Furnishing ideas and pink finishes

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To soften the winter we think of pink, star of many proposals of furniture for interiors. Feminine and delicate, it suits many complements for the house.

Furnishing ideas and pink finishes
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Also the house dresses in pink

Pink. This is the most popular color of the season.

You can tell by browsing catalogs of furniture, furnishings and accessories for the home that have magically changed direction to the gentle shades of pink, from pale to colored powder, then to light up into deeper reflexes up to fuchsia.

Both the fabrics for furnishings (curtains, carpets, wallpaper) and the furniture of the house dress in pink, in all its nuances.

This color for some years was cleared and is no longer considered only as a feminine nuance, mainly linked to childhood and to the girls bedrooms.

Now this shade is literally flooding the sector.

Pink has become a trend to follow for the furnishing of all the rooms of the house: bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms are dressed according to the theme.

We start by proposing a series of home accessories in pink.

Seating furniture: from powder pink to fuchsia

sedia Queen of love
Chairs, armchairs and sofas now seem fertile ground on which the designers experience their creativity to create objects really spectacular. Two successful examples in this area, united by the use of pink, are represented by the chair Queen of Love, from the collection Design of Love, offering seats in recyclable linear polyethylene, and a delicate sofa Powder for Edra.

Queen of Love has become a cult. Along with the other products in the collection, it combines classic lines to pop material and fluorescent colors. The chair has quickly become a leader thanks to its great personality, regal, ironic and exuberant.

Many times it has been chosen to decorate homes, hotels, showrooms, clubs, restaurants and used to set up international happenings related to fashion, art and design.

Its use is twofold: it can be placed indoors or outdoors. The brand, made in Italy, has been designed and produced by SLIDE Srl, a company known for its processes of rotational molding.

The design is the result of the ideas of Graziano Moro and Renato Pigatti.
The chair, together with the other seats of the line, brings joy and style.

divano polvere di edra
When it comes to creations (also) in pink, one can not sue the couch Powder by Edra. This project, carried out in 2009 by Fernando and Humberto Campana, is composed of nine pillows that remind powder puffs, for their soft lightness.

The cushions are held together by an invisible metallic tubular structure. The softness, which is evident at the first sight, is amplified when you sit down and you feel the sensation of a comforting embrace perfectly made from faux fur lining.

Also available in white and the black, it seems to achieve its maximum in pink.

Hanging lamp: see pink

egg of columbus Available in pink is also the lamp Egg of Columbus by Seletti.

Its simple shape, not linear and light hovers suspended and gives the room a touch, thanks to modern materials: recycled paper, ceramic lamp holder and the fabric for the thread that keeps it hanging in the air.

Egg of Columbus is a creation by the designer Valentina Carretta and a proposed low-cost and impact to change appearance in a room of the house with a new light design.

The charm of the past: pink record player

If you love music and you care to put in your home a vintage feel then a good idea would be to opt for the record player Crosley CR8005A Executives.

giradischi rosa This unit, with a timeless, combines the contemporary technology with the classic style. The designers were inspired by the Crosley briefcases of the past and drew down trend colors to make the product more appealing to an audience of fans of retro style.

At first glance you immediately admire the precious attention to detail of this object's style, but once lifted the suitcase you can appreciate the technology that is absolutely in line with the times.

The player allows you to listen to the old records at 33, 45 and 78, without any need for an amplifier because the sound comes from speakers.

But beyond that, you can connect your smartphone or any MP3 player to the auxiliary jacks on the back to listen to any playlist loaded.

Crosley CR8005A is a portable record player semi-automatic, built entirely in wood and upholstered in faux leather. Obviously here we propose the pink version.

Pink accessories for the house

And if you never get enough of pink, then you can not miss the proposals for the house signed by Tina Frey Designs .

accessori per la casa in resina rosa
There is plenty of choice in the collections that offer many items in pink.

There are stools, pots, ornaments, but also useful sets of dishes, glasses, vases and serving trays that will make the setting of the table very chic.

She said to be inspired by the colors of icicles, candies and jellies.

For the shapes, she was inspired by a style devoid of frills, but quite natural, the result of research done during the many trips around the world.

The pieces of the collection are designed and hand-carved by Tina Frey in San Francisco, California. After completing the design, engages in the creation of molds in clay, which will be the skeleton of its refined objects.

tavolo rosa The molds are then colored by hand and once melted the artifacts are smoothed by hand.

Most of the objects, in resin, are designed to be used daily, simply by implementing some tricks for their care.

The materials used for the dishes have been laboratory tested to meet FDA standards for food safety and are lead-free.
All creations are real works of art and the choice of colors is perfect.

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