Hangers for children

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They decorate and they are functional at the same time; they cab be in a small room or in an entry in the children's room, there are numerous hangers with unusual and spectacular design.

Hangers for children
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Hangers design for children

all lovely stuff There are products in the world of design and decor that come with the dual intent from the start: to decorate and to be functional at the same time. Among these surely are shelves, even if hooks and hangers are definitely among the best known, because, if not covered by coats, jackets and garments, they remain uncovered and necessarily need to be beautiful and decorative.
No coincidence that designers often use this object, indulging in shapes, colors and combinations, playing with fantasy.

Unusual hangers for children

cd&z We saw a few days ago Le Frolle, the hangers - cookie created by designer Andrea Brugnera and purchaseable on Formabilio. But it is only an example. Because there are so many experimenting on the shape.
Like CD&Z design4kids, a brand from Lombardia, born from the collaboration between the architecture firm CD & Z Architects Studio Caccia Dominioni, Pumpkin and Associates, and the company Caspim, specializing in laser processing of sheet metal.
The products of the brand born from silhouettes drawn from the world of fairy tales, castles, ships in a storm, flowers and fawns, available in different colors and light pastel colors that blend well, for example, the walls of a bedroom or living spaces from children.
Of the same series are also magnetic slates, the same patterns, affordable, also in this case, for example, from Le Civette sul comò or Unduetrestella, which among other things, is also the engine event dedicated to children design, the Kidsroomzoom4, within the New View of Pitti Bimbo 78 in Florence.

Hangers for Children in shaped wood

Staying on the theme of children, it's not uncommon to have spaces and bedrooms decorated with a specific theme. Some people have a forest with a lot of walls with birch trees, animals and foliage, who has a passion for cars or who, again, is all taken with dinosaurs. For those who love this genre, it happens very often to find tailor-made products, such as those proposed by La cameretta di Pippi, online store dedicated to kids design, with a wide choice of unusual products from Northern Europe. Here, for example, is the wooden hanger of the brand JaBaDaBaDo, dinosaur-shaped green, accompanied by other versions with cars, owls, mushrooms and turtles.
appendino dinosauro Another interesting brand making the hangers for children is All lovely stuff, which proposes also in this case, a solution with edible effect, with 3 MMM Doughnuts, the shape and colors that recall the classic American glazed donuts.

Of the same brand there are also other interesting hanger patterns, such as elk, where the clothes and coats are easily fixable on the antlers or even the solution with three stylized heads of animals, all purchased from Yellowbasket.itat prices around 40 euros.

But the curious hangers do not end here. Some have even thought to take advantage of the much popular mustache to decorate the walls and at the same time make them functional as hangers.
The brand Jaell und Tofta has launched a series of hooks for the wall where the knob is the nose and is finished with colored mustache. Perfect even just as decoration, they are part of a larger collection of the brand, which specializes in products for children. Of the same kind, for example, are the merry-go-rounds and mobiles, always finished with a mustache, studied on the wake of kinetic art, to decorate and make active also at the ceiling, from the first months of life of the children.

Vintage design hangers

hang it all Finally, a word about another brand and also to an object that is not necessarily for kids, but also perfect for an ironic and colorful entrance of an adults house. It is a very famous object and almost vintage, created iconic and famous by Charles & Ray Eames in 1953 and revised several times over the decades. It's a product of Vitra and is designed to get the hooks through the knobs that are mounted on a lightweight and almost invisible metal structure that, at a glance, almost disappears. The knobs are actually colored wooden balls, placed at a regular distance that can be replicated, creating more storage space and storage. It's called Hang it All and you can purchase it for example on DESK, design for kids.

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