Operae 2013

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From today until Sunday, October 13 Operae back, the exhibition - the market of the self-produced design, in the unusual setting of OCR, Great Repair Shops in Turin.

Operae 2013
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

operae From Friday, October 11, until Sunday, 13 October, took place in the scenic surroundings of the city of Turin, Operae , the annual event that brings together the most innovative and original works of contemporary design.

Operae is actually a market-exhibition, full of meetings, discussions, workshops and networking to bring together both Italian and international designers with the experts and the general public, it takes place at the Shipyards OGR , OGR, in Corso Castelfidardo 22.

The event dedicated to selfproduction is now at its fourth edition and this year was divided into several appointments that have embraced a bit of all sectors and interests, including cultural.

70 exhibitors, national and international in this edition. But also Open Lecture and keynote address, with characters from the international design scene even as international as the study Giulio Iacchetti or Gijs Bakker, co-founder of the collective Droog Design, and also Matteo Ragni, who held a workshop on Sunday 13th of October, last day of the event, which focused on the theme of mobility.

Interesting, in the context of Operae, also MICRO, an initiative that promotes the self-produced publishing and unusual books, created with unusual materials, open mode unconventional as an accordion, rotating, and even pocket solutions or unusual sizes, by many Italian and non Italian publishers who are beginning to constitute a quite large movement.

Garden design to Operae

VegeTableDuring Operae 2013 there were also on show objects and products related to the garden and the vegetables garden. As the VegeTable, a vegetable modern garden on wheels, designed by engineer James Friuli Borta and designed not only for domestic spaces, such as the terrace or balcony, but also for public places like hospitals, restaurants or even schools.

The structure of VegeTable is made of wood and steel, with high quality materials manufactured entirely in Italy. Moreover, its unusual shape and the basic concept give to the object an extreme functionality also only as an element of garden design.

Available in two different heights, VegeTable is studied in order to allow practical and rapid movements, even those who are not able to bend much for physical reasons or old age, becoming in this way, for example when applied inside of hospitals, an excellent remedy and a pastime for those who are forced to long-term hospitalization. For more info or to purchase one, you can visit the site of the VegeTable.

Operae kids

Let us now turn to another section of interesting and full-bodied identified in this edition of Operae 2013: kids section, specially dedicated to children.

operae kids Yellowbasket.it, shop and online shop dedicated to baby products, has organized the kids area at Operae Independent Design Festival, which saw a full program of workshops, animated by young designers and a meeting with the protagonists of design for childhood.

Events related to wood and its creative reuse, in collaboration with Elephants creative, but also an interesting appointment with Luca Boscardin of Friday porject, who presented Saturday, October 12 and Sunday 13 October, a workshop on Cities with unusual constructions, with which you can invent every time different scenarios and stories.

A space, this of the kids area, more than 250 square meters, designed as a creative zone with furnishings and products of international design at child size, even with an area specifically dedicated to reading and selling books for children, thanks to the publishing house Corraini.

Finally, among the initiatives edition, 2013, here Operae Labs, a series of workshops organized by Iris Modena Bike Lab and FabLab Turin. The first, with a reproduction of the original workshop dedicated to the customization of the bicycle, to any type it belongs.

FabLab Torino, however, has turned on this occasion in a workshop, but dedicated to the realization and to the production of an object or a gesture, translated into a mini- production. A sort of think tank, perfect design to accommodate the self-produced design even if only at the beginning, with only a few machines and a lot of good will.

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