Nomad Way style outdoor furniture and decorations

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The Nomad Way style is inspired by the theme of travelling and it brings a breath of summer into your house.

Nomad Way style furnishing
Raffaela Cozzolino
Raffaela Cozzolino

Nomad Way style: summer 2020's design trend

The Nomad Way style accessories and furnishings, inspired by the theme of travelling, bring a breath of summer into your house. Most of these products are made with natural materials, such as rattan or wicker, while the decorations represent geometric patterns that recall the aesthetics of oriental tapestries.

Nomad Way style furnishing
The Nomad Way style is the result of a mix of tradition and innovation, where every piece of furniture or decoration is characterized by a contemporary look. This eclectic tendency adapts to any type of context.

Bamboo Ñam plate set
Let's find out some more about the Nomad Way style products included in the Maisons Du Monde collection dedicated to this beautiful furniture trend.

A Nomad Way style entrance by Maisons Du Monde

Maisons Du Monde has created a furniture line entirely dedicated to the Nomad Way trend, which includes many decorations and accessories. This style is the ideal solution for those who want to recreate an ethnic, industrial or contemporary look inside their home.

Nomad Way trend
The entrance is the first thing the catches our eyes, therefore, in addition to being always orderly, it should fully express your personality. If you love to travel, setting up a Nomad Way-style entrance is the perfect solution for you.

Planisphere wall decoration
The Nomad Way trend is inspired by travel, as we've already mentioned, therefore the collections characterized by this style must include objects with a particular design, such as the wall decoration that depicts a planisphere. This ornamental installation, made of golden metal, measures 45.6x81.5x7 cm and it costs 31.99 euros.

Globe pendant lamp
It can be combined with the globe pendant lamp, made out of the same material but with matt black lacquering. This lighting accessory, with dimensions 29x29x29 cm, has a cost of 34.99 euros.

Nomad Way style trunk
The Mapmonde trunk, decorated with a print that depicts the world map, is perfectly aligned with the main theme of the Nomad Way style. The furniture, made of PVC, is also ideal for the bedroom, where it can be used as a dresser. Price: 49.99 euros.

Hedmark suspended lamp
The entrance must be always illuminated, not only by using comfortable standars lights or suspension lamps, but also by using small light sources to create a more intimate atmosphere. The Hedmark lamp has a Hevea wood base with a natural finish and a lampshade with a multicolor floral print. Measures: 45x25x25 - Price: 29.99 euros.

Leider carpet
The carpet is another accessory of vital importance. The Leider model, with dimensions 90x150 cm, is made of white and dark gray cotton. The weaves form geometric decorations while the edges are equipped with soft fringes. Price: 69.99 euros.

Nomad Way style frame
The 65x40 cm multiple frame is perfect for hosting 8 of your favorite travel pictures: the pine wood painted in black with a natural finish gives the object a modern and dynamic aesthetic. Price: 25.99 euros.

Ikea's Nomad Way style decorations

The Nordic style and the Nomad Way trend have many things in common such as the use of natural materials and neutral colors.

Among the numerous accessories produced by IKEA you can find perfect furniture and ornaments for an eclectic and bohemian style, which has characteristics similar to the canons of the Nomad Way trend.

Self-adhesive KLÄTTA decoration
The self-adhesive wall decorations are perfect to renovate home environments quickly and easily. Simply choose the right subject, in order to obtain a good result, based on your taste and on the style of your house's furniture.

The KLÄTTA wall sticker depicts the map of the world and is made of paper and polypropylene. The decoration, which measures 60x103 cm, is sold at the price of 9.95 euros per unit.

 GAMLEHULT footrest
The GAMLEHULT footrest and URL UKSBERG armchair have an steel structure and a hand-woven rattan base. This material, originally from Indonesia and the Philippines, gives warmth to spaces thanks to its natural appearance.

The URL UKSBERG seat, with backrest and armrests, costs 99.00 euros, while the GAMLEHULT footrest, with four legs and equipped with a practical storage compartment, is available at a cost of 70.00 euros.

Ebbarp two-seater sofa
The black and white geometric shapes pattern of the Ebbarp lining recalls the typical prints of Berber craftsmanship. This covering, designed for the LYCKSELE LÖVAS two-seater sofa, is made of cotton and polyester wadding, can be easily washed and costs 49.00 euros.

LOHALS carpet
The LOHALS flat-woven rug is manufactured in jute, an efficient, reistant material which is also eco-sustainable. This accessory, with an exotic taste, measures 80x150 cm and it costs 29.95 euros.

TJILLEVIPS is a basket made with natural fibers of herbaceous plants whose color is different according to the geographical area in which they grow. The object holder is available in the 30 cm and the 40 cm versions, characterized respectively by green and blue decorations. Prices: 13.00 euros and 22.00 euros.

Nomad Way style outdoor furniture and decorations

Nomad Way style products combine a natural and impactful aesthetic with functional design. They are an excellent solution for furnishing outdoor spaces without giving up a modern component.

The accessories made and distributed by SKLUM are a contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic furnishings of the past.

Acapulco's rocking chair
The Acapulco rocking chair has a steel structure with a polyethylene base and its boho-inspired design is perfect for a home decorated in the Nomad Way style. The rocking chair, with dimensions 78x70x88 cm, has a cost of 88.47 euros and is available in white and black shades.

Tush decorations

While furnishing outdoor spaces you must take many things into consideration: not only tables and comfortable chairs, but also original decorative objects, such as sculptures or containers.

The nice decorations in the shape of cactus Tush, available in various sizes, are made of wicker. The prices vary according to the model chosen and ranges from 42.57 euros to 114.47 euros.

Nomad Way style outdoor baskets
Thanks to the Lia outdoor baskets, the outdoor space will be more comfortable and welcoming. These pendant accessories, with a simple shape and inspired by the bohemian style, are available in three different sizes: 14x60 cm, 18x80 cm and 24x110 cm. The prices vary from 20.33 euros to 56.48 euros.

KOTGA hammock
In order to obtain a garden or a terrace in perfect Nomad Way style, a natural fiber lampshade and a very comfortable hammock cannot be missing. These two simple elements will give the exterior an exotic and natural look.

Nomad Way style Terry handmade lampshade
The Terry handmade lampshade, made of untreated bamboo, is ideal for illuminating all types of outdoor areas. This suspension lamp, which measures 63x37.5 cm, is available at a cost of 51.39 euros.

The KOTGA hammock, in Mediterranean style, is made out of polycotton and is equipped with a practical bag that allows you to carry it around very easily. This accessory, which measures 59x120x43 cm, costs 40.34 euros.

A Nomad Way style outdoor mise en place?
Of course, It's possible, but you must find dishes made with untreated and natural raw materials.

The Ñam tableware set is handmade from bamboo fibers and includes four bowls, a fork and a spoon. The internal surface of the products is left natural while on the outside it is painted black or white. Price: 30.04 euros.

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