Original Chairs

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Here some original chairs, easy to install and take off again, for those who are looking for something practical for small rooms, but highly functional.

Original Chairs
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

One of the major costs in the production of a product is the labor. Reasoning with a trivial but effective, the cost of a product becomes inversely proportional to the good will that is willing to put the buyer.

The founder of this philosophy is the Swedish giant Ikea, which has almost all its sample of furniture in kit.

But also other design products are conforming gradually. An example is Chairkit, designed by the British designer Dan Civico. Recently presented at the London Design Festival, these new chairs have been a great success and proved to be ambivalent, as many have preferred to hang on the wall as art.

Same philosophy, but decidedly different materials, for Sparkling chair, designed by Marcel Wanders for Magis company, a reference point for those looking for products that are simple, functional and flavor. Produced in 100% PET, the chair, has the removable legs, which are vaguely reminiscent of plastic bottles, which can be easily screwed to the body or unscrewed, in order to store it more easily. Also interesting is the production system, or blow molding, basically the same as for water bottles.

Another product is the wooden seat created by Swedish designer Ake Axelsson seventy-seven. Wood, is a chair completely dismantled, is sold in a 100% recyclable and minimal packaging, very attractive.

Chaise Corky instead is a very special chair, multi-material, with a structure made of steel wire and seat / back cork, disassembled. Created by French designer Antoine Phelouzat in 2008, once removed, in groups of three, the chairs become a cube of 50 cm on each side.

Essential functional and also the chair designed by the young designer Mario Pagliaro. The seat is in multilayer laser cut, with a minimal look, but comfortable, functional and easily composable, which gets really small disassembled.


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