Furnish with rugs

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Sometimes you just need a rug to give personality to an otherwise dull space, no matter whether it is ancient or modern, high-quality manufacturing or not.

Furnish with rugs
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

How to decorate with rugs

Sometimes you just need a rug to give personality to an otherwise dull space, no matter whether it is ancient or modern, high-quality manufacturing or industrial production.

arredare con i tappeti Not all of us are used to decorate the house using carpets, sometimes because of family habits or because we can not find a product that meets the many ideas that run in our mind.
In reality, however, the methods and uses of this type of product may be different, troubleshoot situations of apparent organizational vacuum and add a sense of warmth and comfort to houses already beautiful, but lacking of a well-defined detail.

Of course, the carpet should be used depending on the characteristics of the environment to be furnished. For example, in a monochrome decor one or more carpets of a bright color represent a solution to enliven the atmosphere.
Another trick is to choose the color of the carpet of the same dominant color in curtains or upholstery fabrics.

The carpets in our houses are the most common, however, the flat-knit cotton rugs are available in an infinite variety of colors, patterns and sizes, which already by themselves are enough to customize the environment.

The rugs can both raise and divide a room in more functional areas.
For example, in a living room the carpet can be used to define the conversation area by collecting sofa, armchairs and low tables, and two, well-coordinated, will limit the conversation area on the one hand and on the other the dining area.
The hall carpet, however, a long and narrow rug ideal to delimit transition areas, such as corridors and hallways.

A very special rug can also be used as a decorative element to hang on the walls, but it should not be too big or heavy.

Types of carpets

Of course, in the wide range and type of carpets that you can choose from, you must find one that suits your style of decoration.
All types of carpets have however the common feature of being able to also heat the coldest environment.

tappeto antico The most valuable carpets, are of course, the Oriental from Persia, Anatolia and the Caucasus. As with all purchases that require a substantial financial investment is necessary to turn to serious and reliable stores, which also provide a certificate of authenticity of the product.

If the price of an antique carpet is too high for your possibilities, you can always buy a second-hand model, eg in an auction. But, in this case, if you are not personally expert, you need to be assisted by somebody who knows more.

In addition to antique rugs, you can also buy oriental rugs of modern manufacturing, certainly less expensive. Among these there are some made still using traditional techniques, and other industrially made with natural fibers mixed with synthetic fibers.

tappeto moderno There are also less expensive types of oriental rugs, like kilims from Turkey, with geometric designs and natural colors that fade with the passing of time.
The processing of a kilim is obtained on movable looms: the result is a carpet woven without fleece.
Their characteristic is that they fit harmoniously with any style of furnishing, from the rustic to the ultra-modern.

Then there are the Dhurrie carpets, these rugs are also without fleece and are similar to kilim, they are produced in some areas of India. They are made of either cotton wool, characterized by pastel colors on a cream background and are available in many sizes and designs. Those geometric designs are ideal for modern decor.

Buy rugs for decorating

The possibilities offered today, in a market that compares technologies, ideas and different designs, allow you to face the choice of a carpet within a wide range in which there are virtually no limits whatsoever, both in size as well as for graphic pattern and type of fabric.

In this regard SITAP, Società Italiana Tappeti (Italian Society for Carpets), has a catalog of a collection called Contemporary, whose design was completely looked after by Natalia Pepe. First, much attention has been given to the choice of materials and the method of processing: the fabrics mix with great care wool of high quality, stable and compact because of high density woven, polyester, able to give brilliance and resistance in time, there have also been used carefully handcrafted and handmade hand tufted technique to achieve different thicknesses and three-dimensional effects, such as was used the technique of carving to mark with decision contrasts and differences between the volumes.

Sitap: VintageIn the Contemporary collection, there are also rugs like Vintage, characterized by geometries and aggregation of elements, or Barcelona, with many and varied uses in three different sizes it is available in; Garden, on the other hand, allows you to cover wide areas without being able to combine and juxtapose more seamless carpets thanks to its special design, while Chic is characterized by its unique originality.

By Nilufar, still remaining in the commercial sector of the carpets of contemporary design, we propose the Contemporary series, with many proposals varied and diverse, different in design, as in the size and fabric characterization, in order to satisfy the most diverse requirements.

Nilufar: Rock Skin Absolutely original, for example, is the carpet Rock Skins by designer Arik Levy, in manufacturing Tai Ping, who stands out for its particular shape that recalls, in fact, a series of two-dimensional boulders.

Apparently more regular from the point of view of the profile, but more modern and aggressive regarding texture and colors, is the carpet designed by Beppe Caturegli in 2003, where the design, in the intentions of the designer, wants to reproduce the trend of the shares of the New York Stock Exchange Market, at a given time and for a specific sector. With a size of 370x280 cm, this item is made with mixed media multi-colored wool.

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