Luxury furniture for prestigious environments

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The luxury furniture makes our homes elegant and prestigious with elements that mostly recall classic lines, with a nod to modernity.

Luxury furnishings
Arch. Caterina Scamardella
Arch. Caterina Scamardella

Luxury and timeless furnishings

Luxury furniture is one of the many proposals that the world of design offers us to transform our spaces in a unique and prestigious way. These are furnishings that are mostly inspired by past eras but they are still suitable both for lovers of the classic style and for those who prefer a more modern style.












In most cases they are handcrafted objects and this is precisely what makes them unique, in addition to the fact that they are always made in Italy.

Luxury interiors: classic and contemporary

Modern luxury furnishings, as mentioned, can be selected for classic environments, this way they will massimize the value of your house if you fill the entire space with this genre, but you must be particularly fond of it.

Stile classico contemporaneo - Pinterest
If you prefer a more contemporary style with simple and essential lines but you also like refined spaces a valid alternative is to include only a few pieces of elegant and luxurious furniture. This often happens in spaces with a classic contemporary style.

Contemporary luxury furnishings

A luxury furniture can also be suitable for a contemporary environment, as we already mentioned. Specifically, there are prestigious furnishings that have the simplest and most essential lines that are well suited to these kind of spaces.

In foto la collezione #Modern di ZanaboniIn the picture: the Zanaboni #Modern collection

An example is the #Modern collection by ZANABONI which rappresents the elegance of made in Italy furniture, with simple and elegant lines and refined materials.

Collezione #Contemporary di Zanaboni#Contemporary collection by Zanaboni

Even the #Contemporary collection by Zanaboni has more contemporary lines, with precious materials and essences that transform the house into a very glamorous place.

Contemporary luxury furnishings and accessories

The Transparency Matters collection by Draga & Aurel contains elegant and timeless design objects, playing on transparencies and reflections, textures and contrasting materials.

In foto console Maree di Draga&AurelIn the picture: console Maree by Draga & Aurel

Furniture, accessories, objects all made by hand with artisanal techniques in the atelier of the two artists which is located in Como.

Panche Golia di Draga &AurelGolia benches by Draga & Aurel

Transparencies take various forms with the Golia benches, the Jade coffee tables, the Jud lamps, the Reverso dividers and the Maree console, giving the room brightness, elegance and refinement.

Coffee Table Jud di Draga&AurelJud lamps by Draga&Aurel

The luxury of Fendi casa

Fendi casa proposes a contemporary luxury furniture and the Morris Table is a perfect example of it.
Tavolo Fendi MorrisIt is a table with a wooden top, divided into three parts by metal grafts and legs in steel and wood and lasered Fendi logo.
In foto Prisme Color Coffee Table di Fendi casaIn the picture: Prisme Color Coffee Table by Fendi casa

The Prisme Color Coffee Tables are very beautiful and functional furnishings with back-painted glass in ultramarine blue, garnet red, tea green, paprika orange and forest green, adapting to the most diverse environments.

Fendi also features the Gropius Rug, in silk bamboo fiber, embellished with the Fendi logo in steel and a stitched lava leather motif.

Luxury furniture for any room

You can use luxury furniture for any room of your home, from the entrance to the bedroom, thanks to the wide range of products that the market offers. Let's start with the entrance, where we can enrich the space with a mirror of the Dalì type by Carpanelli

In foto specchio luxury Dalì di CarpanelliIn the picture: luxury Dalì mirror by Carpanelli

It is a mirror with an aged gold leaf frame, surrounded on the outside by a mosaic and on the inside by an inlay thread. Brion by SMANIA SpA is a mirror with a wood and steel frame, very elegant and suitable for various styles.

Console classica di Barnini OseoClassic console David by Barnini Oseo

In addition to a mirror another solution for a luxury entrance can be the David's console by Barnini Oseo Srl with sinuous lines, made of ash wood and a very elegant and refined lacquered finish. Let's move on to the living, where the possibilities are almost infinite.
Secretaire a 17 cassetti luxury di Francesco Molon17-drawer luxury secretary by Francesco Molon

Francesco Molon - Giemme Stile Spa offers various solutions for the living rooms. We move from the classic collection, with a reinterpretation of the styles of furniture over the centuries, as in this secretaire with 17 drawers, belonging to the 18th century collection in briar.

Panca Durini System di Francesco MolonDurini System bench by Francesco Molon

The contemporary collection instead offers us furnishings that are always refined but with more contemporary shapes, such as the Durini System bench made of maple. Also for the living room, Smania offers sofas made with excellent raw materials, such as Belmond, a modular sofa covered with soft leather and refined fabrics. What can we say about the Moon 130 table? To say it is a coffee table is an understatement: it actually is a round low table in wood with steel details and its top is a circle in polished marble.

Luxury brand kitchens

Luxury furniture is brought to the kitchen by Faoma: classic or even contemporary and elegant kitchens, such as Luxury, are handmade and custom made in Italy with ivory lacquering.

Luxury kitchen by Faoma

It is a very efficient kitchen, equipped with professional appliances, a large extractor and a motorized pantry.

The Met kitchen by Faoma

The Met, on the other hand, is perfect for more contemporary houses, it is a special kitchen ideal for prestigious environments.

The Met is also offered by Faoma, with a combination of lacquered wood and animal print, while the refrigerator unit is covered in metal with an amazing crocodile print.

Modern luxurious bedrooms

Prestige has many interesting proposals fot the bedroom, such as Gran Duca, a collection with precious lines, refined materials and craftsmanship.
Like the king-size bed with headboard and bed frame in mocha, upholstered in fabric and with satin metal details.

Letto Gran Duca di PrestigeGran Duca bed by Prestige

The Gran Duca GDA02 wardrobe is also made by Prestige, it has a glossy pearly white color and precious engraved mirror decorations and handles in steel and glass.

Armadio di lusso Gran Duca di PrestigeLuxury Grand Duke wardrobe by Prestige

If you want to feel like a king the Capricci collection is perfect for you: like this classic bed with a tufted headboard and golden decorations.

Luxurious furniture in the bathroom

Luxury furniture also arrives in the bathroom with Faoma's with models such as the Elizabeth collection of custom-made bathrooms that have a wooden paneling and decorations handcrafted by expert cabinetmakers.

Luxury furniture not made in Italy

Outside of Italy there are still many valid luxury furniture companies.

Pixel, mobile di pregio da Boca do LoboPixel, luxury furniture by Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo, for example, is a Portuguese company that produces furniture with very modern and fun shapes like the Pixel, which is a very colorful cabinet with a covering made of many tiles.

Madia Heritage di Boca do LoboMadia Heritage by Boca do Lobo

Heritage, on the other hand, is an amazing sideboard with a surface reminiscent of hand-painted azulejos in the Iberian Peninsula. And then there is Imperfectio, a modular sofa that has a perfectly linear shape except for the back which is made up of an incredible, imperfect and irregular ottoman in polished brass.

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