Furnishings inspired by famous works of art

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If you love painting, to give an extra touch of home furnishings you can choose furniture and accessories for the home inspired by famous works of art in the world.

Furnishings inspired by famous works of art
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Furniture and complements look at the world of art

Everyone would like to have in the house a famous work of art, perhaps painted by their favorite artists, but it is often not possible or affordable to buy original paintings and bet on the purchase of copies.

If you love art you can, however, opt for the choice of furnishings and accessories for the home inspired to famous works of art, like paintings fundamental in the history of art.

Poltrona Proust di Alessandro Mendini
Many designers draw it in turn from artistic iconography of all time, honoring the great painters with furniture, inspired by their artwork, which recall both the color palette that the traits and techniques that have made them famous in world.

It goes from classical to pop art, through the French impressionism.
So, the house takes life through furnishings doubly artistic: both for the inspiration and the realization.

Furniture inspired by famous paintings: artistic coatings for the home

The Venetian company of upholstered furnishing Désirée by Euromobil Group recently presented a carpet of art by Giorgio Celiberni inspired by the work Guernica by Pablo Picasso.

tappeto omaggio a Picasso Désirée
Euromobil Group has exhibited at the stand during the last edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the interpretation of the work, perhaps the best known by Pablo Picasso.

The impressive achievement was reproduced on a carpet brand Désirée, which measures 2.26 meters high by 8.50 meters long, and was entitled Homage to Picasso.

The rug was made with the technique of handtufting, then worked and tufted by hand.

Made from 100% of New Zealander wool with a background in natural latex hypoallergenic and antibacterial, it has been created with the combination of four colors: white, black, pearl gray shades that recall the original work of Picasso.

tappeto Omaggio a Picasso Désirée
The work is a testament to the strong bond that exists between the company and the art world, inspiring deeply its proposals for home furnishings.

In addition to the sponsorship of several art exhibitions, the Euromobil Group established the International Group Euromobil Under 30 Award, awarded to a young artist at the show.

Sofas and chairs inspired by paintings

Another important example of the blend of art, design and decoration is the famous Proust armchair by Alessandro Mendini from 1978, where it is eveident already at the first sight as the imagination of the upholstery fabric has been strongly influenced by the decoration and the typical strokes of the artists belonging to pointillism, as Georges Seurat and Paul Signac.

Poltrona Proust by Alessandro Mendini
As the designers said, the chair was inspired by the reading of Proust, very good at telling the environmental scenography of its places. Pointillism was adopted as an artistic movement and location of the object immaterialisation, tending more to the atmosphere than the physicality, inevitably linked to environmental sensations told by Proust in his works.

The sunny meadows of Signac were thus starting reference.

Poltrona Proust by Alessandro Mendini The chair's design, become iconic, has a wooden carved structure and hand painted and a fixed cover in multicolor fabric that echoes the decoration of the structure.

This armchair, one of the historic pieces of contemporary Italian design, is produced in two colors: multicolor on the shades of blue, gray and yellow, or multicolor where light black, green and red prevail.

Born in 1978 for the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara, Proust quickly became the icon of the design of the twentieth century and one of the best known and most important references of formal research and aesthetics. Cappellini has inherited the taste in 1993.

poltrona Proust Geometrica
In 2009 was also made the armchair Geometric Proust, coated and finished by hand as usual, which preserves the original forms of the chair, renewing and perpetrating the image and value.

Very interesting also the work by Alexandro Fini that manufactures sofas art that will appeal to lovers of art.

Its objective is the realization of a sofa or a personalized seat, where the body of the sofa can become the framework for the work of art that is played on the seat and on the back.

Sofa Vann Gogh Alexandro Fini
His works, unique pieces, playing the night of Van Gogh, Klimt and the women of Renoir and many other responsible parties.

The paintings then undergoes a transposition and the canvas becomes the soul of a piece of furniture upholstered in quality leather or fabric, unique.

Poltrona Hope II - Gustav Klimt's Alexandro F
In addition to more traditional models, such as the throne of Hope II by Gustav Klimt, subject faithfully reproduced on full-grain leather, great effect seats are realized just like the model Crystal, a seat which reproduces the picture The sleeping bather by August Renoir 1897.

Sitting in the Crystal ispirato a Renoir Alexandro Fini
Here the body is in plexiglass embellished with LED lighting.

Furnishing with pictorial subjects

sgabelli artistici di Piet Hein Eek Even the designer Piet Hein Eek has allegedly inspired by the paintings of the Dutch masters on display at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to create a series of stools  of art depicting landscapes and portraits on the seat.

The stools have a plywood structure very basic and linear, but are adorned with prints of paintings by Van Gogh, Rembrandt and the Flemish painters.

The stools are very practical and unobtrusive: the assembly is simple and fast because the two pieces are simply stuck with one another, without having to use screws or bolts.

Even the packaging is original: it is represented by a transparent envelope that contains the stool and the seat disassembled and the instructions to mount it.

Sgabelli artistici di Piet Hein Eek
appendiapiti ispirato a Magritte's Brafa & Ruggieri They seem instead inspired to the Man with the hat by Magritte hangers of Brafa & Ruggieri.

The shape of the hanger playing a man wearing a bowler hat: the inside looks like a ladder designed just for hanging clothes in the evening.

A kind of valet stand and elegant design, colored reminiscent of the very shape of the male surrealist painter Magritte.

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