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The Home Personal Shopper is a new professional who provides counseling to those who have to buy the furniture or furnishings for their house.

Home Personal Shopper
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

New professional in the home branch

home personal shopper In recent years there has been a proliferation of new professionals in the design and furnishing of the house: home stager, reeloker, home personal shopper.

I personally believe that, beyond the use of English terminology, this has not introduced anything new, since the duties of these professionals can be performed just as admirably by a good architect, decorator, interior designer, but, for the sake of record, we deepen the analysis of one of these figures: the home personal shopper.

Who is the Home Personal Shopper?

The Home Personal Shopper is a particular type of Personal Shopper, a job imported from the US, still little known in our country, but already spread abroad.

It is a professional who offers advice to those who have to buy the furniture or furnishings for their house.
He therefore supports the customer during the checkout process, and offers recommendations for finishes and combinations, respecting the tastes and budget requirements.
In fact, thanks to its experience, he helps the customer to choose the product most suited to its needs and its spending limits.

Home perosnal shopper Among the main tasks they are to perform, he goes to visit, on behalf of the client, the furniture showrooms and compare quotes offered by shops to find solutions with the best price/quality ratio.
In fact, the furniture industry is vast, and often it is not easy for a layman to recognize the best products, at the risk of easily buy one of poor quality at a high price.

The search can be carried out not only around the shops, but also on the Internet today, thanks to the spread of sites e - commerce for the sale of furniture and accessories that make products, including brand accessible to all budgets.

In this way, the Home Personal Shopper allows the developer to save valuable time to devote to family and work, and avoid stress.

By devoting to these issues, the buyer acts only at the end when the Home Personal Shopper will select a limited number of options from which to choose.
Once the choice is made, the practitioner is then distributed to the confirmation of the order and is responsible for the delivery and installation, and intervene in case of any problems.

It is important to note that the personal buyer does not sell furniture, but assists clients in all phases of the purchase, to the installation of the selected pieces in her home.
It also does not deprive the buyer of the pleasure of decorating your home, as all selections will be made according to his demands and tastes.

You can go to Home Shopper, is to purchase a single piece of furniture, which to decorate a room in the house or the apartment.
Its services are available not only in private but also by small structures, such as B&B, who prefer not to go to the contract sector.

How to become a Personal Home Shopper?

To do this job you need to obviously have good taste and be lover of design, have organizational skills, be creative and have competence in history (to be able to recognize the styles of furniture), but also keep up to date on all the latest trends and news of interest the sector.
Also crucial to have a good attitude to dealing with the public.

The Home Personal Shopper must have a good network of contacts among furniture manufacturers, dealers and showrooms, as well as a series of contacts with all the major figures involved in setting up a home, such as electricians, plumbers, painters and various craftsmen.

Surely you can attend specific courses and training courses, but they can count on a course of study in the field of architecture and design, is certainly a good starting point.

To begin the activity is not necessary to deal with too many expenses. You can even start working from home, if you have an Internet connection and of course a means of transport to get around the shops.
Very important is to get adequate publicity for visibility. In this regard it is very useful to have your own website and maybe explain some of the interventions you can carry out.

Interesting profits that can be achieved: it seems that for a half-hour consultation can earn up to 200 Euros. But the figures also vary depending on the difficulty of the task, as it can be, for example, a search for a particular piece.

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