Modern Wall Clocks

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Modern clocks, with new shapes and attractive colors, they are able to give originality to any room in the house.

Modern Wall Clocks
Tiziana Loprete
Tiziana Loprete

Simple style, various shapes and bright colors, modern clocks are attractive pieces of furniture, which help to give a touch of originality to any room of the house. For this reason, on the market, there are models and types of watches to satisfy different tastes and requirements.

Characteristics of modern watches

The clock, an item of undeniable practical function, it also represents a real piece of furniture, able to complete and enrich the style of a room. The clock, in fact, always helpful to mark the time and remember appointments and deadlines, even inside the house, it is an object that can fill spaces, or voids, and that complete the furnishing of certain parts of the house. Modern clocks, in particular, are suitable to decorating any room, not just the living room and the kitchen, where always watches are present for their functional importance, but also the hallway, the bedroom and even the bathroom .

Cucù Dalì Made in different colors and with different materials, modern clocks go well with any style of furniture. The design is often characterized by original lines and innovative shapes, but there are also models with an essential, almost minimalist shapes and classic colors, such as white and black, especially suitable to be placed in the living room or in your bedroom.

The colors are bright especially in clocks for the kitchen or the bathroom and also the models, in this case, may have irregular shapes and lines. Purely classics typologies of watches, such as the pendulum clock and the cuckoo, are often revisited and built in a modern way.

Among the most widely used materials, wood is usually used for classical watches, it can give a touch of elegance to exquisitely modern models. Same goes for glass, which gives originality and distinction to even more current watches, while among the most widely used materials for watches with a contemporary design and a metropolitan character, we find most plastic and metal.

At the forefront are definitely the Wall stickers watches which are modern, they can be positioned on the wall through a convenient adhesive rather than with the classic nail, thus saving the integrity of the wall. These watches, adhering perfectly to the wall, take on the appearance of a real decoration, which is an integral part of the wall and on which stand the hands that mark the time. The wall stickers watches are often embellished with exquisite motifs, funny and original, matching every kind of style and environment.

Models of modern watches

Colorful, witty and contemporary flavor, these are the wayches and the cuckoo clocks made by, e-commerce site specialized in Italian design. The cuckoo support Dali-emoticons (designed by Antonio Farina), with the case in lacquered MDF and trumpet and base in solid turned beech, inspired by the genius of Salvador Dali's surrealism, reproduce the painter's characteristic upturned mustache, on a brightly colored background. The passing of the time is instead marked by a nice cuckoo clock that overlooks the side, singing its song.
Pendolo Aika

Aika (designed by Ari Kanerva) is instead a pendulum wall clock with a minimal and rigorous design. Ideal to decorate a modern style room and to give style to every corner of the house, Aika, which in Finnish means time, is made of powder-coated aluminum and it is available in four colors: white, black, red and orange.

A true reincarnation in modern style of a pendulum clock, is Pendulle, by Diamantini and Domeniconi (Design By Fabrica/ David Raffoul). With a simple and iconic shape, Pendulle reflects perfectly the classic archetype of the pendulum, but enriched, in this case, by lines with a current flavor. From Diamantini and Domeniconi arrive also Lollogio e Gomitolo watches with a decidedly modern and original design.

Gomitolo Lollogio is a cuckoo clock with a very original design, which reproduces a real cage for birds in different shapes, circular, convex, classical and in different colors, from the darkest shades like black to the pastels ones like pink, up to more lively colors like yellow. On the other side Gomitolo, also available in a Big size, is made of a natural and unusual material for a watch, in cotton.

Colored, with a circular shape and smooth and warm lines, Gomitolo, with its shape resembles the traditional knit and it's a piece of furniture ideal for modern environments, which undoubtedly gives an unusual and eye-catching effect.

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