniture and garden furniture.

The selection of furniture in the catalog is huge, and features pieces imported directly from China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, without the intervention of intermediaries.
It is possible to buy tables, bookcases, cabinets, chairs in banana wood, Indian and Tibetan cupboards, as well as numerous furnishings, including mirrors, wooden trunks poor art, outdoor furniture and knick-knacks.

Where to go?

Ethnic furniture: Etnical Art On the site is easy to choose and buy at the lowest prices in Italy thousands of ethnic furniture from various parts of the world, such as Chinese antique furniture, dressers Provencal shabby cupboards.
With the configurator of furniture, in addition, you can also order custom-made furniture.

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