Multifunctional furniture

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Domestic spaces are fluid and often the doors have rather an aesthetic significance, as now this is the era of multifunctional furniture and furnishings.

Multifunctional furniture
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Open Space. Are you from the generation that opened and closed the doors of   dining room, living room, bedroom or study? Or, worse, were you, just like me, among those with parents always recommending not to go and play in the new sitting room for fear of damage to the furnishings or to the coats?

Well, things have changed, you too have noticed it: now domestic spaces are fluid and doors are rather an aesthetic option, or are only needed for bathrooms and bedrooms. The open space is our little revenge, sometimes it is a choice, others it is out of necessity, given the now chronic shortage of space in modern houses.

As well as there are multifunctional spaces, a good solution is represented by multifunctional furniture.

Multifunctional furniture and warm season

Let's open our house to friends and relatives: this is one of the effects of summer on Clei. Cabrio and Open Space.Clei. Cabrio and Open Space. mood. How then to reconcile this requirement with the fact that you almost never have room for guests or more beds? Unless you advise your guests to equip themselves with sleeping bags, this is time to think about how to solve the problem, once and for all.

Clei , an industry leader of multifunctional furniture, celebrates its 50th anniversary with a lot of news, especially from the point of view of technological innovation, all of them dedicated to home furnishings, holiday houses and business residences.

The Open Space collection is, not surprisingly, among the winners of the prestigious Red Dot Award: product design, the competition titled In Search of Excellence.

Compact furniture for multifunctional spaces: the kitchen that opens only when you need it

We have already mentioned in a previous article on the news at the recent Salone del Mobile 2013 , about multifunctional spaces. And what if we needed to equip like a kitchen a space normally dedicated to the living room, or a ground floor space which becomes an apartment for guests who want to keep for themselves a bit of independence? Salone 2013. Clei, Ecooking

Ecooking is a vertical compact kitchen, made of lacquered wood. Already from the name, the intent is stated, cook in a sustainable manner. At the same time, with an ambitious project, Clei tries to solve the problems of contemporary living.

All the technologies applied to the project are energy saving, complemented by a system of internal energy recovery: all appliances, in fact, exploit being close to each other to exchange heat and moisture. The electricity supply is produced by solar panels, while  water from the sink is filtered and reused for  dishwasher.

A small vertical garden is  for aromatic plants, and for their irrigation is used the water from  dishwasher after a second filtration. Inside the hood, which rotates to let take advantage of the lighting where  needed, there is also the air handling system through nanomaterials (based on titanium dioxide), to purify the air of the whole room.

Clei. Elastic Living. And if you went over and think about a system of moving rooms, perfectly equipped to open and close as needed?

It's called Elastic Living, also by Clei, and for now it's a prototype, but fully functional, a new concept of habitat in motion. It is a series of modular equipped sliding elements, each of them containing an area with a precise function: bedroom, living room, kitchen, home office, gym or bathroom.

It is a project presented at the recent Salone del Mobile, and I assure you, it really captured the attention of not only the curious who have already studied the version to be placed at home, but of most of the professionals and designers who appreciated the technical and stylistic solutions.

Multifunctional furniture: it looks like a closet but ...

If we were to simply add one more bed in the study or in the bedroom when friends or cousins are to come and visit our children? Let's see new Tumidei products for 2013.

Tumidei.Tiramolla 783Tumidei.Tiramolla 783

The composition N° 783, for example, from Tiramolla collection, transforms your study into an extra room for guests, thanks to the folding bed which, if not used, will remain closed on the wall, avoiding unnecessary encumbrances and annoying dust (dedicated to busy moms ... ).

It is part of the same collection the composition N° 785 that transforms a small room, Tumidei.Tiramolla 785Tumidei.Tiramolla 785  maybe a normal  wardrobe room, depending on the need, in a bedroom for 1 or 2 guests.

The new  Tumidei proposals also solve problems of surface, if ceiling height is enough, thanks to Tiramolla Big Box solution. It is just a big box to be placed in the living room and that can transform even a small cottage in a house for 4 people.

The box structure, partially closed, with a bed and a sofa bed on the mezzanine, is equipped with living space below, which turns into a second bedroom for 2 people.

Multifunctional furniture, everything in the bedroom

Tumidei.Tiramolla walk-in closet The whole world of guys ... just in a room. It happens with the walk-in closet by Tumidei Tiramolla that has 3 spaces for 3 different functions: walk-in closet, utility room with interior light, double desk with a lit shelf.

So, all is in order in the walk-in closet,  and in the closet you can also fix your bike, while having  a little study space separate from the rest. All this with 2 beds available on the top, and a whole host of convenient facilities  for tablets and smartphones.

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