Modern sofas

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The modern sofas stand out from the classic because they have wider seats, to take informal positions and lower back, that give elegance.

Modern sofas
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

Modern sofas or classic couches?

The upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, chaise longues) that we use to furnish the conversation area of our living rooms, can be pieces inspired by history, style, they can be lacquered or covered with damask fabrics, or modern compositions covered in leather or fabrics.
The choice of one or the other type is linked, of course, to the style of the entire house where it will have to go with, but also to your understanding of the living.

Divani moderni Santambrogio: Bergamo

Modern sofas stand out from the classic because they have wider seats and lower backs, even though there are solutions that meet different needs, while adapting to a contemporary-style furniture.

Moreover, these forms are born from the needs of contemporary life, where they meet aesthetics and functionality. The seats are wider to allow you to take more informal positions, the backs are lower to give elegance to the lines.

The modern sofa allows a great versatility of possible compositions: one can indeed combine two and three-seater sofas, or use the spectacular corner sofas for larger spaces.
If one adds to this the large choice of fabrics and leathers to the lining and the large range of colors available, you can figure out how many possibilities there are to make original and personalized compositions.

But the success that the modern sofa is able to obtain is also due to its practicality, given the possibility of using removable covers that can be washed, but also to its flexibility of use.

Divani moderni Santambrogio: Brescia

The sofas can serve not only to relax, but also just to sleep.
The sofa beds, in fact, are very common in houses today, often of limited size where they can be a convenient opportunity for more beds in the event of guests.

Given that the offer is very wide, the advice is to choose the sofas also based on the space that you have available, in order to organize it in a rational way.
The living room is also the place where you receive, then a representative place, whereby the aesthetics and perfection of every detail are key factors.

Modern sofas Santambrogio

Finding the perfect harmony between design and comfort has always been a goal that involves Divani Santambrogio in the production of modern sofas contemporary furniture suitable for more details.

A modern sofa should be the place where you can relax at the end of a day reading a book or watching a movie, but at the same time it must also be an element of furniture suitable to the forms of the most current design.

Divani moderni Santambrogio: Jonathan Santambrogio factory of sofas for three generations and through collaboration with the students of interior design, is able to produce modern sofas by the present form of sofas that will follow the trend of the moment and to adapt to modern technologies, customized sofas.

It produces models of modern sofa together with a built-in music reading system. In fact, when the music player in a separate compartment in the sofa, the speaker system (which is also integrated into the structure of the sofa) plays your favorite music without having around the house neither cables nor digital equipment, the whole thing is placed inside the body of the sofa.

The production of modern sofas by the company, designing and prototyping arise from the need of comfort of its customers.
To produce a sofa is a job that you learn over time, to produce a comfortable sofa and furniture suitable for the most sophisticated is instead the result of a collaboration between architects, designers, prototype developers and study of the market surveys that keep the company up to date with current market demands .

Where to go?

Santambrogio has a long history in the production of modern sofas and, given the flexibility of the production, the entire collection can be customized in detail, made to measure, with the possibility of insertion of orthopedic beds.

The entire production of sofas Santambrogio focuses within the factory in Seveso (Milan), where the customer can turn into visitor and see with his own eyes the creation of the sofa, from design to cut wood, from upholstery to the sewing of the leather and textiles up to the packaging; an interesting route and a point in favor of a company that still has the advantage of producing sofas made entirely in Italy.

A modern sofa Santambrogio has for decades been synonymous of quality, design and comfort.

For more information:
Divani Santambrogio
Via Edison n. 9 Seveso (Milan)
Tel: 0362688421

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