Hangers for the entry

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The business card of a house is the entrance, an environment easy to fix, even in small spaces, thanks to the design of beautiful and functional hangers.

Hangers for the entry
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Build furniture starting from the entrance

Appendiabiti When you put on the house or decide to renew environments, often the leitmotiv in terms of style of all the furniture from a single element, perhaps the bed, the couch or a table. But in small houses, often, the focus is precisely the entrance!

Ultimately, it is the calling card of a house and it is a big challenge for those who must design. Find the right solutions for space management and storage, without forgetting the importance of adequate lighting and aesthetic that never hurts!

Decisive role is taken by the coat hanger, both for functionality and for decoration.
Especially if the shape of the latter oozes design from every pore. Colored, multi-functional and iconic, the hangers are one of the variations on the theme favored by designers and creative.

Hangers to decorate the entrance with minimal style

The German designer Mark Braun has made Floor95 with the intent to get something at the same time functional and ironic.
It is a multitasking hangers, it can also serve as a practical empty pockets, thanks to its comfortable shelves that complete it. Ideal in the entrance room, Floor95 can make that, and in a functional way, even a tiny space without any further additions.

Appendiabiti Floor95 Mark Braun
But its location has no limit by virtue of a lightweight, discreet, that fishing in industrial decor and is well suited to all styles and environments.
The tubes that compose it, in fact, give it a modern look and a bit essential, certainly suited to homes with a minimalistic soul but also to break the lines and curves full of spaces more classics.

Another very interesting proposition is the coat of Stick Collection, created by Luigi Bartoli, Valsecchi.
The company from Bergamo has launched the stylistic feature of the stick, the classic wooden stick, revisited in a first line, Valsecchi 1918, began in 2010 under the artistic direction of Enrico Baleri.

Appendiabiti Stick Collection di Valsecchi 1918
The range includes furniture and accessories for outdoor and indoor, simple, lightweight and can be easily matched. Not only coat but also seats, chairs, sofas and chaise longue.
The new division takes a part of the name since the founding of the first production unit of the company, 1918, and it is matched with the figure of Pinocchio, seen the production of wooden toys by Valsecchi around the Thirties.

The hangers, as well as across the board, is characterized by great ergonomics, weight and functionality; wood which it is composed is treated with acrylic paints for external, so it can be easily used also for the outdoor or to the public.

The ground support sticks that make the stick is a motif repeated throughout the collection, finished with grommets thermoplastic, which allow a comfortable and secure support on the ground, with no signs of problems or noise impact.

Hanger to store shelves, racks and bicycles!

Finally, have you ever seen a hanger for furniture? It seems to be a reality!
Just take a look at Peg, the modular system designed by Dutch designer John Arndt and Wonhee Jeong of Studio Gorm.

Also spotted at the art gallery Direktorenhaus Berlin, Peg is a coat rack consisting of a frame rack with pegs, where you can hang, along with jackets, shelves and shelves of different colors and heights.

Appendiabiti Peg Studio Gorm
In this way, in addition to the hooks, you can create a functional and playful structure, with tables, benches and stools built-in. The elements of this structure are made of pine and formica. The connections are actually a kind of legs with threaded pins, in wood, which therefore allows the mounting without the need for nails.
The magnets, arranged in the support points, hold them in position.

The structure included in the kit includes timber in natural version and also pillows to make the seat more comfortable.
A kind of space saver furniture, allows you to create a practical entrance, decorating and getting the necessary furniture for the most unexpected guests.

Porta bici e appendiabiti Wardrobe
A double solution that is sweeping biking enthusiasts but also those who simply love the idea of keeping order in their own entrance, comes from the creative Henning Thomas and Thomas Erven, better known as the duo Jung/ Dynamisch/ Sylt.
We speak of a hanger of design that, in addition to fulfilling its traditional function, is also useful to keep at home the bike without damaging the floor!

Handmade in a German laboratory in Cologne, the Bike Rack and Wardrobe divide the functionality that animate their essential structure shaped box, resting on two feet.
They are available in two versions in alder wood or acacia.

Porta bici e appendiabiti Wardrobe, particolare
The smaller box, acts as a hook for bicycle and hosts on the side of a leather band nailed so as to be able to carry tools. The second module is instead a more traditional hangers, hooks for jackets and coats, a slot to frame skateboarding and another for the keys.

Hangers for the entrance inspired by nature

Then there are those hangers that take shape from what has always been the highest form of inspiration since the birth of design with art nouveau: nature. Hangers that are inspired by the natural forms, often refer to shapes and stylized trees.

Appendiabiti Tree Branch Coat Hooks

As Tree Branch Coat Hooks, the coat hanger created by the American designer Max Lippe. This hanger is characterized by a number of branches in aluminum, hand-made in a foundry in Eindhoven, they remind dead branches.

Appendiabiti Tree branch Coat Hooks
Applied to a wall, these branches allow to designate and make functional even a small wall, at various heights, without encumbrance problems.
Beautiful to look at even naked, as simple decoration. A little what happens with Tree by Bonaldo. Made through a complex technique of rotational molding, Tree consists of dyed polypropylene, completely non-toxic and easy to clean, using a damp cloth.

Appendiabiti Tree di Bonaldo
No problem for the space, Tree has reduced dimensions: a diameter of only 31 cm and a height of 175 cm functional. Available in matt or lacquered and in different colors. It can be used alone or in compositions, the result of the juxtaposition of different colors, maybe arranged to gradation.

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