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Excessive forms, bright colors, provocation and irony! Here is a brief selection of funny furniture that is worth to know and maybe buy.

Funny Design
Arch. Maria Leone
Arch. Maria Leone

What is a funny design?

With this definition we can state the objects of design featuring fun shapes, excessive and colorful able to strongly characterize the environments of our houses, in fact, just one element of the kind to give personality to a corner of a room without character and, in some cases, to dictate the guidelines for a furniture project. Let's see some examples.

Examples of Funny Design

Sgabelli colorati Makastool Study Living Do you know what are the macarons? I confess my ignorance: I recently found out that it is sweet thanks to one of the many programs about cooking, my daughter is relentless fan of. I have not yet tasted it but I find them just beautiful to look at, and for the convex shape for the bright colors: the same considerations have probably made the holders of the study Li-Ving Makastool who designed a series of stools inspired to macarons .

The structure of the stool is made of durable strips of spruce, while the seat is made of recycled fabrics in beautiful and lively colors: ideal to give a touch of lightness and irony to environments where the primary function is to communicate as a living room and kitchen .

The project Superego Editions was founded in 2003 with the aim of creating collections of exclusive, limited edition, furniture and accessories plexiglass and ceramic: this task is entrusted to eminent names in contemporary design including Alessandro Mendini.

Among his proposals is a reworking of a model he designed in 1978, the famous Proust armchair, made in miniature - the height is only 40 cm - and that varies with different styles: from the colorful glazed ceramic versions to those inspired pointillism of the painter Paul Seignac.

It is an armchair in all respects on the other hand, the one designed by Fabio Novembre for Gufram, a company that has done irreverent irony and anti-design its strength: it is called Jolly Roger and recalls the shape of a skull, proposed in the version in 2014 in a series of fluorescent colors.

Design di potrona Jolly Roger Gufram The use of such a strong image is a real tribute to audacity and temerity. The rest is the same as Fabio Novembre says: everybody should have at least one pirate grandfather in the family tree: it would represent a solid branch to hold onto. Solid enough to accommodate the likes of Keith Richards, Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop, and all those who interpret their lives in a rock'n'roll key without having to challenge a guitar to be able to express it. The chair is made of rotation-molded linear polyethylene and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Mobile divertente Crocodilia Emporium Of a different kind is the proposed by Emporium, an Italian company which realzide a lightweight design, eye-catching and original: to convey well-being and positive emotions through the production of furniture with simple lines, make the everyday extraordinary even by reprocessing of light and space.

A good example is given by Fork, coat hanger with a plywood structure covered in sanded ash, lacquered MDF base with powder, which recalls the balls placed on top of the element, available in white, red and black.

To the same series belongs Crocodilia, a cabinet with two doors with the structure made of lacquered MDF powder in white, black and red, the drawer fronts are made of plywood covered in ash polished.

Design di lampada divertente ColoredSHAPE Sabrina Fossi Among the elements with which the designers have been able to fully express their creativity there are undoubtedly lamps - Studio Shot, table, floor: the tendency is to decompose the object highlighting, depending on the project, the functional aspect to the detriment of the aesthetic and vice versa.

A job like that, did the designer Sabrina Fossi with the lamps line ColoredSHAPE: a bedside lamp, in its most classic form, which becomes the essential framework thus reducing the volumes and giving the bulb a significance that goes beyond its function. The shape, made of simple lacquered MDF available in different colors, is simply hanging on the wall: I guarantee that the result is very pleasing.

Lampada originale C'est chouette quarc atelier Another lamp, this time for tables: C'est chouette! It is the proposal for quarch worksho , a group of young designers born in Milan in 2006 and active in architecture, lighting design, interior architecture and communication. atmosphere draws a bit from the fairy tales: the design and colors of the lamp are in fact inspired by a nest where there is a lovely owl in porcelain.

The lamp is composed of two parts made of white porcelain from Faenza: the outer cover, with its curved shape tends to soften the spread of direct light while the internal one does so by ensuring a bulb shield the original eclipse effect.

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