Extendable consolle for small spaces

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The choice of an extendable console allows you to have a support surface for the objects and, if necessary, a large table for lunches and dinners with friends.

Extendable consolle for small spaces
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Function and operation of the extensible console

The restricted size of the current living spaces and the flexibility that they require In furnishing push many people to adopt an extendable consolle for the living room.

It is an essential piece of furniture if you wish to have, for all the days, a shelf for vases, picture frames and ornaments of various type, able to transform, in case of need, in a practical extendable table.

Consolle Convivium Cattelan Italy

Like all the furnishings, the console has changed over time and, from simple table top to hide, it become a valuable element to be enhanced both when closed and open. Here, then, that the consoles are realized with different shapes and using different materials: glass, wood, steel, resins, etc.

What does an extendable console look like?

It is a furnishing element elegant, discreet and extremely useful: in closed version it can be equipped with two legs and against a wall, while, stretching with sophisticated mechanisms, it becomes a real table with four legs.

Because of its conformation it is allocated in the spaces of transition, such as the entrance or in the corridor, but also in the sleeping room, with feature desk or in the living room for the phone, vases, picture frames and various objects.

Many companies have dedicated themselves to the production of extendable console, creating innovative products in terms of function and form.
Let's see together some.

Extensible consolles: solutions on the market

Calligaris offers a range of functional solutions and can be easily integrated into the dining area.
Among them, New Mystery, ie an extensible console that can become a large and comfortable dining table.
Thanks to the internal mechanism that keeps the legs at the corners, and to the three interlocking extensions in dove gray matte finish, the surface of the floor can be expanded to accommodate eight guests.

When not in use, the extensions are housed in the rigid container supplied with the product. It is also included an extra central leg reclinable to provide greater support to the fullest extent of the top.
New Mystery appears to be, then, a versatile console extendable table, good saving solution to be always ready to welcome guests. The price is € 990.00.

Consolle estendibile Sigma Calligaris

Another product of the company which is characterized by its extreme versatility Sigma Consolle, an elegant wooden consolle that becomes an extendable table up to 3 m.
This model comes with five interlocking extensions, which allow you to get six different lengths depending on the requirement. As with the previous model, when not used, the extensions are housed in suitable rigid containers provided, and it is possible to equip it with a fifth extra central and reclinable leg.

From 49 cm of minimal encumbrance, you get up to 3.00 m. The price, in this case, is € 1,749.00. In both cases, the top and the structure are made of veneer wood, available in various finishes.

Consolle estendibile New Mystery Calligaris

Cattelan Italy is one of the companies, to meet today's needs of space, offers, inside of its achievements, a wide range of consolles, fixed and extendable.

Among the latter we point out Elvis, table/ console with stainless steel base and anti-fingerprint stainless steel column; the top is made of transparent crystal or flat lan and the extension is in shiny laminate white or black.
The standard measurements of 40 cm x 120 cm will come to a maximum extension of 90 cm x 160 cm.

Finally Convivium, which is characterized by elegance and originality: it is a console with extendable steel base embossed painted white, graphite or satin stainless steel, characterized by two bent supports. Top and extensions can be made of white laminate climb oxide gray, walnut, gray London Fenix or beaver Ottawa Fenix.

For convenience, the extensions are stored in a bag and installed if necessary: the top, closed, has a depth of 50 cm x 100 cm, both to double in size when opened, up to to a maximum of 300 cm.

Consolle estendibile Convivium Cattelan Italy
In short, the choices are more varied and that all aimed at solving a spatial problem: the inability to accommodate large fixed tables.

The purchase of a console can overcome this problem; moving the furniture needed and opening the console itself, you don't give up dinners and lunches in the company of family and friends!

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