Furnishing apartments in the city

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From New York to Moscow, the buyers who has the possibility does not give up the best brands of Italian style to decorate and beautify their apartment.

Furnishing apartments in the city
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Success of the Italian furniture in the world

There is no economic crisis: the Italian design and furniture dictate the trends of the moment in the world.
From New York to Moscow, the buyers who has the possibility, doesn't renounce to the Italian style to decorate and beautify their apartment.

cucina Aran in appartamento a New York

We have a striking example in the two illustrated creations in this article and realized in the American metropolis and in the Russian capital, in both an Italian brand of furniture, is the hallmark of the style that characterizes the two apartments.

Furnishing apartments in New York

The Italian kitchen most bought in the world, Aran, was chosen to furnish some of the apartments and lofts most prestigious in the world, those at the 432 of Park Avenue, the tallest skyscraper in the Big Apple and the third highest in the world.

cucina Aran in appartamento a new york The breathtaking panorama one enjoys from these skyscrapers embraces the entire city, from the Hudson River to the East River, from Bronx to Brooklyn, from Central Park to the Atlantic Ocean.

The interiors of these apartments, luxurious and functional at the same time, have been cared for by the guru design Deborah Berke, who chose the Aran collections to furnish not only the kitchen, but even the bathrooms, the rooms and laundries.

So, 142 kitchen of the company, with their elegant design and glossy lacquered white oak, are proudly displayed through the large windows of the skyscraper.
In addition to the full function kitchens were chosen also other models, tha we can define secondary, more compact and balanced in dimensions.

The apartments, in pure metropolitan style, have been furnished and customized, that is why Aran studied customized solutions to fit the specific needs of each space.
Then, were designed and built 214 cabinets Newform Notte, 482 home accessories for the bathrooms and 78 laundries.

Decorating a small apartment in Moscow

From the large size of the apartments in New York, let's see a Moscow apartment, much smaller and decidedly retro style, but where, again, is the style of an Italian brand of furniture to dictate the character of the environment.

pianta appartamento MOsca The apartment is located in an impersonal building of the Stalin era but, it unexpectedly, hides an almost fairy-tale aspect, thanks to the design choices made by the award-winning architect Petr Kozeykin, who took care of the interior.

The clients is an elderly couple who spend most of their time out of town and will return only for a short weekend. But this aspect does not have much influence on the project that had the aim to make the apartment comfortable for everyday life.

The style halfway between the country and a very refined provance, was obtained thanks to the use of the collection English Mood by Minacciolo.

The small size of the space required a visual technique of expansion for each environment.
The furniture is made in solid wood and do not clutter the space as they are recessed into niches.

salotto con arredi Minacciolo

Very important, in the the choices developed with Minacciolo, was the role of color: gray tones ranging from clay to hemp, soften the lines of the whole and give it a sense of lightness and freshness.
Even the chandeliers and lighting in general fit the color tones of the furnishings, and high ceilings of the rooms help to keep the atmosphere of the whole.

The apartment is a little bigger than a studio apartment (36 sqm), is composed of a kitchen, a living room that also serves as a bedroom due to the convertibility of the sofa, and a bathroom conveniently separated from the entrance.

The objects used to decorate the apartment are characterized by a romantic flavor shabby chic.

appartamento con arredo cucina Minacciolobagno, appartamento a Mosca As seats were used the sofa and the armchair Country Wood, Clay Grey finish, accompanied by a color table Leeds, hemp color. The sofa becomes a bed. Among the cupboards was realized a small bookshelf.

In the kitchen, the countertop and back are brown porphyry. The extension table is paired with three chairs Fiji, in woven banana leaf, and is near the wall lined with wood paneling, where there are grey shelves. On the shorter wall of the kitchen are hung some nice white shelves.

The bathroom cabinet is finished in hemp, with a built-in sink and top in grit. The walls in the anti-bathroom are covered with closets, so to make the most of the space.

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