Night lights for children's rooms

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To ward off the fear of the dark or just as decoration, the night lights are a decorative and useful at the same time in the bedroom of our children.

Night lights for children's rooms
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Lamps against the fear of the dark

Mushroom lamp Heico
We know that children and darkness often do not get along.
This is why the bedside lamp will remain on seeking a thousand tricks to alleviate fear.

However, there are a number of products specifically designed for sleeping and thanks to their characteristics they are perfect for illuminating the bedrooms at night, so suffused and delicate.

Fairytale lamps for the kid's bedroom

Rabbit lamp Heico
Among the most popular lights for bedtime, surely we find the lamps by Heico, a well known brand in the kids area, which has in the catalog a series of accessories for children's bedrooms, colorful and easy to use and maintain.

The lamps produced in Germany and hand-painted, have very fanciful shapes and are made of lightweight plastic, with a transformer that makes the product safe also for the children.

Perfect even just to decorate your room, they have different shapes:
ranging from the mushroom to the bunny, but always with a retro feel and evocative forms that bring the magic of fairy tales in the space for the little ones.

Available in several versions, the lamp shaped like a mushroom, for example, gives off a warm, reassuring and projecting delicate dots of light all around, creating an atmosphere of relaxation. Purchased on the website of The Owls on the dresser, it is on sale at 55 euro.

Lamp Zzzoolight
Staying in Italy, among the trademarks of lights for kids there is Zzzoolight: with some nice lamps paper effect, worked in white sheets and reassembled with shapes of various animals.
Elk, bull, bear or elephant, along with giraffes & Co. To be placed on a wall or as a table light on the desk.

These lights, in addition to being products for children are real design objects, designed by Ramin Razani, the idea of folding and trimming of paper, a little as with the ancient art of origami.

The base, a sheet of propylene, is processed in order to obtain three-dimensional shapes which become even more beautiful when illuminated.
The price? From 36 euros.

Lamps for children's rooms

Lamps Legnocoloredesign
Just like for Heico we talked about a moment ago, there are many beautiful and intelligent products that allow, even when turned off, to decorate the environment just by their presence.

With Sweetnight it is so! The lamp, by Legnocoloredesign, the magical shaped house is made of wood, hand painted and designed to achieve a soft light that is projected upward, giving interesting light.
Available in various colors, it can be purchased on the online shop Buru Buru, at 124 Euros.

Hanging lamps for the bedroom

Mhy lamp Muuto
In choosing the light, nobody forbids to opt for a product that in addition to decorate and alleviate the fear of the dark is able to furnish, in the true sense of the word!

When you are in the process of decorating the space, it is natural to choose lights as well and very often, not so much the night table lamp, but mostly the main lights such as chandeliers and pendant lights for general illumination of the room.

Go ahead then to products that go well with areas dedicated to small, in shape and color, making it useful and reusable in the future, once the children will be grown up and will therefore change the requirements.

Among the brands that well meet the characteristics of quality/ price, we find Muuto, with a catalog of pendant lights of Nordic flavor, clean and minimal but at the same time rich in color.

The series Mhy, simple and with a reference to the form of a comic book, can be well managed in both an environment for adults and children. Positioned in the center or on the study area, perhaps in a funny pink and blue shade, it becomes the right chandelier for bedrooms of new students.

E27 lamp Muuto
The E27 series, instead, designed in the likeness of a classic light bulb, becomes a decorative element, to emphasize, when mounted in series and in groups, always at the center of the room.
Finally, the suspension lamp Unfold, linear and colorful, can replace one of the classic childish form, that we often buy in the first stages of childhood.

Lights inspired by cartoons

Minions lamp VARTA
On the occasion of the film's Minions, in theaters on August 27th, VARTA Consumer Batteries has launched a new line for children: a night light in the form of Minions, the funny and amusing little creatures troublemaker and yellow, so loved in recent years.

VARTA, in addition to this type of lamp offers lines of batteries designed specifically for toys, such as disposable High Energy, ideal for all devices hungry for energy, and the rechargeable Toys Accu, offering the best solution for saving and to ensure a fun immediate and long lasting.

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