Modern desks

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The desk becomes a fundamental element to add character and originality to a room or a corner of the house creating an office: Let's see some examples.

Modern desks
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Home Office: desk

scrivanie moderne The spread of telework and the impossibility, for many, to have a room used exclusively as an office, has, over the years, the widespread tendency to organize, inside the house, a dedicated corner to workplace: a portion of the living room or a room are shaped so as to accommodate a desk and chair, where to put your pc, printer, telephone and other equipment, or library with shelves to accommodate magazines, books and the documents you need.

Among all these elements that contributes significantly to define the character and style of the room is definitely the desk, the fulcrum of the working life and the bearing surface of everything that we need to work with.

Do not forget, however, that the classic desks, chosen according with the decor of the room, are already present in the kids bedrooms, to carry out the school tasks or for the computer.

Whether an office desk for adults or a side table in the kids room, modern desks are disengaged from their mere function to become a real piece of furniture, often chosen in stark contrast to the others. In this way, even with the growth of children, the desk can be used for a long time without the need of having to purchase a new one.

Let's see some examples of modern desks designed to meet the desire of those who want to build a small home office, not losing sight of what should be the basic assumption of a rational design: to create solutions and furnishings that are ergonomic and designed to best accommodate the user, in order to contribute to a better quality of work product.

Modern desks

scrivania moderna frank bruno The company Franco Bruno manufactures office furniture and storage: among the products stands out for its elegance and attention to detail the X19 line.
The desk can be configured to suit your needs, choosing modules, then the length and shape, angle or linear, and materials: wood, glass and even leather, selected and sewn with craftsmanship, elegance plays with a portion of the top support.
Also the insertion between the floor and the supporting structure, realized with a bracket that connects the two elements, is made with great attention to detail: in this way the support surface appears to be floating on the legs themselves giving a feeling of great lightness to the whole structure.

The company Martex, in its line Executive proposes Kyo Olmo, office desk made in several variations, but all based on the essentiality of lines: it is a shelf that seamlessly rests on the ground only on one end.

scrivania moderna martex The table, which looks like a shelf, is supported in the center by a further basic structure. Made from American red elm wood, FSC certified because from certified forests, it has an open pore natural which makes it breathable and therefore devoid of electrostatic charges and dust accumulation.
There is no default size, so you can request the product according to your needs, thus guaranteeing the purchase of a unique product designed and created specifically for the individual buyer.

Leaving aside the toughest lines we move on analysis of examples based on the soft lines of desks: this is Goggle Desk by designer Danny Venlet produced by Babini Office, and Endless Nile Table by Karim Rashid.

scrivania moderna babini

In the first case it is a closed belt available in different color finishes, gloss or matt, with or without cabinet interior; with cable outlet and a desk drawer stationery is able to combine functionality with a sophisticated design.

The table top instead of the eclectic Rashid is a versatile product that consists of an open tape, inspired by the slow movement of the river Nile, unfolds to form, in a single structure, desk and chair; the material chosen for the coating is the Corian by Dupont.

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