HOMI 2015: in Milan the exhibition about lifestyles

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Homi, the exhibition on lifestyles and living, which collects and summarizes the newest trends in home-decor and design, to better enjoy the domestic space.

HOMI 2015: in Milan the exhibition about lifestyles
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

The Hall of styles of life in Milan

Fraizzoli Adventures, photoamisuradibimbo

It has just ended the fair Homi, the sixth Hall of Lifestyles, Fiera Milano Rho, within walking distance of Expo 2015.

The fair in Lombardia region, organized around the main fact related to home design and home decor, arrives in its second year of life and does so with many exhibitors arranged for the Saloni, attracting the interest of national and international buyers.

The exhibition covers various fields and tells operators design and elegance for the house and the person, through a series of Satellite pavillions divided by category:
- Living Habits, mainly dedicated to the art of the table and receive;
- Home Wellness, dedicated to the bathroom and everything that rounds it;
- Home textiles, textiles with the protagonists of the decor for the house;
- Kid Style, the section devoted to the spaces for children, which includes furnishings, decorations and part of fashion and accessories for children.
- Garden & Outdoor Hobby & Work, focusing on leisure and the outdoors.

Homi as an incubator for ideas

Homi was not only an explosive moment.

It's actually a strong incubator of ideas thanks to the many opportunities for interaction involving the exhibitors during the event: from design professionals to retailers, from designer to decorators.

In this edition in particular, ample space has been dedicated to meetings between architects and to their training, as well as workshops and seminars, for discovering and launching new trends for the store, not to mention the importance of the latest communication.

Homi indoor & outdoor

Giardino e spazi esterni a Homi
At Homi the password is the decor! So, go ahead to experiments and trends for next year. As in textiles, with the arrival of autumn come the news even in the color field.

Since 2016, the tones are softened and the ranges are in the nuances of the earth, with dusty solutions. The linen will have shades of orange, beige, even available in many brightly colored floral patterns.
And in the wake of an imperative, to make life easier everyday, here are rugs and blankets woven in eco or design fabrics, machine washable, functional and graphic-inspired fashion.

This edition of Homi highlighted that the styles are standardizing and clearly outlining to the new, but with a reference to the heat of what it was.
Unlimited way for wood and warm materials, available in a design maybe even minimal, almost Scandinavian, but with that Made in Italy print that makes the difference, for example, the use of color or finish.
It remains in any case the idea of luxury and sumptuous home in a pavillion designed almost exclusively for foreigners.

Also interesting is the sector for gadgets and accessories, this year full of color, of pop inspiration, or even the satellite Garden & Outdoor, with a varied selection of accessories and outdoor furniture, of unusual and innovative materials, perfect to resist to long exposure to the elements.
Again related to the garden and to life outdoor, at Homi were present a whole range of methods and projects for crops and microcultivations, also for someone living in the city and in apartments, where he does not have much available space.

Homi for children

Stile bimbi a Homi, photoamisuradibimbo
Particular attention was paid to the field of kids, with a satellite designed to bring visitors and professionals to discover the products for children, with a new widened business vision.
A project that deconstructs the classic way to expose, mixing the products and enhancing the final effect, by inserting it in a very specific context.
Quite as often happens in real life, also at Homi the house and the person merge, space and time are deconstructed, opposites are attracted!

Very beautiful installation created by the team of Salamanca Design & Co., with space designed as rooms in a house and its outdoor space, that accompany the public to discover the different products related to the game, to the welness and way of living food for children.

Interesting work in wood and MDF, new lights and suspensions, as well as high chairs and furniture suitable for baby, unique wooden houses for garden and outdoor spaces, up to innovative experiments in color, with ecological paintings for the walls.

Homi will meet you at the next edition in 2016, to be held from January 29th to February 1rst.

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