Kerlite for furniture

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The Kerlite® is one of the most commonly used materials for the coatings in construction. Now its qualities make it a popular choice in the production of furniture.

Kerlite for furniture
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Kerlite® from floor covering material to furniture

The world of ceramics and porcelain stoneware in general, and of Kerlite®  in particular, is in continuous evolution both for new aesthetic effects surface of this product, both with regard to its technical characteristics that are increasingly efficient. 

The reason is that, despite being born as a building material, and as such, widely used in surface coatings horizontal and vertical interior (floors) and outside of the buildings (walls and curtain walls) porcelain tile is emerging as one of the most popular material in architecture and interior design.

Altamarea: 360gradi, particularly In addition, the rooms concerned are no longer just the bathroom and the kitchen, but all areas of the home, thanks to its ongoing product innovations. Large aesthetic performance and reliability as regards hardness, mechanical strength, the 'inertia and hygiene, as well as the environmental compatibility and recyclability at the end of life, make it an ideal choice from all points of view.

The choice of Kerlite® for the realization of furniture elements is mostly based on some fundamental characteristics such as: high resistance to chemical attack, the ease of cleaning without loss of aesthetic characteristics of the surface finish, its non-toxicity and compatibility with consequent food substances and the ability to inhibit the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

Resists addition to scratches and abrasion, high temperature and fire in general, without release toxic substances in the event of fire. Not even the UV and adverse climatic conditions create damage to this material, so the chromatic variations of the plates remain unaltered over time.

Kerlite®  for kitchen cabinets

With all these features the Kerlite®, patented brand born from a production project Cotto d'Este, could land with honor in the world of kitchen furniture. Etherna by Arrital Kitchens is a kitchen design that demonstrates the best manner the contribution of this material to the production of furniture.

Arrital: Etherna gray sage
Made and designed by Franco Driusso, with doors 22 mm coated with porcelain that are very resistant to both dirt and scratches. It is a model without handle according to the latest dictates of the modern style, and is available in 6 special finishes clearly inspired by natural stone: Anthracite, Biscuit, Pearl Grey, Grey Sage, Stintino and White Fossil.

Arrital: Etherna, particularly The rigorous and minimalist style of the absence of the choice of handle is made more valuable by the bevel cuts in the thickness of the material Kerlite®, which help to create a play of light and shadow to move those areas otherwise too aseptic.

The compositions proposed to be customized, however, in the design stage, as they feature the stylistic choice of spacious single-door cabinets and deep drawers with full extension and soft close, with the vertical lines marked with the vertical groove on the structure to allow the opening of the doors .

Even Twenty by Modulnova is made using Kerlite®, and the resulting product is highly representative of the whole concept of contemporary kitchen design where the aesthetic factor is determined by the new materials made available by technological innovation.

Modulnova: Twenty
And in this regard the ultra-thin porcelain Kerlite® is the material of choice in these environments, combining aesthetic and technical qualities, which, in fact, resistance to solvents and organic acids and, to heat and temperature changes, compatibility with food .

Bathrooms in Kerlite® 

The Kerlite® also enters in the bathroom and not only as a coating material for walls and horizontal surfaces, but also for coating furniture and other furniture complement functional in this environment.

Altamarea is a relatively young company (born in 2000) if we consider the brand itself, actually born as an offshoot of a manufacturer of furniture for years to other names in the world of design.

All the immense know-how of the parent is provided by Altamarea for the production of high-end furniture with a strong propensity to search for solutions in materials and production technologies more and more innovative.

It was one of the first companies to offer plans in glass or Corian® with integrated sink, or the furniture covered with planks of wood or Kerlite®.

With the collection of bathroom furniture 360gradi Altamarea reach truly amazing results through the use of novel experimental and different materials for aesthetic and intrinsic qualities.

Altamarea: 360gradi
It is modular containers carefully crafted tailor-made oak, rosewood, walnut or glossy lacquered/ matt, but you can play in natural materials such as marble or technical alternative, glass, Koral, metal, planks or parquet the Kerlite® , in fact.

Altamarea: 360gradi, particularly The process is handmade and doors are cut at 45°, the resulting quality of this collection is a production model that best summarizes high quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge modern industrialization.

The product is custom made and satisfy the taste of those who want to create an environment at home by the exquisite charm and luxury, with the security of a material, the Kerlite®, which ensures top performance with regard to aesthetics and functionality.

In the version of the collection 360gradi presented in photo wall units are lacquered both inside and outside with the same finish, while the doors, with the profile 45°, are covered with the Kerlite®, as well as the same material is made the floor with bathtub assembled.

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