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The Trend Moss, a new all-natural tendency to furnish the homes so fresh and simple. Here are some tips on possible solutions and features.

Moss trend
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

Decorating a house in a natural way

In each of our apartment as well as common items of furniture, shapes and colors as diverse as chairs, tables, lamps, sofas can also be found natural pieces of furniture.

piante da interni (Ars Nova) There are numerous houseplants, each with a different function in fact we can find those that have an essentially decorative function, such as succulents, very pleasing, especially if grouped in a composition, these are also very popular since they do not require maintenance.
Another group of houseplants is composed of plants that help solve the problem of indoor pollution.

These are of different types, and each of them performs a specific function, and is intended for a specific environment of the home. Then there is also another type of plants that are houseplants as well, ie those of the hydroponic garden, or a series of plants that develop within an ampoule of water.

Obviously the technique that provides a natural furnishing of the house with plants, has been going on for years and years. Recently, however, there has been a significant step forward, and always in terms of natural furnishings, has spread the technique of Moss Trend, useful for decorating and redefine the interiors.

What is Moss Trend?

The Moss Trend is a technique that involves the use of stabilized lichens, to decorate the rooms of the house. It represents an important innovation in the field of furniture indoors.
The name Moss Trend derives from the element that is the basis of this technique, namely the Moss, a natural lichen, which is precisely machined and has the function to decorate the interior making it more comfortable and more pleasant to the eye.

muschio (Arpolitalia) The origins of this moss are Scandinavian, its growth occurs spontaneously, there is no kind of cultivation, indeed its spontaneous growth is widespread and covers large areas of the Scandinavian Peninsula, before being used as a decorative element in the interior of the houses, it was one of the main power supply of the reindeer.

Obviously this Moss is not used in its natural state, because subtracted from its habitat might be damaged, which is why after being picked is stabilized by drying it.

We should specify, however, that this type of coating, or better, this piece of furniture, can not be used in any environment, it is indicated only and exclusively for indoor environments with a minimum moisture content of 50%.

This moss should not receive direct sunlight, this is because exposure to sunlight leads to hardening of the moss, if the moisture in the environment lowers, the moss dries out further straining to harden, then you will need only a few splash of water to bring the cover of stabilized moss to its original natural texture.

Being an element that grows in nature, its color is neutral but, since it is a very special piece of furniture that can adapt to any style, you can get the colors you want, simply by adding pigments of natural origin.

pannelli di design in muschio (Arpolitalia) This piece of furniture, as well as being very pleasant to the eye, it is also a very versatile, this allows designers and interior designers to unleash their imagination in the use of this lichen so special.

One of the leading companies in this sector is the Arpolitalia EPS FOAM PROJECT, which is specialized in the processing of their lichen and this gave birth to the Moss Trend.

The furnishing solutions proposed by this company are the most varied and include the creation of elements such as panels which together are able to achieve real green walls, which have the ability to make a more comfortable environment and at the same time original, because every solution is different from the others.

Moss Trend (Arpolitalia) This product is recommended as a piece of furniture because despite being a natural origin, contrary to many types of plants do not require maintenance, or irrigation systems or special lighting.

The Trend Moss appears to be the ideal solution for those who love the Green indoor but do not have much time on their hands. As regards the choice of the environments in which is preferable to use this type of furnishing element, it must be said that are preferable humid environment, as mentioned above, because the moisture present in the air keeps the moss soft to the touch and allows it also to maintain a nice bright color.

quadro con muschio stabilizzato (Ars Nova) Another company that is always concerned with furnishing elements in stabilized moss and not onl, is Ars Nova. Its accomplishments are very different by the previous one, since this tends to use the moss to its natural state, creating different types of compositions, obtained by the combination of its different species of lichens essentially creating paintings with moss, which of course can vary depending on the desired size.

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