Furniture inspired by school

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A selection of products for furnishing and arrange some corner of the house or the bedroom, taking as inspiration the imminent reopening of school in September.

Furniture inspired by school
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Lamps for the writing desk and the table

a time of good intentions and returns. Inscriptions and returns. School that resumes and also a good excuse to renew some corner of the house, perhaps including the spaces dedicated to study and work.

Among the products selected in the renewal of certain environments, we find the lamps and table lamps, which are a very important element for the use of the space. Whether it is a study area, or a small room, the light is critical to the environmental and visual comfort of those living in the environment.

The light must be practical, movable/ adjustable and, why not, beautiful. Many lamps are often characterized by a minimalist design, but that leaves an impact even when they are turned off.

As new lights Anglepoise, the British brand launched in 1932, as a result of a collaboration that has its origin also from the automotive world. One product, one of the British brand, which points immediately to a versatility that lends itself well both in domestic and commercial spaces. A lamp now historic as Type 75 has been revised several times and even turned into extra large version.

In the next edition of the London Design Festival, September 13 to 21, 2014, however, here comes the new collection: Anglepoise + Paul Smith. The Type 75 comes to life again and turns not in silhouette, but in colors, incorporating the classic palette of the fashion brand.

Perfect both in the standard version and in that colored one for the children's bedrooms, if required, it can also become a bedside light, adjustable.

Another product that is well suited to desks and study environment is Wood Lamp by Muuto. Created by the studio of Swedish TAF Architects, is a minimal light with iconic lines, made of wood.

The technological aspect is given by the forms that recall the classic desk lamps, thus creating, in contrast with the material, a nice visual game, also given by the screws and connections, all of which were deliberately left visible.

Desks and writing desks for school

The arrival of the month of September, for many parents means a new beginning of the school year, with the consequent modification of habits and spaces. The bedroom, but also the whole house is evaluated with different eyes, to find the right angle to do homework and study. And then the green light to desks and writing desks, in which to place all the things, without the need to move everything all the time, maybe choosing a vintage piece of furniture with a soul, reminding a little the old times school furniture.

As with Declerq, a Belgian iconic brand, which has long worked to furnish schools and public places, with furniture made of iron pipes. The feature are the bends and color matches, as with the Harvard desks, available in both adults and in extrasmall version for younger children. Purchaseable in several colors, from red to blue, to match the chairs of the same series, desks Declercq can purchased from Le Civette sul Comò, from 460 euro.

Curious also the model of desk LEÇONS DE CHOSES, made with a skateboard as the base of the bench. The structure is made of metal while the desk and the table are in maple wood.

This desk is suitable for children in the early school years, is available in several colors, ranging from red, yellow, blue can be purchased on the website of Smallable, starting from 503 euro.

Also the brand Les gambettes offers furniture with retro flavor, with colors and patterns borrowed from the fashion of the 50s. Tables, desks, chairs and accessories for the little ones but also for adults, colorful and practical, with structure in beech plywood, laminated finish and base in painted steel. Many collections: Suzie, Little Suzie, the table Marcel and the versions for the office and the kitchen of the adults. There are many patterns available to customize and make your space unique. They range from pastel shades, particularly popular with the checked version of the classic Vichy, especially for mini desks and chairs for children, up to the floral patterns and stronger colors for the adult versions, the collections for the kitchen and study, always with references to the 50s - 70s. On sale at Baby  Bottega.

Post: Furniture inspired by school
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