Furniture inspired by the spring

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The air of spring awakens even the house. The furnishings are covered with flowers and bright colors, the chandeliers are made light and vivid. The house becomes an indoor garden.

Furniture inspired by the spring
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Spring furnishing

The arrival of spring brings a charge of vitality, good mood and willingness to change and therefore often not want to put hand to the home furnishing, taking inspiration from the new season.

furnishing spring
This brisk air, clear skies, and trees and blooming fields are the typical scenarios that remind us the unbridled force of nature that shows itself in all its splendor.

And to bring some nature also at home, here is a wide range of proposals for theme furniture, perfect to renew it.

Flowers beds and sofas

If you love upholstered and bright color fantasies, it is good to know that Chateau d'Ax has among its proposed models that differ from classic solid colors, created to satisfy those who instead wish to dare.

upholstered bed with flowers Chateaux d'Ax
The upholstered bed Litt, for example, has a headboard and a bed frame of a cheerful flowers pattern on a white background, one of the pluses of the model together with the useful container and the double movement net that allows you to simplify the remaking of the bed, with no need to bow down to tuck the sheets.

This bed will decorate the room with a touch of originality and fun, marrying the furniture, giving the feeling of an awakening blooming outdoors.

Kartell pop sofa fantasy missoni
If you love instead the fantasies of the author, which do not go unnoticed, combined with lines of pure design, then the series of seats of the line Pop is good for you.

created by Piero Lissoni with Carlo Tamborini, is the first modular sofa infinitely repeatable.

Easily removable, made with industrial technology, Pop consists of identical modules cars, polycarbonate, joined one to the other to give life to the rigid structure of the sofa so: backrest, seat (also made in plastic staves) and armrests.

The result would be therefore an armchair, a two-seater sofa or with several places, depending on the number of modules used.

sitting pop kartell Pop exceeds the prejudice linked to the rigidity of plastic, offering itself as a comfortable and indestructible industrial upholstered piece of furniture, able to withstand jolts and heavy use.
The large and soft goose pillows are available in different finishes.

And for those who like patterns and do not want to give up a modern touch of liveliness at home, Kartell presents a series of Missoni fabrics: Veveye (in shades of red or burnt) or Cartagena (fantasy in black and white).

For those who prefer a romantic style and retro, the sofa Adelphi by Designers Guild has wavy lines and a personality with a strong footprint in classic style.

Furniture sofa spring
The light arms and tapered legs give the model a royal look.
Additionally the small size of the sofa enables an easy positioning even in settings with reduced spaces.

The coating is a tribute to spring and bloom, and it also seems to wink at impressionist paintings, born just from the careful observation of the landscape open air, full of green and flowering buds. So timeless elegance to this piece that together with the other pieces of furniture is part of the new collection Spring/ Summer by Guild Designers.

Zona Living: a rainbow of colors

To bring notes of color and a touch of spring in the living area is something that the sofa Festival takes care of. It is a practical removable and modular model by Chateau d'Ax, in different solid colors, which allows comfort, large seats and the possibility of giving the desired shape of the sofa in the living room, through the use of custom modul available for the composition.

Sofa Festival Chateaux d Ax
This model, available for all the space requirements, can be realized in an infinite range of colors to be combined, for a dynamic living room, in line with the colors of spring.

If you instead love multifunctional solutions, practical and oversized format, it will be essential the item proposed by Constance Guisset, the creator of seating island Windmills created for La Cividina.

Windmills is an oversized ottoman characterized by the many colored segments that make an ideal windmill wheel, able of capturing a variety of colors, as they turn in the air.
There are nine different color tone sur tone and five versions rainbow, multiple color and impressive.

pouf oversite La Cividina
Windmills are available in three diameters: 110 cm with 12 slices, 60 cm with 8 slices and a maxi model 180 cm with 16 slices. Every element has variable height, resulting in a gentle slope of the surface, so everyone can choose the preferred location.

Hanging chandeliers: lightness and freedom

The spring and its flowers have also inspired the designers of the Dutch Studio Drift who made Corollas with silk, imagining that the light would spread as if it came from the hatch of the petals of a flower.

The lampshades Shylight in recent weeks on display at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, reproduce in this way the movement that in botany indicates the position of waking and sleeping that the leaves take on during the day and night.

The chandelier Maria SC, thanks to the use of laboratory test tubes (instead of the usual drops) which are placed on one or two files depending on the model, is a decorative element which is used as the original lampshade, to hold the artificial light, but it is also designed to interoperate natural light with the glass used.

lampadario The glass tubes not only create an original movement, refined and classic at the same time but can also become containers for flowers, green plants, herbs.

This chandelier, therefore, reminiscent of the forms of Art Deco, revisited in a contemporary way, become the framework for an installation always new to the ceiling, which accommodates the green and take so the function of a vase.

The test tubes lamp for sale on, inspired by the Polish scientist and Nobel chemistry Maria Sklodowska Curie, then can become container of flowers, spices, chlorine liquids, capable of reflecting sunlight and give the effect of a rainbow.

Other interesting games of light are offered by the lamp Planta by, available both in ground and table models, that also in this case allows the coexistence of artificial light with natural elements: flowers, mosses, etc ...

lamp Planta

A real tribute to the triumph of nature, to beautify a corner of the house in a very innovative way.

Also interesting is the sense of lightness and lightheartedness that arouses the lamp Memory, another creation signed by Boris Klimek for Brokis.

These lamps mirror the shape of a balloon, an object that remind childhood and the first flight experiments, when you see it soaring in the air.

lamp balloon
From this suggestion comes the lamp, which brings to mind the days spent outdoors. The best effect you get when combined with other identical lamps, perhaps only different by color, when it reaches the ceiling and from there spread a warm light, suspended and dreamy.

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