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Furniture and equipment must meet the requirements of functionality, they make the most of the space and perform more than one task. Decorating multifunctional ideas two in one.

Multifunctional furniture
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Practical and functional furnishings

The watchword is to optimize. For reasons of space and utility, every day more and more companies and designers propose new solutions for the furniture which perform multiple functions.

The multifunctional furniture are often at the forefront, using new technologies, adapting to the needs of those living in the house and who wants every object to be aesthetically appealing, but also useful and functional.

Mobili multifunzionali
The multifunctional furniture alone satisfy, in fact, at least two of the daily needs.
These fittings can also be defined convertible because they adapt and change as needed.

Another interesting advantage, especially for the furnishings of children's bedrooms, is that the furniture suit the needs that change with the passing of years, so the inhabitants of the house don't need to buy frequently new furniture, which implies an important economic investment and accumulation of furniture in a small space.

Furniture and containers: make room for your passions (books, music, and sports)

mobili multifunzionali Bibliochaise Nobody & co Each space is maximized and, like magic, a chair or an ottoman can be simultaneously a seat and a new and unconventional library of design.

This is not a fantasy, but a full-blown reality.

The Bibliochaise, produced by Nobody&co. entirely in Italian, makes possible for those who choose to have it in the house to sit and live among his favorite books, ready to enjoy a read and escape, getting lost in a thousand different stories.

The seat is in fact surrounded by books that fit neatly in the spaces designed to contain them, neatly and scenically. So every book you read becomes an experience that enriches the reader and his house.

The visual concept of Bibliochaise was founded in 1998 and since then continues to increase support.

Today is produced in three different models: the Home version, lacquered open pore and water, the Plus, veneered in oak stained wenge and Glossy, lacquered in glossy favorite color.

All Bibliochaise contain five linear feet of books and have small hidden wheels for them to move comfortably even when they are full of books (Dimensions: 101 x 84 h.74 cm).

bibliopouf arredo funzionale Nobody & co.
Nobody&co offers, in combination with the chair, the Bibliopouf containing 1.4 meters of books, always available in models Home, Plus Glossy (Size: 60 x 60 cm H.36).

A smart and space saving piece of furniture is also represented by the head of the bed Ikea Brimnes model.
testata con mensole ikea The head goes to refine and beautify a bed very simple, providing practical storage containers also useful for storing boxes and miscellaneous items, thereby taking advantage of a space that would otherwise be lost.

This is a clever design solution and low cost that creates space for objects in view, magazines or ornaments, as well as the light points.

The head is therefore ideal to hold what you need on hand near the bed, going to replace traditional nightstands.

Brimnes houses two adjustable shelves that create three rooms and the top is provided with holes for the cables lamps or chargers.

If your passion is instead the outdoor sports, and specifically the bicycle, then the house will not miss Original Bife Shelf of, the original cantilever design, available in two sizes, which serves as a support for the bike.

The advantage of this object is to have been designed precisely to integrate the bicycle in furniture of the house against the wall, in a room or even in the hallway.

The result is a shelf: elegant to use as a support for various objects and sturdy enough to support the suspended bicycle, thanks to a slot in which to insert the barrel of a sports bike to hold it steady and raised from the ground.

The shelf is well anchored to the wall height and the favorite place for the bike at home will not only be created, but enhanced.

So the wheels will not foul the floor or floors of the house, and when you are ready to go out, just drop the bike off the shelf.

A real must design for athletes at home.
Instead to separate two environments, here is a screen really out of the ordinary.

This piece of furniture, the screen Album by Villa Home Collection, combines its main function of the need to preserve neatly cd.

paravento Album Villa Home Collection
Invitation to the classic columns door cd: here are the three panels that make up the screen revisited in pop style to house 90 cd and album with your favorite music to color and customize the environment (being the CD inserted in the appropriate square transparent).

The structure is made of beech plywood painted in water, natural or colored.
The screen door cd is a creation of designer Naoko Shintani for collection day.

The dimensions of each panel are 50
x 170 cm.

Furniture hi-tech wireless and bluetooth

The giant Ikea has announced that from the beginning of April 2015 will be on sale new furniture and home accessories that can recharge the smartphone.
mobile wireless ikea The new line will therefore provide the indispensable ability to recharge thanks to the built-in wireless, the smartphone simply resting on the piece of furniture chosen to recharge it, which is a coffee table or the base of a lamp.

So stop the nightmare of having to take anywhere the charger to avert the problem to have the phone out of power: did the era of integrated wireless charging, which puts an end to the electrical wires around the house.

Another solution designed for those who love design objects, furnishing accessories and multifunction technology is represented by the tableSoul, maple wood and ceramic, with a glove box, a bearing surface slip wood and a sound system integrated Bluetooth which allows you to listen to music.

Multifunctionality is the soul of this product.

Just connect your device to the audio system integrated bluetooth 4.0 to savor a rich sound and amplified thanks to the soundboard ceramic material which, in its properties, gives an unprecedented ability to resonance.

You can buy it on the site
The pleasure of listening to music as well, will be even greater.

In addition, the table also presents aSoul system response to incoming calls with built-in speakerphone. Measurements: diameter 40 cm x H 55 cm.

Multifunctional and convertible furniture for the bedroom

camera da letto con mobili multifunzionali Pali
Intelligent solutions, transformable and multifunctional are particularly appreciated in the child's bedroom. Why should you buy a cradle, then a cot with bars and when the child grows a single bed?

The company Pali with the collection of furniture for children Voyager offers furniture editable by age and needs of the growing child.
In one solution is locked up all the necessary furniture in the bedroom, to the first stirrings of adolescence.

mobili funzionali per camera da letto Pali
The cot Voyager, in fact, when it won't be used anymore as a cradle, will become a desk, wall shelves and single bed. You can choose the composition, with a bed or even two. In the assembly manual you will find all the tips to compose and reassemble the same kit of parts in new solutions.

Here no furniture go to the basement, but it is reused.
In the same line there are other pieces of furniture such as cabinets, that need to be added to the initial composition.

culla letto convertibile Dotandcross
Another successful example of modular furniture with complements, that change function depending on the need, is the Convertible Bed by that from a cradle becomes a bench for the playroom for children.

This product is only one example of how these creative furniture can contain within itself various uses and meet the changing needs.

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