Hammocks and Hanging nests

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Hammocks and Hanging nests as an alternative to the traditional sofa or playhouse for children, to share, if you wish, your large and relaxing naps.

Hammocks and Hanging nests
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

AMACA indoor At the word hammock how many of us immediately think about a summer afternoon relaxing in the shade of a big tree?

Probably almost everyone, because we are used to thins image of the hammock, this is the collective image we share of it.

Today, however, things have changed. The hammock is no longer in the outdoor classification, and entered fully into the domestic climate, becoming a piece of furniture, especially in the children's world.

Hammocks for indoor

amaca e sedia pensile Let's give green light to hammocks also in small rooms, used as an alternative to the sofa or to the game corner on a carpet.

Who works at La Siesta, knows about that very well, this brand is very famous in the world of hammocks. Not only a hammock. But the hammocks. That is a universe of different solutions for both indoor and outdoor use, designed for mid-afternoon nap, for evening readings or as a handy and unusual hiding place for kids.

The products are all characterized by very bright colors, quality materials and a precise study on ergonomics and sitting postures. Within these hammocks, thanks to educators advices the body relaxes and, are children using it, their use positively influence their physical development of children.

Taking a look to the structures, the hammocks of this brand are designed in such a way that the wood spreaders that support the seats are all made with woods from certified plantations, though, to maintain the exterior appearance always beautiful even if exposed to weather conditions, are all subjected to refining processes.

And among the products of the brand, we also find family hammocks, perfect for group naps or as an alternative to the nursing chair during the first months of life.

Cribs hammocks for babies

Staying on the subject of birth and the first few months, perhaps not everyone knows that the hammocks are very popular also as baby cradles. Perfect for the abundant beddy, byes of the first months, they can also be a different choice to the child seat.

culla amaca For example, the Kaya nature, again by La siesta, is a suspended cradle perfect for the first nine months of life, with a weight of about 15 kg. Made in order to allow a light and sweet oscillation that stimulates sleep and that also helps, with the elevated configuration, the mother to maintain a relaxed and practical posture. Still on the posture and the safety of the child in the hammock, Kaya Nature is made so to respect the natural curvature of the back of babies, very similar to the fetal position inside the womb.

Another interesting product among children's products that you can find at tThe li*l Market is Hushamok, a cradle-hammock that with its natural oscillation induces sleep and is also a valuable aid to the dreaded colic in the early months of life. Made with environmentally friendly materials and ecologic, is available with either a wooden support and with steel support.

It is by Airdeje the suspended cradle-hammock Nomad, designed here as well for the first few months of life and a quiet and safe sleep for babies. Easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to the support, the cradle is made in pure cotton and it is accompanied by a mattress with a seat belt, to avoid any risk.

Available in two colors, gray and pink, is made with a wooden frame, both in in natural beech and also bleached.

Hanging nests for children

How many of us have had houses and shelters during childhood? We know that children from the early years of life are often looking for secluded corners makeshift houses and small and comfortable spaces to iterate the imitation game, or simply to read the first books.

The brand La siesta, which I mentioned above, take care about that too. Here are the hanging nests, or smaller hammocks, where to sit, or rather, where to sink and relax, at few cm's from the ground.

The nests and hanging chairs are designed for children over 3 years old and are thought to derive a corner of privacy and tranquility in bedrooms and living spaces. Perfect to hang to the ceiling or a tree, are made of cotton, strong and long lasting.

Great for adults too ... or as a Christmas gift.

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