How to choose the best tables for your living room

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Choosing the right dining table is not easy at all but, if chosen well, it will be a piece of furniture that will make the room radiant and unique.

Living room tables
Daniele Ferruccio Toscana
Daniele Ferruccio Toscana

How to choose the best tables for your living room

It's impossible even to imagine a house without a dining table.
It is the focal point around which many family activities revolve and it is also one of the few objects that can be bought once in a lifetime.

There are so many models of living room tables that just figuring out where to start could be a difficult thing.

The first thing to consider will be the combination with the style present in the environment, so that everything is in harmony. However, the strength given by the quality of the materials is also very important. The price, ultimately, is determined by a very numerous series of factors.

The commercial offer is so wide that focusing on each style would be impossible. As the purchase of a living room table will require an imported investment, a selection of companies has been made based on the prices of their products.

Dining room tables: brief history

The progenitor of the tdining able seems to be of Greek origin, rectangular in shape and resting on three feet. In Rome it became a table with a central leg divided into three parts called the delphica table. It later became round for convenience with the introduction of the triclinium.

Decorations and designs, at the time, reflected the family's status symbol.
The supports were often richly decorated with animal motifs or human figures.

Alcuni esempi di mensa delphica
Currently there are a lot of styles with which the tables are decorated.
The dining table nowadays takes full advantage of ancient, modern and contemporary styles; some designers have also recreated shapes very similar to models that belong to ancient times.

Cheap dining tables

Among the economic offers, the Swedish company IKEA must be mentioned. The price range taken into consideration is quite low but if you look through the different products you can also find some interesting solution among the extendable tables.

Tavolo allungabile IKEA NordvikenPhoto above: modern extendable table from IKEA

The Nordviken model can be a suitable solution both for those who want a modern table and for those who love classic models. The dimensions of this extendable dining table are 95 cm wide by 152 cm when closed and 223 when open.

It can accommodate up to 8 people in a very comfortable way.
The wood used for this model is solid pine for the structure and birch for the sliding guide, which guarantee good, but not excellent resistance.

The colors on the IKEA catalog are white, antique wood and black.

Mid-range dining table

In order toraise the bar let me introduce you to the well-stocked store of Tikamoon.
A relatively young company founded in Lille in France in 2008, it offers quality furniture that is very durable over time.

Their tables are quite particular because they manage to combine classic materials with very modern lines.

Tavolo in palissandro di TikamoonPhoto above: Tikamoon rosewood living room table

This means that finding the balance between the style of the environment and the dining table is considerably easier and that you can also play a lot on contrasts.
The rosewood table is a clear example of this.

Il piano d'appoggio del tavolo Tikamoon è notevolmente spessoPhoto above: detail of the Tikamoon living room table

Ideal to accommodate up to 8 people, it has a top in resistant rosewood that rests on 4 thin metal legs. If you love contrasts this dining table already has it.

The measurements of this product are 75 x 210 cm with a height of 77 cm.
It goes perfect with the Helga benches.

Mid-range round dining table

The same company also features the Yutapi round table with marble top that looks astonishing with its modern yet natural design.

The marble surface, in contrast to the base, makes it a truly interesting table.

Tavolo da pranzo rotondo tikamoonPhoto above: dining room table in Tikamoon marble

It can easily accommodate up to 8 people and it can also be a kitchen table, large and habitable thanks to its measures, which are 140 cm in diameter by 76 cm in height.

Design dining tables

Among the dining room tables the Milano model, produced by Turri S.r.l., stands out for its shape, thanks to the recent stylistic renewal that the company has had.

Tavolo da pranzo Milano di TurriPhoto above: Milano design dining table by Turri

Its large top, available in both marble and wood, is supported by a base with strong, geometric lines. The glossy surfaces, highlighted by chrome inserts, create captivating light effects, shadows and diagonal cuts.

The design of this all-Italian dining table originates from the collaboration with the SBGA - Blengini & Ghirardelli studio.

The dining table in wood and leather from the Pinnacle collection has a rectangular and almost austere base, united in perfect balance with the curved and delicate base with leather finishes.

Tavolo da pranzo Pinnacle by TurriPhoto above: Pinnacle dining table by Turri

This table will improve the dining room, almost as if you had purchased a work of art.

The top is available in two versions, one in marble, the other in natural wood. Both Turri dining tables are available with different finishes.

Classic living room tables

And now let's take a look to the top of the range, most model by ANGELO CAPPELLINI & C. s.r.l., born from a small shop that saw the light in 1886, belong to this category.

Nowadays the company, without having lost the values of its founder, preserves the ancient craftsmanship wisely combined with modern techniques aimed at increasing the quality and flexibility of the proposals.

Among the collections we find very particular styles: Hamptons, Eclectic up to the baroque Hermitage which has the ability to bring you back, in a very decisive way, to the furnishings of Versailles.

A dive into the past with Angelo Cappellini's tables

Among their tables for the living room it is worth mentioning the model of the Boldini collection with two bases, with a finely inlaid three meters long top.

Tavolo da pranzo BoldiniPhoto above: Boldini dining table

This table will comfortably accommodate 10 people giving an almost royal importance to the environment. The style of this table is perfect for classic and obviously large environments.

The company also offers the possibility to customize the finishes in order to have a unique piece in your home.

Il tavolo da pranzo MasaccioPhoto above: Masaccio dining table

In the Masaccio collection there is a classic table, which is a little lighter than the previous one, that will not weigh down the dining room too much.

Slabs of precious woods and cherry wood finishes give this piece of furniture an elegance that is matched only by its resistance.
Buying one of Angelo Cappellini's products is a once in a lifetime thing. The fact that their collections bear the names of famous painters of the past is quite telling.

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