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Colorful fabrics and precious to change as the house. Proposals to change the look of the rooms, from the bedroom to the bathroom, thanks to the linen.

Home Textiles
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Fabrics for home furnishing

The personalization of a home goes through the care for all the details.

In this context also the linen, a sector that includes the bed linen, the soft furnishings such as carpets, blankets, duvets, curtains and towels, must be chosen carefully.

biancheria Blumarine
The proposals in this field are many: from monochrome to variants embroidered with brightly colored decorations embellished with Swarovski elements.

Each line is capable of giving a different emotion, which allows you to change the mood of the room depending on the predominant colors that you choose, often dictated by fashion, or by the atmosphere you want to create: shabby chic, british, full color.

Fashion brands for a romantic home

Biancheria liu jo
The use of floral patterns, soft colors, able to make the bedroom romantic in a few moves seem timeless. Therefore it never goes out of fashion and is frequently chosen for the home supply.

Even some well-known fashion companies have ventured in creating linen that would reflect the motifs of the brand, giving way to the Home Collection.

LIU•JO House, in collaboration with Eria, an Italian company that produces high quality linen, offers a glamor collection, innovative, based over the iconic elegance of fine fabrics and contemporary edge.

The brightness cotton sateen in delicate colors chosen for the fine linen, is extremely pleasant to the touch and to the skin.

Also interesting are the duvet covers cotton yarn dyed, proposed in the refined fantasies, for a timeless and refined taste. Warm colors and delicate details are the winners to dress elegantly with the house style LIU•JO.

Biancheria blumarine Also the well-known brand Blumarine offers charming and sophisticated collection of linen, including a line bed, bath, table and various furnishings.

Quilts, bed sets, duvet covers, sheets and pillows recall nature, flowers and butterflies, pastel colors.

Fantasies, all beautiful, are enriched with precious decorations, as the reason flounced who often plays the covers and quilts, or the visible signature in Swarovski crystals that trace the contours of the logo Blumarine, of elegant fabrics such as satin or the reference to the reason for the macramé lace.

Quilts know dress the bedroom with a sophisticated elegance and high quality. The lining may be of polyester staple, or in precious goose down for a warm natural.

Also available lines and Blugirl and Blumarine Baby, see website Svad Dondi.

Linen in full color

biancheria Bassetti lino Pantone
For those who love bright colors for a vitaminic awakening, no shortage of proposals that undermine solid colors.

The collection of PANTONE UNIVERSE™ Bassetti is based on the assumption that the color is a universal language that allows you to express yourself freely, even in furnishing domestic spaces.

The collection has colored the whole range of household linens, creating for the bedroom pillow cases, sheets and bags duvet cover declined in a range of 16 colors, all combined.

The products, in fact, are sold individually to make it possible for everyone to create their own personal mix of color combinations.

The garments are printed fabric with multicolored stripes or squares of color.

For the bath the soft pure cotton sponge is offered in the same color range of bed linen: towels, bath towels and carpets are characterized by chiseling jacquard logo PANTONE UNIVERSE™, while bathrobes with hood in terry cloth featuring a decorative fabric belt with multicolored stripes.

Biancheria Bossi Rounding out the collection are the pillow for furnishing, to give a touch of color also to the area Living.

Also the brand Bossi is a colors lover.

The characteristic feature of the Bossi fabric is given by dyeing yarn: the reasons are obtained by weaving yarn dyed, rather than the press of a raw fabric.

In this way, the colors are more intense, they penetrate deeply and last much longer. A peculiarity lies in the fact that the drawings are identical on both faces of the fabric.

The combed cotton yarn Bossi enriched, both technically and aesthetically.

Usually the yarn is composed of fibers of different lengths joined randomly, but thanks to the procedure of combing are eliminated shorter fibers and those noble aligned in the same direction. This allows you to make the fabric softer, smooth and resistant to all washing.

Linen Bossi offers sheets, comforters, bedspreads, duvet covers, a full range of table linen fabrics and 300 cm high.

Luxury linens

Coperta Gentili Mosconi Home
We dedicate a section also to the luxury linens, as defined by the craftsmanship of precious fabrics like linen, cashmere, satin and silk.

Gentili Mosconi Home offers a custom collection of linen, throws and blankets made of high quality cashmere, silk embellished quilts and silk velvet, set of satin sheets, satin, cotton and linen with fine details.

In addition to embellish even more the furniture of the house we think of the pillows handcrafted wool, silk, cashmere, linen, crepe de chine and custom designs and embroidery, made entirely by hand.

Biancheria letto Grace Giachi
High quality also for linen made in Italy by Grazia Giachi.

The company Grazia Giachi known Tuscan reality, produces household linens luxury, custom made and personalized with initials embroidered by hand, making each item unique and exclusive.

biancheria casa Chez Moi The raw materials are carefully selected to ensure customers high quality fabrics, ensuring only the best natural fibers and the finest yarns.

Grace Giachi uses Swiss cotton batiste, a type of very fine cotton fabric, light, smooth and shiny, made of linen-weave canvas.

Linen comes instead from small mills in Northern Italy: with linen yarn is obtained the Valenciennes lace, of French origin, and finally the silk produced by small silk factories from Como, where the silk is historical heritage of the city.

And finally Chez Moi, an Italian company that produces a line of linen made with a marked preference for the pure linen, for its wholesomeness and quality.

The linen used comes from Russia: the raw material, after careful selection, is treated and dyed in a wide range of colors that change with the seasons according to fashion.

The resulting fabric is decorated with lace and applications that enhance the taste and refined young taste.

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