Furniture for rooms in attic

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If carefully designed and furnished, an attic can be a functional and welcoming environment where to achieve bedrooms for adults and children.

Furniture for rooms in attic
Martina Pugno
Martina Pugno

Double bedroom for the kids in attic

The attic can be converted into a functional and cozy area of the house without too much effort: to make a difference is especially the furniture.
The organization of space on the top floor is the key to make the environment completely usable and comfortable as any other room in the house, with the added value of a particular structure, able to offer even more ideas for the characterization compared to traditional rooms.

An attic, if furnished in a functional way, can be a warm room and can provide enough space to make the room of two young children, without having to compromise in terms of aesthetics.
One of the most effective solutions, in the case of lofts with walls out of square, is to get the maximum space possible through a wardrobe functional and perfectly integrated into the structure of the environment.

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This is possible thanks to the choice of a slanting ceiling closet: a proposal by Zaccaria Monguzzi involves a corner solution with four doors and four outer drawers.
The cabinet is characterized by a diagonal cut that allows you to make a rational division of space, all functional for storing clothes and linen that needs to find space in the bedroom.

armadio per mansarda Adapting perfectly to the characteristics of the space, the slanting ceiling closet with a diagonal cut allows the exploitation of the free surfaces eliminating the constraints imposed by the gradual lowering of the roof: every inch of the walls becomes exploitable, with a orderly and regular result that does not detract harmony from the room.

An additional module with two doors, laid down in the part characterized by the lower roof, lets not waste an inch of space and leaves more free surface to the game of the children in the bedroom. The module contains two shelves with two doors and is complemented by a right terminal module equipped with two drawers and cut diagonally.

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To earn additional free space, without sacrificing comfort, the solution is a bunk bed with a pullout bed: during the day, the lower bed disappears and the room is enhanced by the free surface, waiting to be exploited for daily relaxation and entertainment.

Quality and aesthetics are important characteristics for which there is no need to compromise. This is demonstrated by the proposed solutions, with laminated finishes, enriched color to brighten up the room of the youngest ones: the orange melon cabinet doors conceal inside decorative in light beech and light green drawer inserts, in pleasant contrast with the lavender color that accompanies the light green of the bunk beds.

The bright colors give personality to the environment and make it ideal to welcome the children in a playful and cheerful environment where to spend hours playing and resting, in complete serenity.

Double room in attic

Furniture able to take into account the characteristics of the less conventional environments, allow a maximum optimization of space and the attic can become adapted to accommodate a comfortable double bed.
Also in this case, appropriate furniture will help to overcome in a simple and elegant way the need to obtain space to store clothes or objects of use necessary in the bedroom.

camera in mansarda A low cabinet is the ideal solution to provide a container in a recess formed by opening the wall of the gutter, thus obtaining more space available and concretely exploitable.

Zaccaria Monguzzi proposes a low cabinet with six doors doors and eight drawers, arranged in three modules, which allow you to get more shelves and separate areas for the rationalization of the objects.
Apparently not much larger than a dresser, the low cabinet reveals inside a diagonal cut along the slope of the pitch of the roof that will give you extra space.

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The final effect, with the wall suitably decorated, has a pleasant result, thanks to the ivory lacquered fronts, with the internal structure in light beech.
In this way the attic appears elegant and functional, despite the limitations of space that inevitably offers: a different way of living.

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