Functional hangers

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They are essential to set up the most of both the wardrobe space entrance at home or at the office, keeping order in our favorite gear.

Functional hangers
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

Functionality and aesthetics for coat hangers

Every day in our homes we are dealing with a lot of objects that however useful, do not capture our attention because of their aesthetic.

In this category fall certainly the hangers, plastic or metal objects that usually crowd sticks hanger of cabinets, door handles and other protuberances able to accommodate, at least temporarily, the dress worn during the day.

Grucce Gru di Raul Barbieri for Rexite
Without them it would be difficult to succeed in the difficult task of keeping order in the closets of the house; yet very little importance is given to their aesthetic.

If for children we do not have qualms about buying padded hangers and decorated with flowers and ribbons, it is the case to start spoiling ourselves too, giving first a look to the proposals of contemporary design.

This also because of new housing solutions that increasingly lead to prefer the closet to the choice of a cabinet wardrobe, leaving our clothes hangers virtually on sight.

Free from the wardrobes walls, hangers too contribute to the definition of the style of the furnishing, especially when stripped of their function they remain in the closet waiting to welcome new clothes.

Comfortable hangers to set the wardrobe

Raul Barbieri realized for Rexite a hanger that is the right balance between traditional form, function and modernity. It's called Gru and its innovation is all in the plastic material it is made of, light and shiny, as well as in its bold colors and lively; more rigorous but certainly less effective is the transparent version.

The hangers are designed as complements to the coat hanger in the entrance or office Pop, which declines the same concept in a soft and playful stem and it is available in the same colors.

Grucce Lazy di qed Design
Those who we also find in Lazy, literally lazy, by qed Design.
We speak of a hanger that, with a simple gesture, solve the perennial problem of slipping on the shirt without ruining the neck and without improvise harmful gestures!

Applying light pressure on the hook, it retracts within the structure of the hanger and allow you to fix easily and without damage the piece of clothes.

It is still at the prototype stage the Hang by Hand by Alfredo Häberli, Zurich Swiss designer who designed it in 1999 at the request of Driade.

Gruccia Hang by Hand di Alfredo Haberli
On second thought, the operation that we usually do to pull off an item of clothing plans to grab it in a rather graceful way and take it out from the forest of its kind that keeps it imprisoned.

But here a handle formed in continuity with the hook perfectly solves the problem, in a streamlined and effective manner so as to be almost disarming.

As observed by the designer, the inclusion of a new product of this magnitude in a customary and consolidated as the hanger would produce an undeniable advantage in terms of both domestic arrangements of the wardrobe, in both the exhibition, or for shops and showrooms.

Solid metal hangers

It is the opinion of the most to distrust the terrible wire hangers that we get with the clothes at the dry cleaners.
The metal that we find in some solutions, however, is not to be underestimated, especially in relation to big problems of space to cram the clothes that many of us have.

gruccia 230 by Inno
The Finnish Inno has a large assortment of chromed steel hangers that enclose, in a line expertly modeled, a high performance.

The 230 is a line slightly curved and intersected in the central part, by an oblong eyelet interrupted in two points. The fact that in this way it is determined the presence of two hooks makes possible a dual-use object.

On the straight side, to hang sweaters and jackets inside out to make you hang the undershirts by the slip and elusive straps that we usually find on the bottom of the cabinet.

Grucce di Radius Design
Radius Design proposes, with the signing of Tobias Grau, a Coat Hanger rigorous but customizable through a colored band placed at the base of the hook. The clip also has the function of closing the shape of the hanger and to complete it in a safe and stable way.

Linear modular systems, with hangers

The Milan-based company Caimi is bestower of many ideas about accessories and complements for the home and aiming, with brilliant simplicity, to solve small problems in which we incur every day.
Hangers that complete Ambrogio, a linear system of modular wall coat racks, are streamlined and functional and are available in two styles: open hook, removable hook closed, removable.
The whole is fixed to a wall or ceiling with two side chrome steel in the shape of V.

Grucce Ambrogio e Ambrogino
As an alternative to the hangers you can choose, for example, the entrance area of an office, the closed eyelets hooks, Ambrogino series, suitable to lay out jackets and accessories such as umbrellas, bags and all that normally accompanies us to work.

Ambrogio is more suitable in domestic contexts and, thanks to its flexibility, is well suited to the preparation of wardrobes streamlined and functional.

grucce Hangar Caimi
It is not rare to find in larger contexts and in commercial spaces, on a par with another product Hangar again by Caimi: a hanger in polymer characterized by the shape inclined at 45° designed to reduce space in depth, to facilitate exposure hanging garments and to make them easily identifiable.

Hangers minimal style

Forest of hanger Cascando A small forest of stylized trees characterizes finally Cascando. The clothes rack, completed by hangers theme, is part of a larger collection Nature, which bears the signature of the Danish Robert Bronwasser chromatically and play with the colors and earth green.

Forest is presented as a sequence of three silhouettes cut out in the shape of the trunk from which depart two branches; the material is MDF.

To space the elements of the structure is a n upper steel bar and two lower, respectively supports for clothes and shelf for shoes.

Coordinates hangers are in translucent plastic, available in lime green, gray, orange and white satin.

Forest of hangers Cascando
Impractical, however, are their excessively abrupt edges, which risk to ruin the delicate clothes though the overall design is very convincing and clear inspiration from Northern Europe.

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