Magazine rack of design to decorate the house

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The magazine rack of design have the ability to furnish, taking up little space, and still be able to contain a large number of magazines and newspapers.

Magazine rack of design to decorate the house
Vito De Natale
Vito De Natale

Complete the furnishing of the living room with an original magazine rack

Organize the space in the house, find the right place for every object, this is indeed a daily challenge! Whether it's a villa or an apartment, the problem remains.
One of the most difficult space to keep tidy is certainly the living room, because here is concentrated the most vibrant part of life at home.

Portariviste Bukan di Mox
How to create a space, for example, dedicated to magazines and newspapers, which are normally used in most parts of the house?
With the most simple and classic thing, the magazine rack.

The magazine rack in the Age of the Internet

We are now in the Age of Internet and information travels at impressive speeds, unknown only a few decades ago. Now we read the newspaper on the phone and on the tablet and if we just look up information from an old PC that is still in a corner of the house, we show already not to keep pace with the times.

Despite everything, however thankfully still resists the allure of the printed paper.
The intimate pleasure of enjoying a beautiful magazine, enjoy the photos and enjoy articles without technological gimmicks is all a habit that hardly one escapes.

In addition, the magazines have the pleasant convenience of being easily accessible, provided they are within reach.

Hence the need for a container which allows to keep them in view, which makes them easy to be taken and functions as a place of maintenance to archiving.

Saving and touch of flair in magazine rack design

The modern magazine racks manage to combine aesthetics and functionality with brilliant craftsmanship.
And they become furnishings to choose depending on the style, color and your imagination. Wood, metal, glass, plastic and recycled materials: there is something for every taste.
Their undisputed value is the ability to save space and still be able to contain a large number of magazines and newspapers.

M portariviste di Etsy
In confined spaces of modern life, especially in the city, surrender to the purchase of the accessory is only possible on condition that this can be easily inserted among the furnishings already in the house and if its size does not jeopardize the hard-won fluidity environment to the sound centimeters stolen from the couch or at the dining table.

The M in large scale by Etsy: uppercase is for Magazine and the material is birch wood that comes out discreete only at the edges and back, to give way to a beautiful coat of white on the main elevation. It can contain up to ten glossy magazines large and linear and compact enough to be noticed discreetly.

Magazine Design: many ideas to decorate the house

From the minimum capacity of M then we pass to the four compartments of another letter, the X by Bukan, designed by Charles O. Job for the Swiss Mox.
By virtue of its four arms in metal painted sheets in red, black or white it allows you to catalog newspapers and documents by topic or, why not, for by reader.

Vuelo portariviste di Blomus
From Blomus instead comes an idea for those who prefer not to clutter the floor and want functionality for the home or office. Vuelo is simple and lightweight: a sheet of metal folded at the top and bottom contain magazines and at the same time leaves a glimpse of the cover of the last one, declaring at first glance its container role.

Portariviste Kartell PMMA
Instead, it is now a classic the magazine rack with four pockets by Kartell made in shockproof PMMA batch-dyed or painted. In a depth of 40 cm and a width that does not reach 20, condensation that touch of color also indispensable for those who cloak themselves in monochrome.
The price? Really inviting around 90 euro.

Buk portariviste di BLine

Playful and sassy, the magazine rack Buk by BLine is made of molded polyethylene. It is characterized by a particular U-shape, and it is possible to join several elements to increase the capacity of the container. You can choose between the colors ice, orange, yellow, blue, gray light.

Portariviste Old News di Jonas Forsman
Old News, this is how is called a cute container that looks like a basket; designed by Jonas Forsman, in collaboration with the study Creatables from Gothenburg.
These original magazine racks have a green heart, as characterized by finishing in carpet from industrial waste processing for the sports fields.

Pallet portariviste di Flavia Della Pellegrina
Also interesting is the wall solution by Flavia Della Pellegrina: a magazine rack featuring a series of containers ordered and colorful, where you can store magazines and newspapers.
Pallet is a product all made in Italy, modular, flexible, easy to fix to the wall or to use as a free standing partition.
Characterized by a series of horizontal slats, it create beautiful light effects, as well as an orderly arrangement and modern of its journals.
Available on request, it is handmade and tailored by FCRdesign.

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