Heart's shape accessories for Valentine's Day

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The heart is the symbol of Valentine's Day, these accessories become gifts but also a pieces of furniture to decorate the house throughout the year.

Heart's shape accessories for Valentine's Day
Francesca Gobbo
Francesca Gobbo

The romantic Valentine

To tell the truth, even if it is often accused of having become too commercial, St. Valentine's day has a special place in the hearts of Italians.
As if no one was willing to give it up; in fact, even in times of crisis, February 14th remains a regular appointment to celebrate with your partner your relationship, a long lasting one or a new one. Recipes, events, initiatives, small gifts and love cards, everything speaks of love and passion.

Also the house can become the perfect interpreter of the day dedicated to lovers, with furnishings that go beyond the simple gift idea and become an integral part of interior design, all the year round.

A ceramic heart to say I LOVE YOU!

cuore in ceramica (di Creativando) Heart Gallery by Creativando is a collection of ceramic hearts handmade and graphically interpreted by artists and graphic designers of all respect!
In particular, the heart You are here is signed by designer Mauro Bassani.

It is an object that can return useful in many different ways.

It can be used as a paperweight, it can decorate a library, you can put it on any shelf to furnish it with a touch of originality and elegance, but you can also choose to hang it on the wall as a decorative element of particular evidence.

The same collection includes many other hearts, each designed by different artists.
Written words is the model characterized by a quote, printed in typeface that remind the typewriter; Sigillo has a stamp of sealing wax, which evokes ancient handwritten letters from kings and princes of the Renaissance; Golden love is a heart produced in special edition, dominated by the theme of gold.

Sia Home Fashion, international brand specializing in the production of objects, but also complements in textile, proposes Heart, a wall porcelain vase.

In an unexpected way, the color chosen for this product is white, and not the more traditional red.
On the one hand, the total white enhances the characteristics of the porcelain, a valuable and old material that, in the collective immagination refers to art and classical sculpture; on the other hand, it catches all the light's reflections, a quality that complements like the vase must have to win the attention and praise the surfaces and the furniture of the house where it is.

Heart has a height of 17 cm, a curvy and lively shape which makes this complement suitable to any room or space, both indoors or to decorate a terrace or veranda.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with hearts and candles

Cuore di Thun What could be more romantic than a candle, to light up night and day, and create a special atmosphere every day of the year?
In the scented candle Heart by Thun, part of the collection Emozioni Casa, there are all these aspects.

The candle performs its more traditional function, to shine a bright and passionate light, enhanced by the color red or champagne.
In addition, it completes all with a delicate fragrance that spreads along with the light beams, even when the candle goes out.

This object, a real piece of furniture, is made entirely by hand.
Cuore is available in two different sizes, while the decoration does not change, in the most classic Thun style. A physical and spiritual warmth that emanates throughout the environment, all year round to remind the importance of feelings.

Heart-shaped stickers for Valentine's Day

The soul of the house does not come out only from furniture that furnish it, but also from the details, like the walls decorated with the now very popular wall stickers.
These decorative solutions are appreciated for their versatility, as they can be changed often and without special technical devices.

Adesivi Cuore 1 This allows you to customize your house according to unlimited combinations, as if they were clothes to change according to your mood.
In line with Saint Valentine day, Vinyluse proposes the wall sticker Cuore 01, made of self-adhesive vinyl, where hearts and words are intertwined to form the desired expression of the world.
The colors are black and red, perfect for creating visual and emotional contrasts.

Valentine's Day is also an opportunity to awaken creativity and passion for DIY. The web is very useful in this field: with a simple Google search, you can find free templates for Valentine's Day cards, instructions for creating decorative items for the house, patterns to make clothes and taylored accessories.

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