Minimal table for the living area

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The minimal table, in a world that surrounds itself with the superfluous, continues to be a reference in the search for sober elegance and essential style.

Minimal table for the living area
Christian Gemei
Christian Gemei

The minimal table is the protagonist of all modern environments

Less is more: this lapidary statement contains most of the principles of minimalist aesthetics, which is a very peculiar style that was born in the sixties and has been largely appreciated ever since. 

Minimalism is an artistic trend that avoids the overabundance of dimensions, shapes and colors to place the enhancement of simplicity, practicality, and functionality at the center of the furniture choices.














Starting from the sixties, minimal furniture has never ceased to amze people and attract appreciation. From time to time this style erupts to regain a prominent place in the national and the international furniture scene.

Obviously, the furnishings are updated and proposed in new versions, different variants and materials.

Tables suitable for the minimal living area

Zanette by Tomasella, a company founded in 1962 in Maron di Brugnera (Pordenone), offers an undisputed protagonist of the living area with an essential style: the minimal Bite table in carbon oak essence flanked by the Hood chairs with the structure in the same finish.

Zanette Tomasella tavolo BiteIn the photo above: Zanette Tomasella Bite table

The combination proves to be very valid and can be enhanced by the choice of colors.
This model gives the living room a sober elegance and an authentic signature of the minimal style. Designed by Francesc Rifè, the Bite table combines solidity and design, modernity and the pleasure of conviviality.

Zanette Tomasella sedia Hood
In the photo above: Zanette Tomasella Hood chair

Also, the geometric and ergonomic structure, the padded seat and backrests of the Hood chair are highly appreciated.

Minimal table: versatile piece of furniture for a modern kitchen

Giasone is an extendable table with a minimal design, conceived for a refined and youthful contemporary kitchen that can comfortably accommodate up to ten diners.

It is proposed by, a company that has long established commercial relationships with qualified Made in Italy production districts for customized solutions. The Giasone table is available in many variants. tavolo Giasone In the photo above: Giasone table

It is in fact possible to choose it with extensions in refined gray wood or in various colors of your choice, with glass or melamine top, with structure in polished or painted aluminum.

Additional features that add elements of versatility to the article are:

  • the 8 removable measures of the top;
  • the thin square metal table legs tilted inwards for maximum guest comfort;

  • the special craftsmanship called ceramic crystal, consisting in the manual overlapping of particular resins of different shades to obtain an uneven finish of the top of exceptional hardness and scratch resistance as well as a very pleasant visual impact.

A minimalist outdoor dining table

In this brief excursus through the evolution of a piece of furniture such as the minimal table, it is necessary to dispel the accepted assumption that the natural locations of this model are only the living room and the kitchen.

Not at all: a minimal style table can excellently play its role in the spaces outside the home.

For example in the garden, for those who have it, perhaps under a pergola, or on the terrace in the shade of a canopy, or in a slender gazebo.

Providing a convincing concrete representation of this idea is the New York designer Stephen Burke, from whose imagination Traveler outdoor was born, a complete collection of tables for reading, eating and relaxing outdoors, designed for Roche Bobois.

Roche Bobois Traveler outdoor tavolo tondo metallo e vetro In the photo above: Roche Bobois, Traveler outdoor round table in metal and glass

The round model in metal or glass is captivating and stands out for its thin aluminum structures in three lively color harmonies. Pleasant line of the more spacious rectangular table in medium gray with generous dimensions W. 220 x H. 75 x D. 100 cm.

Traditional materials for a contemporary minimal table

The name is Altopiano and comes from a project developed in 2022 by designer Robin Rizzini for the Paola Lenti brand. The base of this minimal table is in aluminum, a composition that allows you to create tables up to 4 meters long without the need for additional central legs.

Paola Lenti Altopiano In the photo above: Paola Lenti Plateau

It is available in regular height (high table 73 cm) or higher (106 cm high table). The taller versions are designed to be used with bar stools.

The tops are in glaze and are obtained by manually glazing printed porcelain stoneware elements. This processing can involve slight unpredictable differences in color and appearance between one top and another.

This is not a defect but rather a merit as it denotes an elaborate, completely handcrafted workmanship. Altopiano can be used indoors and outdoors.
In the latter case, the manufacturer recommends the use of a protective Winter Set.‎

Versatility in a minimal, innovative and affordable table

Tripé double is a table created just last year by the designers Radice & Orlandini for SCAB Design, an important company for the furniture sector from home design to contract, from indoor to outdoor that has made the production of minimal and of tables its core business.

Scab design Tripè doppioIn the photo above: Scab design Tripè double

Clearly minimal Tripè comes out of the usual schemes and offers a product in which functionality is the most important thing. The double three-spoke steel base with die-cast aluminum joints instead of the classic monobloc has a modern and original design.

A choice that, as the creators point out, allows repairs or replacements of only the elements for which this is necessary.

Tripè Double Table offers the possibility to choose between an oval top or a rectangular dining table available in three different finishes. Wider the finish of the base, six colors.

The dimensions are: L. 160 cm, P. 80 cm, H. 73 cm. The particular attention paid to the economic component of the article is appreciable.

Resistant, foldable, colorful minimal garden tables

is an interesting French brand of outdoor furniture.
Its production is characterized by the very wide range of colors in which it declines its creations. For example, Bistro, a round and folding garden table, is even available in 24 shades and is capable of livening up the home garden by itself.
Fermob, tavolo Bistro In the photo above: Fermob, Bistro table

This product, recently entered in the Fermob catalog, not only for its many bright colors, but also for its line of minimal design tables.
In the face of a slender structure, it is very resistant as it is made of steel.

Bistro also has a hole for a parasol and protective skids. The 4 variations of the dimensions, indicated below, make it very versatile.

Ø 60 x H 74 cm
Ø 77 x H 74 cm
Ø 96 x H 74 cm
Ø 117 x H 74 cm

Another positive note in favor of the manufacturer is respect for the environment in the various processing stages.

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