Oval folding table for outdoor use: a versatile idea

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Oval folding table for outdoor use: concept of design with two oval tops of different sizes and heights on a trestle structure, for a multifunctional furniture.

Oval folding table for outdoor use: a versatile idea
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

An outdoor table must combine practicality and multifunctionality

The patio furniture should be made of durable materials to weathering also be extremely adaptable to different uses.
An outdoor table should be indestructible, but also versatile and multifunctional to suit various functions and impromptu, as the outdoor should be lived with confidence and a healthy dose of informality to feel free, without constraints or rigid preconceived patterns.

Outdoor oval table of design with two levels

In the following drawing I represented my solution project for the construction of a folding table for the outdoor - it can be placed in the garden or on the terrace of the house - different from the classic conventional models, as interpreter of a new and dynamic conception of multifunctional design.
I thought of a versatile table, which could offer large and changing possibilities of use, transforming its role from time to time, as needed.

Tavolo pieghevole di design a due piani
This unusual furnishing element essentially consists of two support tops, both in oval shape, but distinctly different in size and places at staggered heights between them.
The largest top can have a larger diameter of approximately one meter, for a smaller diameter which can reach up to 50 cm, while the smallest top can measure approximately 30x50 cm.

Both tops are feasible in beech plywood, molded, then treated with special paint to become water repellent and weather resistant.
The main table can be useful to dine comfortably offering three comfortable seats.
Alternatively, it can act as a station office, becoming a practical desk for the outdoor to perform the tasks or sporadic work commitments or, as video game consoles and more.

The double table has a kickstand stand with cylindrical perforated joints

The main structure on which are mounted the two oval tops consists of cylindrical rods made of solid wood, which intersect with each other, creating a practical and pleasant interlace scan.
It is thus obtained a tkickstand stand, where also the feet of the base are constituted by solid cylindrical rods with high thickness, one longer than the other.

Struttura a cavalletto del tavolo pieghevole
Within the feet of the base are firmly fixed the vertical rods: two are close together, the other two, on the greater foot, are more spaced apart.
In this way, the vertical rods to slide inside the holes of a wooden cylinder that works as a distribution hub of the movement of opening and closing of the double-side table.

When the table is closed, the drilled joint slides down slightly while remaining covered by the bigger top; when you open the table, the cylindrical fulcrum automatically stop at the stroke end, that is, when the four rods reach an inclination stabilized to support the bigger top at the correct height.

Multiservice satellite top

The smaller top has a size and a position that are similar to a satellite gravitating in the neighborhood of the main table, almost as a wildcard option to use when needed for various purposes, to suit your needs.
This shelf is positionable at the desired height thanks to a special wooden adjustable support; It can also perform a rotation horizontally up to 90°, by means of a pin fixed undercounter.

Piano satellite multi uso
In this way, the satellite top will be used as a bed table, almost like a trolley, to place any drinks or dishes to be enjoyed outdoors.
In some cases, it will be practical to position a notebook or a tablet, for work or study easily in two, at slightly staggered heights.

At the top of the structure, a rubber coated handle is essential to handle the transport of the table around.
The handle terminal also allows an adequate support to the wall of the table, once closed, so as to remain firmly set against the wall, avoiding any unintentional slip.

The result is an element of quick-change-furniture, able to respond quickly and easily to the needs of outdoor spaces during the summer, lending itself to a variety of uses typically own by the outdoors.

After the summer, the folding table can be found rightful place in the interior spaces of the house is ideal as a desk in the bedroom of the kids, as a service snack top in the kitchen, original coiffeuse in the master bedroom or more, it can become a studio-ctudio in the living room.

Our exclusive online service for freehand design offers the privilege to get creative and targeted solutions, able to package new and more rational distribution of indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a practical and very personal living style.

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