Pictorial reproduction: an alternative solution for the house

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The choice of paintings and prints in the furnishings of a house is important. Here are some solutions nice and altermative to customize the decoration of the house.

Pictorial reproduction: an alternative solution for the house
Francesca Panico
Francesca Panico

Decorate your house with reproductions paintings

Colorful, imaginative, classic or contemporary, small or large, figurative images, which are real paintings or photographic reproductions contribute to the definition of the style of an environment, enhancing its character.

It was recently adopted also for domestic spaces, a methodology for the installation of wall pieces that remind of museum spaces, especially of contemporary art galleries.

We are talking about the choice of decorating spaces, where the predominance of white is evident, with strong tones representations, energetic, sometimes fluorescent and vice versa to take black & white, above all in pictures, for spaces with a distinctive chromatic note.

eclisse dipinto Francesca Panic

The choice of works easel and their arrangement in space thus falls within the concept of furniture and follows the dictates of a well-defined stylistic imprint.
Once the decorative solutions were required: paintings or photographs, clearly leaving free space in the choice of playing technique, the historical period and the size of the works.

Today it is possible to resort to a range of possibilities and solutions ranging from a handcrafted product to a more technological one.
Here are some tips to complete the furnishing of a house with taste and creativity.

Decorate the walls with contemporaries low reliefs

albero rosso: www.cartapietra.it

Not only works in two dimensions but real three-dimensional creations that thanks to the lightness of the materials can be placed on the wall without being bound permanently, as once happened to the bas-reliefs in marble and semi-precious stones.

There are a number of alternatives on the market of works made with different materials, that can  be completely or just partially handcrafted.
Among these we include the company Cartapietra, an ambitious project of fusion between the arts and that Valeria Bonisoli and Raffaele Chiappini bring forward from 1994.

Cartapietra is both the brand and the material these compositions are made of: a mixture of paper and mineral powders designed to withstand over time and create a dialogue between the sculptural and the pictorial technique, laying out the beauty of the colors and at the same time engraved shapes. A team of creative deals with the conception of the prototype that will serve as a matrix for the serial production of the other pieces.

dipinto basso rilievo (Cartapietra)

Each object is processed following this model, starting from the material, the composition of which is calibrated according to the different needs and requires that each object is then painted and finished by hand by expert decorators.
Starting from the Pictish-sculptural reproductions currently Cartapietra also produces mirrors, clocks, magnets and HOOKS, all elements of wall decoration, made entirely in their special dough and painted by hand.

Magnetic prints for decorating the house

Another possible alternative to decorate the walls in a nice and very economical way consists of magnetic paintings by Displate.
It is a manufacturer specialized in designing posters on metal whose designs belong to a large community of artists.

The idea of spreading the talent through the marketing of the works on this type of media is coming to three friends from the entrepreneurial spirit and the creative soul who decided to turn their hobby into a business and an opportunity to create an international showcase of art.

displate stampe su metallo

The artists of Displate are professionals, from the most remote corners of the globe, thanks to the online sale have the opportunity to present their work to the world. Each work is exceptional and reflects the individual character of a particular artist.
Among the projects of the creators who work with Displate you can find graphics, drawings, paintings, photographs, drawings or collages.

The steel used for the manufacture of these wire cloths is thick and resistant to weathering.
Each work signed by Displate has its individual serial number, a signature of the artist and a hologram. The fastening system is unique and extremely simple in its implementation: a magnet made to adhere to the wall on which the magnetic painting is placed.

Each work is then fitted with a magnet adapted to be mounted on the wall, glass, plastic or metal.
Make sure you place the magnet on a clean dry surface, which does not have direct exposure to light too.
The magnet is provided by a side of a special adhesive that adheres strongly to the surface.
Once installed and assured himself the perfect adhesion of the parties, based on magnetic painting and you're done!
Each product has a guarantee of purchase and can be returned within 100 days of the delivery, receiving full reimbursement of its cost.

A painting for each style

Then we have the classic alternatives such as paintings made entirely by hand, perhaps on special media such as paintings on vinyl records or drawings of nonwovens framed as tapestries or even modern classical oil paintings on canvas.

There's something for every taste and every budget, it is important to select jobs agreeing the pictorial reproductions, by contrast or harmony with the overall style of our house.

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