Living room island

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Island in the living room, consisting of the combination space-saving sofa - table, a mutualistic symbiosis between the mutual and multiple functions at the heart of the living room.

Living room island
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

New trends in furniture

It is possible a new way of interpreting the living environment, without identifying so clearly separate the dining area on one side, and the seating area - representatives, on the other.

In fact, the new contemporary trends are definitely less formal, as they are directed more to the substance and practicality, and are the solutions - saving space and multitasking or multipurpose, to be successful in fitting.

Island in the living room


My drawing illustrates this new way of thinking about the architecture of the room, drawing inspiration from the Layout island day.
We see that in the center of our living room, overlooking a structure encompassing the island, namely multi - function, as consisting of a sofa with a chaise longue, with clean lines, having the characteristic of bringing an additional sitting behind him, in addition to the classic backrest.

This rear seat, has a height equal to that of a normal chair, so that in this way, as is evident from my depiction, it connects directly to the table, and the sofa also becomes wide and comfortable seat for more people to dine with the guests.

While, in everyday use, our table is sheltered to the couch, acting both as a dining room for four or five people, both as an area office - study, no stealing more space on the walls all around.

In fact, in this way, the walls of the living, can be interpreted with greater freedom, for example, you can decorate with more ease even staggered or irregular walls, or pillars, by placing pictures, bookcases, niches, plasma, hi fi, windows, or other home furnishings.

In our case, I imagined a sofa in faux leather in fashionable color, such as purple orchid, which detaches from the structure of the table in silver aluminum and glass.
The whole island living, is illuminated by three suspensions transparent glass at staggered heights, which are inserted into the emptying of the ceiling back - lit.

Design background, across the table, you can see the kitchenette, and interface that communicates with the living room, by means of an opening on the wall, finished with three wooden shelves of dark oak.

Sofa multi - function island

There are also other interpretations for an island in the living room, it leaves the couch and shelves poles - functional, which have not, however, claim to also act as a true dining area.

DIVANO MULTIFUNZIONE An example is offered by this relax island by Minotti, white model, which also provides with a lot of flexibility, the ability to have work islands to explore with the tablet, or for reading.

In fact, the positions of sitting, are flanked by service plans, very useful for the support of lamps, decorative objects, books, magazines, and can act as arms of the sofa itself.

These top have the same thickness of the base of the sofa, and are positioned to overhang, building in this way, as a whole, a game of intersected climbing volumes.

They can take over the function of overbed table for breakfast, or for a quick snack in front of the TV, without spoiling the sitting area - back, which increases its comfort through large cushions filled with goose feathers.
The upholstery is in fabric in mud color, while all service plans are in black faux leather, extremely practical for maintenance and cleaning, and legs in die-cast aluminum.

Quick-change sofa island

DIVANO TRASFORMISTA Interesting for its modularity, which adapts to multiple solutions, even in confined spaces is the sofa Kube model of Linea Italia.

The peculiarity of this type of sofa is to have a variable program of size, both for the armrests for the backrests.

In fact, the armrests can assume different dimensions, according to the codes of furniture and the needs of the moment.

Very original and practical, is the recliner, or when it is closed, it allows a comfortable position for conversation, while all open, allows you to take a good posture, relax, read, watch TV.

As we can see from the picture above, you can intersperse playing with the basics of having no sofa backrest, p er offer a convenient side table, bed table and insert a double-sided, which may be, for example, in steel and black glass.

DIVANO MULTICOLOR To make the composition more casual, and live more freely the living room, you can switch between the different elements in different colors and designs.
That is, for example, plain base, patterned arms, another base color sharply contrasting, and backs and chaise longue in fabric bands, as can be seen from the side, which depicts the same model Kube, but completely chromatically altered.

To complete the mix, you can play with floral decorations, covering for furniture cushions, and match it with a vibrant rug that contrasts and calls, alternatively, the colors of this multicolor sofa island.

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