Portable beauty suitcase: project idea

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Freehand design for an eccentric portable dressing table: a suitcase with folding stand, for a seductive makeup for vacation.

Portable beauty suitcase: project idea
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

A beauty cabinet to take on holiday

Lady beauty. In the draft of this article, I want to represent a personal tribute dedicated to the so-called eternal feminine, playing in my own way, the expression used by Goethe in Faust, to indicate the characteristics that make it unique and unrepeatable every woman: the eternal and unchanging feminine charm femininity in a broad sense, that is the set of characteristics that distinguish the fairer sex behavior, soul and taste.

Beauty to take on holiday

The appeal and elegance of every woman find their highest expression especially during holiday periods, when the female vanity is constantly looking for new looks to amaze, seduce and be always in perfect shape.
I thought of an accessory of furniture that could be coveted as indispensable travel companion: a real beaut y cambinet, to take along as a suitcase convertible, if necessary, in a magical location of beauty that make so much vacation atmosphere!

Design for beauty cabinet Travel

In the following free-hand drawing, I wanted to represent an unusual version of the toilet cabinet. This is an original piece of furniture, comprising a briefcase easily convertible in a table with mirror flap.

Design for beauty suitcase Travel

This eccentric makeup suitcase may be 90 cm long and 60 cm deep, with a thickness of about 15 cm.
The novelty is that the case, surprisingly, rests on a support structure in folding stand, consisting of straps, that section profiles crushed chrome steel or anodized aluminum.
The result is a captivating beauty console, comfortable to show off in the holiday home, to create a corner all by itself, to devote to the care of the image.

The platform can be made of lacquered MDF or plywood covered with laminate; alternatively, it may be entirely of aluminum, or obtained in the mold in monocoque polymeric material such as ABS plastic.

Beauty briefcase Travel

For the color of the suitcase trick I thought of the seductive and feminine shades of pink plum.
The interior is lined with soft felt, in the same tone of pink, to accommodate and protect the objects for coiffage and makeup of protecting them from shocks.

In the large drawer can fit the various tools: hair dryer, curling iron, hair curlers, combs, cosmetic bag for cosmetics and so on.

The flap, when open, assumes a double and differentiated features.
On the major surface it is mounted a mirrored panel quadrangular, indispensable to fix the hairstyle.

On the right side, there is a smaller mirror, strategically extensible and orientable thanks to a flexible pantograph which allows the advancement and the inclination to the distance and optimum angle.

This is the classic magnifying make-up mirror, useful to display even the smallest detail is perfect to allow the delicate phase of the make-up and for all operations that require some precision.

Under the retractable mirror, two handy pockets, fabric or PVC, are practical to hold scissors, brush for blush, nail polish, nail files, cotton balls, brushes and other tools frequently used.

Concluded the phases of hair and makeup, in closing the case, the compartment with mirror pockets comes to occupy the void of the right side of the base.
The large mirror flap is also equipped with an edge that goes to complete the shape of the front of the suitcase, and stops near the big handle in chromed steel.

Once closed, this beauty suitcase may take an additional role: a desk console, luggage, useful for reviewing homework or to read e-mail on the notebook.

A suitcase trolley for make up artist on the move

I want to present a professional model of trolley suitcase for make up: the VPET-10 by Cantoni, compact equipment, light and spacious, ideal for those who put make-up on the move and in different environments.

As you can see in the video, this suitcase for traveling makeup artist opens and closes easily and offers comfortable spaces to work, thanks to two trays hooked and closing act as cover for the internal compartments.

The light in the mirror is based on the exclusive I-Light cantons, the legs are telescopic and incorporated in suitcase trick.
The result is a station for the professional cosmetics, enclosed in a portable kit that can fit easily in the trunk of a small car.

In this article, I showed you how a piece of furniture designed guessed can meet the tastes and desires of a personality of the women: forms, colors and functionality equipped blend into a mix that gives the pleasure of dedicating time to glamor and sensuality.
In contrast, the most sophisticated equipment of modern and advanced technology offer a high  professional comfort, to be used for work or passion.

Our exclusive online service for freehand design Lavorincasa.it offers new ideas to those who want to reinterpret and furnish with style environments, through strategic and creative solutions, which give a sophisticated layout and a clear rational housing.

Post: Portable beauty suitcase: project idea
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