Pantry closet

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Evergreen charm of the pantry cabinet: graphic interpretation of the old pantry corner. Until the pantry cabinets hi-tech mix of design and technology from the chef.

Pantry closet
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

Pantry in the kitchen

The protagonist of this article is the piece of furniture used as a pantry in the kitchen. The relentless pursuit in the technology sector has produced innovative materials and more sophisticated designs, such as to create design solutions that provide maximum functionality and capacity, even in the smallest spaces.

In order to effectively perform this task, the piece of furniture used as a pantry in the kitchen must meet certain design rules. Very important is the game of volumes (in height, depth and width) that are to be allocated to the organization of the rooms and interior spaces.

The vintage pantry

In my design I MOBILE DISPENSA CANTONALEshow the typical ancient pantry, historical piece characterized by a timeless appeal and still highly coveted as a piece of furniture.

The pantry, also called the corner cupboard, was born to exploit literally the corners, ie angled spaces, which usually are the least used of the house, and the most difficult to place the furniture.

The corner cabinet was made in solid wood, such as linden, spruce, poplar, oak, walnut or chestnut, and could be wax polished in a natural way, as it was used to store food and kitchen utensils.

I pictured a typical old cupboard molding, that is, the upper frame, finished martinet hat. The cabinet comes with support feet, they raise and isolate the structure from the floor, keeping it dry.

I imagined a fund brick floors mounted in staggered arrangement, characteristic of the houses of one and still much used, in particular, in the renovation of old farmhouses.

This characteristic corner cabinet has two doors with opening by means of keys. A wooden grid honeycomb placed on the wing lower guarantees internal ventilation, ensuring optimal preservation and avoiding the risk of mold.

The corner cabinet is a classic example of an organization with compartments, a forerunner of modern pantries. Each compartment is used to contain and preserve naturally, much to the envy of the modern and sophisticated system with baskets bluemotion.

In fact, the first compartment at the top, with a single opening, is directed exclusively to the preservation of foods for daily use, such as fresh milk, home-made cheese, the various kinds of flour, bread, biscuits, eggs: a supply daily fresh food that could not miss on the table once.

The large lower door reveals a first compartment intended for drinks, canned food, jugs, cups and glasses ready for guests, forming the so-called corner bar.

Further down is the copartment assigned to sets of dishes, bowls, earthenware bowls, while in the lower compartment, the larger, are placed the magic cauldron of copper and aluminum kitchenware, still very used by great chefs.

In a modern apartment, such a cabinet could find its rightful place in a corner of the room, creating a pleasant corner bar: a piece certainly special and attractive impact.

Multifunction pantry closet

ARMADIO DISPENSA MULTIFUNZIONE The pantry cabinets are the latest generation of multi-purpose, ie they perform innumerable functions in addition to the classical containment for foodstuffs, namely food.

Therefore, they differ from typical pantry shelves because the technology has led to mimetizzarne also within the appliances, in order to make the most clean and simple the exterior design of the kitchen.

The next image is a version by Snaidero frame wood fiber ecological and folding doors in glossy red. This wardrobe is equipped with LED lights fitted with the sensor, or that light up the opening to illuminate the equipment on and off automatically with the closing of the doors.

It is composed of shelving, steel wire, typically movable, that is adaptable to the height of the objects to store. Also included are some appliances such as a dishwasher, oven and wine cellar for optimum storage of wines.

COLONNA ARMADIO ATTREZZATA Another example of this model is multi-functional side column cabinet, the Euromobil.

We see a particular use of the pantry as operational area with pull-out panel, which allows you to comfortably use the little devices from the blender to the coffee machine.

The shelves are finished in sheet steel and floodlit to allow the preparations, with sockets for small appliances.

A column of baskets full extension with single door allows easy access to the side dishes. Two ovens multifunction retractable perfectly camouflaged inside sliding doors.

DISPENSA LABORATORIO It is spectacular this cabinet- pantry by Bulthaup, as to resemble a real laboratory in the kitchen.

After opening the two hinged doors, they reveal in their thickness all the necessary equipment for the kitchen, organized with almost maniacal order: cutlery, utensils, cutting boards, door-rolls, glasses, cups ...

At the center of the cabinet, in various shelves, are placed robots and coffee maker with grinder built-in Flash, while the bottom is a removable basket to accommodate brake plates and dishes.

A handy box of aluminum and steel, like a multi-basket full height, offers room for cans and bottles in a very ergonomic.

Columns cabinet new design offers the advantage of also contain large and small appliances out of sight. Modern facilities are equipped with capacious pantries, equipped with shelves, baskets and swivel opening drawers, thus making it more and more organized and faster functionality in the kitchen.

For the realization of a functional kitchen and that does not entail sacrifices in terms of design, it is available online our exclusive service design freehand, through which you can get the redefinition of space in accordance with the needs of those who enjoys daily of the interior of the house.

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