Modern secretaire

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Take notes, work on the PC, store the mail, but also to read and carve out a space for yourself in the house has a completely different charm thanks to the writing desk.

Modern secretaire
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Secretaire: furniture with foldaway writing desk

secretaire modern Molteni & Co The secretaire is a furniture that made history.

For this reason it is a piece of furniture that many wish to have in their home.

It consists of a writing desk that originally had a series of drawers and storage spaces and a table top, often with a flap, which disappeared when the stand was closed, but it was available with a simple action when needed.

On the writing desk you can write, work, read.

This small hidden desk, discreet and elegant, had been in fashion in the eighteenth and nineteenth century and has not lost its retro and mysterious charm with time.

Here we will present a series of proposals of furniture in a modern style, inspired to the classic secretaire, reviewing materials, lines and adapting the furniture to contemporary needs, for example the possibility to work on the PC having all the outlets available.

Secretaire on the wall

The writing desk is distinguished from the classic desk because of the flap, called calatoio (the flap), and consists of a single body that generally placed against the wall, in the study room.

Today there are different models of modern secretaire which bind often directly to the wall, giving the effect of a shelf suspended container and openable at need.
These solutions are ideal where space is scarce, but you want to create a top for the writing.

secretaire Gaston Made in Design A very pleasant and particular model is Gaston by Made in Design, which consists of a folding top welcomed by colored elements, as the drawers from the handles in leather, available in shades that contrast with the color of the cabinet (light gray - Sorbet fraise) .

Gaston is fixed to the wall with four screws and four plugs, which guarantee perfect stability.

This secretaire, cheerful and colorful, combine wood and natural bright and joyful colors.

Gaston does not occupy space on the ground and measures only: Prof L 60 cm X 32 cm x H 72 cm.

The door that flips constitutes the work plan.

secretaire Gaston Made in Design The advantage of every secretaire is that once finished the work, the chaos will disappear with the closure of the flap.

Moreover drawers help to contain everything you need, documents and stationery.

Multiple uses depending on the location: it can become a work space at home, a console table for the entrance or the dressing room.

Another wall solution, elegant and of design, is represented by Secret by Molteni & C, a container wall discreet and space-saving geometric lines and triangular houses, like a secret, another identity: it contains papers and important objects .

Inside there are hidden small and precious shelves and overall the desk, where it is possible to work with a laptop or tablet.

secretaire Molteni & Co
Secret is equipped with all the latest multimedia connections that allow us to connect to the world and work in peace, lit by the elegant strip of lights that gives the workstation every comfort.

Two versions are available: eucalyptus or walnut.

Secretaire of modern design

Ligne-Roset has created a series of desk furniture that recall the timeless charm of the writing desk.

secretaire The Secret Ligne Roset La Secrete is in fact the name of a secretaire absolutely functional, that allows you to store and preserve objects.

This furniture, small-scale, but with a strong presence, has a well-studied composition and angular and light lines.

Made of MDF veneered walnut, with the base in solid walnut, it has crossbeams and footrest bar in chrome finish.

The secretarie opens with a compass flap and a door on the top, on which you can write standing up, when it is closed.

Inside there is room for briefcases concealed on the right and a trinket left.

This furniture serves as a support for laptops up to 17.3'' where the power cord can be hidden in a box with a swinging door at the back, to the left of the cabinet.

secretaire Pom's Ligne Roset The model has instead Pom's clean lines and particularly compact when it remains closed.

The base is in gloss chrome steel, while the work plan is in multilayer plated American walnut with natural finish, with black leather interior drawer or worktop in MDF lacquered white satin with the inside of the drawer in gray leather.

The height of the work surface is 74 cm.

Who loves the color will be struck by the solution proposed by Laura Petraityté.
Its writing desk combines simplicity and completeness.

secretaire Laura Petraityté
In this cabinet it lacks nothing to be useful at home as in a corner of the office.

The work space, as always hidden within it, is highly functional and complete, embellished with a number of useful advantages that make it a mini independent office.

Secretaire Laura Petraityt
The interior hides in fact space for documents, a LED light source and plug points.
Besides its colorful choice of color enhances the beauty and discreet modern writing desk, that will be perfect in every environment.

Also worthy of reporting is the secretaire Glenn, design by Emmanuel Gallina.

secretaire Glenn Le Redoute
The creation by Emmanuel Gallina, for sale on La Redoute, is at the pursuit of simplicity and is particularly suitable in a small space. The structure in MDF white lacquered presents, once opened, a drawer and a niche for documents.

The color choice, which uses light colors, allows the secretaire to adapt well to the rest of the interior of the house.

Secretaire low cost

secretaire maisons du monde Those who want to have a writing desk at home, but are not willing to make large investments, can opt for stylish low cost solutions that do not detract from the aesthetic and functional furniture.

Maisons du Monde, among the various proposals on the subject, offers the opportunity to decorate a corner of the house with a wooden white secretaire, very refined East Coast style.

The desk Freeport is small (h 115 xl 82 x prof. 48 cm) and with its sober and natural style, it soon completes the furnishing of the house, giving a bright atmosphere.

In this case the work table is not created by reversing the door, but by sliding the shutter which also hides several drawers and shelves for objects.

secretaire Home 24
If you prefer a solid wood effect, made of thin metal handles very contemporary, clearly defined the cabinet, there is the model Roblin available on Home24.

The writing desk is a complete piece of furniture characterized by a large drop-down door, from 5 open compartments, from the drawer that adorns the inside and from the double doors of the adjustable table.

Precious and durable material, made of solid oak.

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