Regenerated leather

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Some guidance on how to navigate in the selection and award of a decoration or a chair made using recycled leather or real leather.

Regenerated leather
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Buy furniture and raw materials

seduta pelle rigenerata When we buy a product, whatever it is, it is a good idea to check the materials and raw materials. This happens with wooden furniture, but it must also be done with sofas and chairs in general.
A product that is the most popular and that never goes out of fashion is leather. Beautiful and long lasting is one of the solutions adopted in the field of furniture for the living areas, or sleeping areas and headboards. But not always what we see is 100% real leather.
The possibilities are many and not only linked to the price.

Very often, in fact, in this area you will come across tags and labels that display the word regenerated leather and you not always know what you have to do.
The regenerated leather is different from genuine leather. The difference lies in the price, but also in aesthetics, to a trained eye and especially in the mode of installation.

Bonded leather and genuine leather

When you find yourself in front of an artifact or a leather seat, it may be that the leather used is genuine leather but regenerated leather fiber, commonly referred to as regenerated leather.
The term can be confusing, because the consumer may be induced to the idea that it is real leather, processed work, and not a product obtained, in fact, for the demolition of mechanical and chemical waste of skin.

The real leather is obtained in good part from scraps of leather, while the regenerated one is obtained through the process of triturating and subsequent reassembling of 80% of wastes of leather, with the addition of latex, synthetic compounds or natural gums (20%) .
The production process is easily comparable to that of the paper.
As for the latter, even for the regenerated leather is a matter of ingredients finely shredded, then aggregated and mixed evenly with rubber and latex, then dry facts sheets, coloring and sewing later.
The final effect is often very similar to genuine leather, when the sofa or chair is bonded leather, but the seller must not confuse you.

pelle rigenerata Some differences are for example in the final thickness of the coating, which in genuine leather is increased, thus also contributing to a consequent longer life and greater resistance to wear.

Another factor to take into consideration when choosing a leather seat, is that the regenerated leather, in some cases, can be toxic. This happens with low cost products, finished with leather obtained from shreds and shifts that use unsuitable dyes and especially harmful to man.

Maintenance and care of regenerated leather

The products and furnitures commonly commercially manufactured using recycled leather, can be treated in time with detergents and solvents used for the real one.
However, the choice should fall on less aggressive elements, which over time can instead go and spoil the surface beyond repair.
Also in this case it is best to check before a corner, preferably not in view, so as not to cause damage to the sofa or armchair.

However, as for the real leather, also the regenerated one is not removable and machine washable. The fact remains that the product is more durable and water-repellent, easy to clean for stains of ordinary administration, with a simple damp sponge to go with a light hand.

Using recycled leather and imitation leather

pelle rigenerata The regenerated leather is very common now, also for furnishings different from the usual seats.
It is not difficult to find tables, nightstands or details of other types of furniture, although it can often be confused with imitation leather. The latter is a solution somewhere between genuine leather and regenerated leather and it is also evident from the price, which is slightly higher.
The faux leather is produced by industrial processes entirely synthetic polymers that blend with the fabric, resulting in a versatile material and that, thanks to the great aesthetic possibilities it offers, it can easily be customized.

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