Interlocking furniture

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Interlocking furnishing, a simple reality, original and eco-style. Suitable for all needs, they help to improve a space in its uniqueness.

Interlocking furniture
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

The interlocking technique 

One of the oldest man-made construction techniques used to build simple structures and also objects of everyday life is the interlocking.

The verb wedge in means to insert with force a thing inside another so that two or more elements are so joined by adhering perfectly together, creating a robust and durable structure.

With this technique can also be realized pieces of furniture in wood perfectly stable and environmentally friendly, since fully recyclable without the use of adhesives or screws.

Snap-fit eco furniture

Precisely because of this particular attention to sustainability, the micro company, Il tecnico del legno based in Modena has created a line of eco furniture that is called RIR®.

Portariviste a incastro in legno Il tecnico del legno
It is wooden furniture with a modern look, highly versatile, with panels of birch plywood certified FSC E1 class, shaped with the laser cutting technology, precise and energy-efficient and then assembled with the interlocking technique.

Mobili a incastro: vassoio in legno per PC
These pieces of furnishings so original can be customized and have a good durability, they can adapt to any environment and can be recycled.
A very important feature is their versatility; In fact, depending on how they are assembled they take on different functions, suitable for all needs.

For example, what commonly seems a simple tray for PC, to be used comfortably on the bed, on the couch or on a desk, if stood on its end becomes a lectern for a magazine, flipped over instead it becomes a plan to raise the TV or a monitor.
In the kitchen this same object can be used as a tray.

Another very simple object is the CD Holder Eclisse, this object is made of wood, plywood and has small beech wooden conical pegs to wedge in the different pieces, it can be placed on the ground, or on a shelf and using screws it can also be mounted on a wall.

The same company has also produced prototypes of other pieces of furniture such as chairs, tables, all available in natural birch color or in colors ranging from green to orange etc.

Furnishings with interlocking cross

The interlocking technique can also be associated with geometric forms which then become characterizing elements and distinction of the objects created.

This is just what makes Mario Pagliaro, a Neapolitan designer who in his line Mario Pagliaro Design has experienced the simple and fast system of interlocking cross, which allows the creation of interlocking wooden laser cut furniture.
Among his productions, we find tables, chairs, stools, night tables, expandable libraries and many other furnishings, each one unique.

Tavolo con croce a incastro, Mario Pagliaro Design
The cross table, for example, represents essentiality, simple geometric lines and shapes that are easily assembled together to form a peculiar piece of furniture.

In his productions also Mario Pagliaro uses the technique of laser cutting, which allows to derive from a single panel all the pieces of the element to be composed, which are characterized by this burning of darker color along all edges, burn caused by precise cut and net laser that  the designer uses as a decorative element to mark even more the features of its objects.

Particulare di tavolo a incastro, taglio al laser di Mario Pagliaro Design
The table in the traditional round and rectangular shape is assembled without glue nor screws but with simple joints, which are specifically in the shape of a cross and are clearly visible.
It is available in different types, from natural wood panels using birch plywood, or in the colored version in bilaminated colored plywood of any color.

The cross interlocking system is the result of careful research that allows the making of pieces of furniture completely disassembled, the packaging completely flat.

Sedia a incastro di Mario Pagliaro Design
Besides the cross table in the line proposed by Pagliaro there are also some very special chairs, with seats both rectangular and round in different colors, removable bookshelves always made in birch wood laser-cut, with a rigorous design and well balanced: the latter can be enhanced and at the same time disassembled and reassembled quickly elsewhere, through the simple joints.
The collection includes a series of cabinets, chests of drawers and dresser.

Chaise a dondolo a incastro di Mario Pagliaro Design
Mario Pagliaro Design also offers home accessories that use the classic joint, such as a desk, the office chair and the original rocking chaise, suitable for both interior and exterior spaces; just disassemble and reassemble it with simple gestures to change the position of the chair effortlessly.

Also the furniture with classic interlocking system, are available for some models in the version natural color and color combinations very original!

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