New trends according to the American experts

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Luxury, creative recycling and versatility these are the interior design trends for 2015, according to the dictates of the leading experts in the field.

New trends according to the American experts
Laura Bosio
Laura Bosio

Luxury, versatility and creative recycling

Luxury, versatility and creative recycling: how do these three things, which apparently have no connection, can instead be together, as show the trends of furnishing 2015, according to the dictates of the leading American experts in the field.

esempio di nuove tendenze In furniture design and interior decorating today several factors are mixed: classic and retro, traditional and new materials. And again, fresh colors, exotic motifs, decorative, ethnic, artistic details and an incredible mix of textures.

We then get contemporary interior, where the ideas of contemporary design blend with antiques; materials such as silk or velvet and carved wood accents are mixed with industrial metal details, to obtain a home with elegant look, original and unique. We want, in essence, to create spaces that have their own personality.

New trends for interior design celebrate so the personality, serenity and versatility. Whether it is houses, offices, public spaces and hotels, the common denominator is the character, which must be unique amd with details well cared for. Here are the main novelty.

Fusion of styles, materials and decorative patterns

The aim is to mix old and new ideas of interior design, blending the styles to create elegant spaces, comfortable and attractive. Lines softly curved, organic shapes and natural patterns underlying the choices of the interior.

Modern materials

Mobili in legno e pietra The reclaimed wood, stone and metal are the basic materials for the furniture of modern accommodation. You can for example combine rustic woods with other exotic type of wood, painted with colors ranging from gold to bronze, with accessories of granite and marble luxury.

The metals are mainly combined with other materials for the realization of frames and bases of chairs, tables, sofas, beds and lighting equipment. The combination of metal and wood is one of the cornerstones of the new trends in furniture.

Natural materials such as stone, wood, metal and glass, are the basis of interior design trends, especially if you want to get an echo friendly effect, also characterized by the right combinations of colors and textures, to achieve real rooms outdoors.


The natural colors and soft pastel shades are key in the new trends in the field of interior design, and look great with shades of gray, black and white toned soft cream, to reinvent the classic ideas of decoration and highlight beautiful contrasts.

A cool shades of brown, perfectly blending in with the green and gray tones to create combinations with a very natural and fresh result. For those who dare, you can combine colors like yellow mustard and mauve shades to more aggressive one, such as purple, blue and pink.

Nature in the foreground

Green spaces with large windows and large glass walls inspire the trends of interior furnishings for 2015. The nature becomes a source of inspiration for decorative patterns, colors, prints, wallpaper; are preferred green colors, light shade of gray, beige, black and white decor.

In short, plants and flowers become the leitmotif of the new trends in interior design: the drawings at the head of the bed to the contemporary chairs and modern tables with floral motifs; by real pylons designed, floral motifs to be used as room dividers, plants to use as a real letdown.

Retro style elements

Exciting and fresh combinations of rustic and retro styles allow you to decorate in an elegant and comfortable way rooms, offices, public spaces and hotels. Geometric prints in black and white, posters, chalk drawings and handwritten letters are contemporary interpretations of retro-style decor, to add a modern feel to homes and offices.

Recycle and reuse

Second-hand furniture, recycled creatively, perhaps mixed with pieces of contemporary furniture, add an individualist and unique look to the ideal house 2015. According to US experts, this is the new trend for interior decoration, which already in the coming months will dictate the rules. From old furniture restored to a lampshade made with cans; from hand-embroidered curtains to a table made with old wooden crates. Everything is imagination and creativity is a must for the upcoming seasons. The imperative is not to throw anything away. Everything can go back to living a new life in the spaces of the house.

Post: New trends according to the American experts
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