How to restyle your staircase and kitchen

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To avoid the constraints of definite styles and finishes, or to redesign an interior, you can rely on companies that allow you to restyle elements in your house.

How to restyle your staircase and kitchen
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Staircase restyling

Interior staircase When you do not want to be bound by styles, colors and finishes, or you just want to make a restyling of a room, you can rely on, for a few pieces of furniture, to companies that allow you to customize elements of your decor.

It may happen, in fact, of having to think about a structural element, such as a staircase, but without having clear ideas about how to achieve it.

It may be useful, in this case, to contact companies that allow you to choose a product that will also be the final one, but with a very convenient feature, which is that of being able, if necessary, to vary some of their elements so as to obtain a solution wich would be new and more suitable to your tastes. A sort of plan B, so to speak ...
Ikona Scale. Curvy Design
Mind you, it would not be a whim, because it actually could happen, within a few years, of being in the middle of a restructuring, with the need to revise some coating or finish.

A company that has revolutionized, in this sense, the concept of staircase, is Ikona Scale which so describes its product: staircase is not only a structural element and is not just a piece of furniture. It is much more: a piece of evolved furniture.

Ikona Scale. Metal Lights And the ability to evolve itself is precisely the characteristic of this product, conceived so as to satisfy the needs and tastes that change over the years.

Each staircase can be customized at the time of choice, in order to coordinate with the style and materials already present in the house, or it can easily be revisited after many years, simply by changing the finishing panels.

Assembled elements staircase

Ikona Scale. LMS System

The mentioned staircases are composed of elements assembled by the use of screws, and are thus not welded together. In addition to the effect of lightness, all to the advantage of aesthetics, this system also provides advantages during assembly on site.

The patented slide system facilitates the attachment of each step, once inserted in the appropriate guide. The decorative form is easily anchored to step through LMS (Locking Module System) technology, which allows you to attach and detach the decorative form in order to repair or change it.

The materials for the staircase side (which are anchored to the decorative forms) are various: brushed stainless steel or chromed steel painted in all RAL colors. As concerns tread, however, you can choose among all types of wood, glass or other special coatings.

Ikona Scale. Direct Design There are 4 different designs available: Direct, Stilish, Convex, Curvy. 6 instead are the collections of decorative modules, each in different materials. The collections are: Metal Lights (inspired by the metal), Stone Veins (dedicated to the physicality of the stone), Drapery Tones (represented with different fabrics), Graphic Lines, Recycled Shades (made with recycled materials), and finally Colours (in all RAL colors ).
Ikona Scale. Stone Veins
In short, you can have fun assembling the staircase choosing design, colors and finishes that you like, and then change your mind in a short time and decide to twist your interior decor by simply changing the color or finish of the staircase, leaving intact the structure.

How to change the look of the kitchen

Antarei. The same operation can be considered in the case of your kitchen, as you can safely assume a simple restyling without going to change the entire structure, with a significant reduction of costs, not to mention the hassle avoided to disassemble and reassemble your furniture.

Antarei allows 3 different levels of action in this sense, according to the different needs. You could in fact simply need to change doors and drawer fronts for aesthetic reasons, because you do not like the color or because they are ruined.

In this case the company realizes made to measure new doors in the finish you choose, among more than 300 in the catalog. This is a Base Renewal.
Antarei, restyling of the kitchen
Functional Renewal provides, in addition, the change of hinges and drawer guides. That is what I would recommend, however, given the importance of these elements for a longer life of any kitchen.

A kitchen, in fact, and I'm never tired of saying it (those who follow me will have noticed...), is made mostly of details not immediately visible at first sight, but that, in fact, make the difference between a product and another at first sight identical as concerns finishes and design.

Antarei, wooden doors Between two kitchens both lacquered yellow and having aesthetic identical details, you would definitely choose the one that offers greater guarantees of durability. What will give us these guarantees? Of course hinges that stand up to many daily openings; guides still running smoothly; guaranteed laminate materials for worktops and doors, and so on.

Then, spend a little more money, but you will see that it will be worth it, and your kitchen will repay the surplus in a very short time, without finding, after a few months with doors and drawers hung smashed ... Antarei, amortized guides

So, if you need this soft makeover for your kitchen, look for Antarei company which, in addition to building the new doors and front, will also provide a new system of opening doors and drawers, with amortized locks.

Evolved Renewal is the classic solution for reasons of removal where there is a need to adapt the old kitchen to new planimetric situation, or normal variations within the same house, where, however, the housing needs have changed.

In this case you can add new base and wall units, worktops, various complements. Costs are competitive in any case because there are no intermediaries, the relationship is directly between you and the factory, the savings can be up to 70%.

Antarei, choice of doors and finishes All this happens in a very simple and straightforward way: you choose online the type of door and finish that you like best, making proofs, then you send a request for proposal. If this is confirmed, there will be an inspection, a technician will complete the work for a final quote and the next, if any, order. As a result of all this, you will choose the do-it-yourself solution or a delivery with assistance to the assembly.

It is also a sustainable choice, because you keep the old structure, so avoiding environmental impacts. Just consider that Antarei also makes doors and front panels for cabinets and drawers, for bedroom, bathroom and living furniture.

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